December 28, 2007

Bye Bye 2007!!!

2007! Good Bye! With glee and with Joy and with happiness!

A lot happened in 2007!

Happy Times,
Sad Times,
Glorious Times,
Faithful Times,
Crying Times,
Laughter Times,
Miraculous Times,
Disappointing Times,
Magnificient times,
Adorable Times,
Romantic Times,
Dry Times,
Lonely Times,

.........just times and times and times of different things! But you know what, one time still stand!!! ALIVE TIMES!!!! We are all still alive!

Thank God!

I usher in 2008 with so much dreams, so much expectations, so m,uch plans, so much to do and so much to hope for and so much I believe in and so much so much of GOD!

have a great 2008 my friends and May we all be alive to bid 2008 goodbye and usher in 2009!


December 27, 2007

Bank Account...

My friend sent this to me, and I love it and just want to share with you all here....

November 25, 2007

The turkeys are gone!

Thanksgiving is over. But we should still be thanking God everyday. Even for waking up this morning, I thank Him.

For breathing, I Thank Him

For being healthy and alive, I Thank Him.

I Thank God.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving Day.

I started the day by volunteering at church to package food for the homeless and also for our street evangelism.

I love my church, Jesus House DC, the people that turned up that morning was amazing! People left home in that cold to come take care of the needs of the less fortunate before going home to eat their own turkeys. And we had fun. Though I had to leave after the packaging to go cater for a client that came from out of town, and who texted/called me into dizziness! lol.

I had wanted to go on the streets and share the food with my church members. Oh well, there is always another Thanksgiving.

I had late lunch on Thanksgiving day. I eventually got to my foster Mum's house and they had my own food set aside that I truly got down to! It was awesome!

And then, her mother who is 87 years old regalled me with stories of her life during the Vietnam War! Wow!!! I will write a post on that soon! Some of these old folks have stories that would tingle your ears!! Their stories are like the movies we watch, only this time, it happened to them! I should write a book on her stories! I think I should.....hmmmmm.....

Picture: Me, Mum and her friend at Thanksgiving. (poor dead turkey on the table :(

Anyway, to a lovely Thanksgiving Celebration, and to love and to life, Stay well. To all the countless text messages of thanksgiving I got, may God bless you all and make your lives something to be thankful for, ALWAYS. Amen.

Picture: Boris, Me and Annita (my American mum and her brother)

November 21, 2007

Bizness savvy or Bitchy?!.....

Am sorry, I am NEVER one to mix bizness and pleasure! Trying to mix it up with me throws the feminine part of me outta the window and ushers in the Femino-macho part of my business brain! That has been termed sometimes "stubborn' or 'hard-babe'., 'strong-willed' etc!

Never was one to date a classmate, a co-worker, a house-mate, a neighbor, a business partner or stuff like dat! Me likes to keep it clearly defined as BUZINEZZ!!!! Blame me daddy for that! He made me see business and all the stuff that goes with it from an early age! Cos when you mix business and pleasure, so many business decisions you need to take would be tempered down by emotion from the pleasure part! And so many pleasurable decisions you need to make would be hardened with the business part! Am I making sense to you? OK, simple English: = E no easy!! It gets messy!

So, when I was in the IT resell business (which was more of a man's world, as per mostly guys delved into it), I was comfy cos I do well with the masculine gender as opposed to girls and their silly 'how-to-catch-a-rich-man-to-pay-all-their-bills' schemes - blah!!! What's God give them brain cells for?! Anyhoo, the IT world was a good place for moi cos I could relate with the boys, and that came with its own 'chasing' from them, and that was kinda cool cos I could afford to be 'hard', 'bitchy' , 'tough', 'principled' that came with the turf! So, my feminine part was subdued and I could fend the boys off and keep it strictly business! And they respected me for that and we kept it going.....!

If one was talking about going to lunch and I am talking about how to drive to NY to go load up some consignment of routers and switches that I would put on my jeans and metal top boots to haul equipment as heavy as 60 lbs! with no make-up! even the horniest guy would run and say "the babe too tough abeg" or "that one na man!" as I heard a lot of times. ha ha ha

Anyhoo, that was a good territory to 'dodge' guys easily. Just talk technology or tell them about a very profitable deal, and their chasing would fly out of the window! lol

Now in fashion business, how does one fend of guys without being 'rude' and 'bitchy'? Seeing for one, I would have to 'model' some of my clothes myself which truth is makes the woman in me come out! Makes me more sensual and more graceful and attractive to the eyes. How? (Haba! I am not bragging keh! Na the whole idea of my designs keh! Shuo!)

Anyway, recently I have been called 'tough', 'bitchy', 'old-school', just because I tell dudes to keep it biznezz! Like this dude who is also into fashion and who has a lovely collection that I want to do some stuff with that "I DONT MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE"! He now reminds me of my age and need to 'loosen up' and get married! And how people in same business do well etc ! Duh! I will do that when the time comes, but if we were introduced to do business, please let's do BUZINEZZ!!!!! And I believe in Opposites Attract! So,....keep the cocktails and dinners and love outta this equation!!! Let's talk profits and profits! I got plans and I see collaborating with you will fetch me cool money and also fetch you cool money and you get to ride on my popularity as well!! So, how about we stick and look to the dollars!? This has turned out to be a yeye trend these days! Why cant men just talk BUSINESS with a woman!!! Being single dont mean I am available for any 'toasting'!!!! Haba!

Am I a bitch?! NO!! I am just a business woman!!!! Sorry if I come off too hard when I am talking business, but I was taught in my MBA class that business is Formal and business is a serious matter! Right? And I am being a business woman now because while there are no sentiments and emotions beclouding any one's judgment, our lawyers can write up iron-clad contracts that would protect both our businesses and interests! So that if I ever or eventually get carried away by your dreamy eyes and tall silhouette, or your very admirable business savviness, the 'I's would have been dotted and the 'Ts' crossed, so that if we call it quits, I may just have only my ego bashed (not my heart! I dont get broken-hearted no more! hee hee hee), and my pride hurt, but will still have my buzinezz still intact, un-dented! Kapish!

For now, one more potential business partner got to be put on my "DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL" list. He got to go! And the potential dollars he could rake into my company cos, he is foolishly sticking to his emotions and love and those mushy talks! Abeg! Can we do buzinezz! You would love the business part of me as well, I promise! Think of the dollar ($) signs! In my business role, I am smart, chic, sometimes brutal (), savvy, fast, intelligent, creative, and oh, sexy (yeah yeah yeah......looking good sells! (and I don't mean being cheap and trashy or slutty!!!)

So, why do men see women who stick to 'Strictly Business' as bitches?! Tell me abeg! Cos, I am losing dollars as I write!!!

Do I find dude attractive? Oh yes! But, I want the brainy, business part of him!!!! Not the masculine him that I am sure so many girls are drooling over too! I no get time, na the $ I want. heck! What's love got to do with it!!!!!

November 20, 2007

Giving..........DO you?

I remember as a kid my mum going through my closet and packing my clothes, as much as a full suitcase almost every other 3 months just to give out to those she said were "less fortunate". And she used to have this tendency to pick the clothes I called my "Most Favorite"!! Of course I would wail and hala and shout at the top of my voice for her to take those I didnt really care much for!

And then her test would come in form of some questions, like:
Mum: When was the last time you wore this your very favorite dress?",
Me: long time, I cant remember...
Mum: How many times have you worn it?
Me: Once
Mum: So, how is it favorite if you don't wear it always?
Me: I just like it!
Mum: Ok, so how about someone else that would wear it all the time take it?
Me: NO!!!!! NO!!!

wharreva! After all the wailing, my closet would be half-empty! My 'favorite dresses' all GONE!!! "Mean Mommy!!! lovely mummy, we would go shopping the very next Saturday, cos I would have sulked enough! And would threaten not to go to church if I don't get my lovely dresses back!The site of cute new dresses took away the anger of the lost ones! Mummy can shop!!!!!!!! She worked at the bank! And was a power dresser! I tormented my classmates in university when I became big enough and could wear mummy's suits and all, and walked into the campus looking all sophisticatedly(sp) dressed! (I rarely wore jeans on campus! I dressed Up!)

Ok, the reason for this gist is......? DO YOU GIVE?

And I mean, do you give out stuff you still like? Not things you don't use and have no need of, or those you have over-used that even Salvation Army would thrash it when they see it in their donation box?Early enough, my mum thought me that giving out things you value so much would lead to getting newer and better things! And IT WORKS!!!Dont get me wrong, I believe in doing stuff secretly, as God will bless you openly, but I want to prick your conscience to GIVE!! Especially this Thanksgiving period! God in His infinite Mercy will Bless you!

Oh! I sure have given out things I later cried and said, 'what was I thinking?" Sometimes I got better stuff , other times, that was it! but I know God blesses me in other ways! Its not about giving offering here now, or giving cash as alms to the poor, I am talking about giving out that dress you bought last week!! And NOT to your best friend or sister, but to a total stranger who cannot afford it!! Or dream of ever owning it!

I use Salvation Army sometimes, but other times, their 'waiting period' annoys me! Why should I have to wait for one week for them to come and carry my sturdy, mahogamy, intricately carved dining set that I could fling on Craigslist for a couple of thousand dollars?! Haba! At the roadsides when the light turn red, I have seen couple small charity organizations taking care of the less fortunates, I use those too! Or on, they have a section called "FREE STUFF", I post stuff I wanna give out there. But usually, I specifically state that I would rather give to a single parent mother, or to a low income family or to someone who truly and honestly needs it!

I made such a post recently for a big item I was giving away, a man emailed and said he didnt belong to any of the category, but that he as a little girl who just went through a liver transplant who that would bless. He even attached her medical papers to prove it! (I really felt it, cos I was going to give it to a single mum with 5 kids)...tough call that was....

I always testify how when I left Dallas in 2003 to VA, I left with just a suitcase and like 2 small boxes and my comforter (lol). Every other thing in my Texas-sized huge one-bedroom apartment went to charity! And I replaced all in no time! And I am calling them again cos I have to! Its what I do! There is divine blessing in giving!! Sure there is Ebay and Craigslist to sell stuff and make money, but how about just BEING A BLESSING TO ANOTHER! Someone you dont know!

I have always prayed to God a long time ago that may NOTHING ever be too precious to me that I would not want to give it out to bless another!Please GIVE! Some people cannot even afford a pair of shoe! Bless someone! Search your closets!!! There are stuff you have not worn in 6 months!!! GIVE OUT!!! In MD here for one, there are so many "DONATE CLOTHES HERE" boxes placed all over town!!! Its for your donations! Use them!!!

My best place I give sometimes is under the bridges (Oh yes, they exist in Washington DC). I love to give blankets, comforters, jackets etc to those people that sleep in the cold! I cant afford to give them shelter, but warmth, I can give! And I drop some money with stuff I leave. And good things too!!! Not cast aways! I could very well use my business name and do a drive and have camera and press to make noise that I am giving to the less fortunate, then, it becomes a show-off thing!! Its that one I do at night, when no one is watching, except God in heaven that matters!!! It is that donation I drop at the boxes or salvation army without attaching my name and contact info that is heaven-blessed! It is that homeless person sleeping at the bus stop who wakes up in the morning to see that he/she is covered with a nice lovely jacket or comforter with some cash in the pocket that I am sure the angels smile upon!


Haven't you heard that if you clutch unto too many things in your hands and never want to share, your hands would then be too occupied for you to collect the blessing God has ready for you to receive!It is ThanksGiving week! What are you giving? And to who? Your friends and family? How about the less fortunate than you!?

My mother's "mean" acts in my life shaped me for who I am today! Her dragging me to celebrate my 14th Birthday with children at the Motherless Babies' Home in Kano State changed my whole mindset about life! I saw that there were people who didn't have! Even kids like myself then!!! Now, I am acting like mum, and will be mean to my own children too!

But away from home, what are you doing on Thanksgiving Day!Thank God for the Turkeys, thank God for the potatoes (sweet and mashed!), thank God for the casserole and the wine and lovely friends etc. But how about the man on the street that didn't even have food all year round? That didn't even have a dining table and even on this day that people are going to eat, over eat and stuff themselves like gluttons, that man on the street would still have nothing to eat? And to think of all the foods that would be thrashed as well! Lord Have Mercy!!!

Yes, my Foster Mum is making an awesome lunch for us all, and you know rich white folks DONT spare nothing when it comes to Thanksgiving! Sure, it would be an awesome time! But I am glad she is also an angel, with a big heart, because they would wait for me a bit, depending on when I finish, or keep mine warm in the oven, because, I would have to go help feed the less fortunate at the shelter in the morning! Yes!! That is how I love to spend my Thanksgiving! I pick shelters or any food Kitchen where people that don't have would be fed, don on my jean and T-Shirt and get to work!

My girlfriend called to ask me what was my Thanksgiving plans, when I told her I was going tot he Shelter like I do every year, she sounded surprised, and said that was selfless...blah blah blah...that she never thought of it ever!

I was like Wow! U never did anything for others? She said no! And I wondered about this! And that is what prompted this write up! Per adventure some Nigerians on this Site don't give their time on Thanksgiving Day, maybe, you can this year and you would be blessed! There is still time! Ask your church, make phone calls! Even if it is one hour, ....take a look at the faces of those that have nothing, maybe then you can learn to appreciate God and Count Your Blessings!

I cant explain it, but it is a wonderful feeling to see you brought a little hope, a smile, joy to the life of another! I have always had this love and passion! From when I was 15 years and had as part of my assignment in Legion Of Mary to read to the blind students. And something I continued and in USA here, I have volunteered at Day Care centers, play centers etc... Its a feeling no money can buy!! No boyfriend or girlfriend, or father or mother or husband, or wife or children can give!!!

November 18, 2007


Culled from Taurenaminx Blog.

Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we
are powerful beyond measure.

It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us. We ask
ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who
are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the
world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't
feel unsure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is
within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As we let our own
Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we
are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates

After watching Akeela and the Bee, Marianne's quote inspired me but as these things do, it kind of retreated to the back of my mind. But a lot of things have occurred around me in the past year that have caused me to remember the quote from time to time.

My strong beautiful ladies. When it comes to men, some of us just carry too much fear around with us and its just plain ugly. Fear causes you to compromise on your ideals, to make choices you wouldn't normally make, to look desperate, or to act a fool.

Scenario 1
Guy is very much interested in Rita. He runs through fire, jumps hoops, crosses the seven seas to get you. He succeeds, Rita falls. Suddenly Rita starts doing all the chasing. She cooks, cleans, buys presents, worries, cuddles, pets Guy. Sometimes she wants to go ballroom dancing but decides to do what Guy wants. When did the balance tip? Rita feels that she has to do all these things to ensure that Guy doesn't loose interest in her. She's afraid that being herself isn't good enough, she has to do all these extra things, not from her heart but for fear that he will leave her. Then Rita gets frustrated and upset. Guy doesn't appreciate the things he does for him. Guy probably doesn't recognise the exciting girl he knew Rita to be. The one who had such a full life with hobbies etc. Suddenly she's choking him and nagging him, making him feel inadequate.

Scenario 2
Tope is in love with Dotun. Whenever they quarrel be it Dotuns or Topes fault, a pattern repeats itself. Dotun sulks around and doesn't talk to her. He maintains a cold war and in the end shes the one begging for forgiveness. She cooks a nice meal which he may not eat. She calls him 100 times a day, she writes letters, she agrees she was wrong. Dotun sulks till he is ready to announce the end of the cold war. Tope is afraid that if she doesn't beg before its too late, Dotun might break up with her.

Scenario 3
Chichi really likes Emeka. They have gone on three dates and shes in Emekas house now and nobody is home. She wants to wait until she is married but Emeka is telling her he really likes her and is trying to convince her to sleep with him. She's not sure what to do. If she tell's him she's not ready, he might not go out with her again like the last guy she told besides he'll probably think shes old school and strange.

The problem here is that Rita and Tope and Chichi doubt themselves. They don't think that its enough to just be. A lot of us make the mistake of losing ourselves when we enter into relationships. All the confidence you once had in yourself and how brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous you are seems to evaporate. Rita tailored her life to Guys and then became resentful when she should have maintained her own hobbies and given the relationship some breathing space. Tope has entered into a pattern of emotional blackmail when all she needs to do is let Dotun get over his sulking, if he loves her fabulous self, he'll get over it and apologise if he is wrong. But if he knows she'll come begging, why should he? That is not an ideal relationship anyway. Chichi wants to compromise her beliefs for a guy she feels might not respect them. She's afraid that she will never have a relationship because of this decision she has made. If you don't believe in yourself then why will others?

This brings me to another quote

Bonaro W. Overstreet:

Perhaps the most important thing we can undertake
toward the reduction of fear is to make it easier for people to accept
themselves, to like themselves.

I recommend Boundaries, When to say yes and When to say no to everyone especially women. Its a very good read. Click on the link to read some of the chapters.

I'm not a guru in these matters oh, I'm just sharing thoughts playing in my mind. Feel free to share your philosophies :)

November 11, 2007

Project Runway: Season 4 starts on Nov 14th!

See line-up of designers for season 4 here

I am massively hating!!! Nonsense and ingredients for afang soup! Imagine! Yeye designers with fantabulous and over-good fashion-related educational backgrounds!! Hissssssssssssssss.
Dang! I am so getting a Fashion Cerificate or diploma at least before the next season auditions! So that make that chic no ask me again: "Do you have any formal fashion training?" Like say make I wuzzz her that day for audition!! She never hear of self-taught gurus!!Anyhoo! I wonder why na only one black person dey this season kwa!! Heeeehhhh! I am hating more O!!!
I been tell my Designer friend Afua (from Ghana) that the mistake we make be say we for just storm that audition with leaves covering our private angles and red camwood chalk all over us, chanting some "bungah wungah dungah sungah" incantations......dancing like true African jungle babes, and speaking with our 'worstest' African accent! then, dem for pick one of us at least to represent Africa! With the intention say we go just help their ratings for caricature, then, we go give them a running for their time!!! Gbam!!
Ok, seriously! I am so looking forward to PR this year! Even though yours truly didnt make the cut, I learn a lot from them! And I definitely will have to get that formal educational qualification ASAP! My degrees and diplomas and master dont cut it here in the fashion industry! =HARD TRUTH!!! Being why if you choose a career, get trained in it, no matter how much you know it! It boosts any Resume/Portfolio! I was supposed to be in Italy this last summer to get my Diploma Cert, but Green Passport TV show happened, I have no regrets!! Green passport is heaven sent and a blessing to me, and I can always audition for Project Runway. And I get to be one of the first cast members in Green Passport Reality TV Show! You can't beat that!!

Now, let me go order lots of popcorn, sit back, settle down, buy me some hatorade drinks and watch those 15 lucky designers annoy me till the end!! Cos in the past shows, I have had to utter things like, "Dang! I could do that with my eyes closed!!" Or.."Is that the best you can come up with? Why didnt they pick me!!!" Aggghrrrrh!!!

Lucky them and Good luck to them all. May the best win!

November 7, 2007

Ms Africa USA 2007

Ms Nigeria - Mfonobong Essien won the crown as Ms Africa 2007/08!!! She also carted away other prizes!!!
Ms Africa USA 2007 (Ms Nigeria) - Mfon Essien

Estella and Mfon

Woh!! As a sponsor and official designer for the show, I had to be neutral! For their Intro wear, I tried to keep hers as simple as possible. Infact, I believe I made it really simple....but asked her to rock it! Its not about the dress anyway. After all, she is my home girl keh! I made her a one-sleeved short frilly laces or cleavage poppers or fancy things like I did for some of the delegates. So, I was neutral.

I didn't make her traditional wear, so, I reckoned she had something up her sleeve. We are on both on Facebook, and I wondered why she never contacted me to make her traditional outfit though. But.............when for the talent scene, the babe popped out the full regalia of the Calabar Maiden dancers!!! I smiled secretly and it dawned on me! She was going all CULTURAL COUTURE!!

She had the WHOLE COMPLETE THING!! From the arm and wrist bands to the dangling bells made of wood to the straws to even the white traditional dotted chalks on the cheeks, forehead and chin!! SHE WAS COMPLETE!!

And then, she started dancing!! NO AWILO dance!! The TRUE AND REAL Calabar dance steps!!!! The crowd went gaga!!!!

Ok, now for the Evening wear (that doubled as the traditional wear as well.....) Ms Nigeria came out in the COMPLETE, and I mean TOTALLY COMPLETE Calabar maiden Coming of Age regalia!!!! With the heavy matted head cover, ladden with the real gold combs!!! She told me her mum just returned from naija! yeah yeah yeah, the crowd halared at the designs I made, but when you see culture, abeg, you got to bow!!! Enuff talk, just see some of the pictures here, I will upload up and personal ones later!!!

Mfon made Nigerians proud that day!! And people traveled from far to come support her! The crowd was divided between Sierra Leone and Nigeria........
I had fun! I am patriotically proud my Naija girl won and also proud that one of the three girls I personally designed an exquisite george red carpet ensemble came second- Ms Sierra Leone! And Karen Koukou (Ms Liberia) that I designed for also made the final 5.

Ms Sierra Leone - Elizabeth MBalu Conteh. She carted away so many other prizes: Miss Natural Beauty, Miss Voters Choice, 1st Runner Up in the Miss Africa USA Pageant. And she just turned 20 the day before the pageant!She is pretty, well spoken, and lovable. I already knew her family cos I designed a home-coming outfit for her cousin....and that family is blessed. She and her mother actually flew from Atlanta to Maryland to measure her and also sketch a design for her. Her mother wanted me to see her and feel what to design for her. And when I was done, they flew back to MD to pick it up.

Just like Ms Nigeria's mum, Ms Sierra Leone's mum went all out as well! Need I tell you how the mums were looking when their two girls were the last ones standing? !! I wish I was not actively involved, I would have loved to pick a camcorder and record reactions! ha ha ha....

Mbalu looked regal like a queen in the red dress I made her with sequined george fabric.
MBalu is her ESTELLA Couture Design.

It sure must have been a very difficult task for the judges! I am glad I was not one of them. because I would have been torn between so many things there. Like the fact that I designed personally for 3 of the delegates. And I also made the introductory wears for all the delegates, and two of the delegates are like my little sisters (Ms Sierra Leone and Ms Liberia). I am glad I was no judge!!!

Karen Koukou (Ms Liberia) also donned on one of my African couture designs. Made of Ghana fabric (I forget what it is called). It sure was a challenging task, but one I loved. You all know I love challenges. lol. Ms Liberia looked regal in my design as are pictures below....

Tired and sleepless, I had fun!!! It was an amazing pageant! And worth every time, resource and energy put in it! It was challenging in a way, because I found myself redoing most of the introductory outfits there in the dressing room! I had sewn stuff that I flew in with, but when I saw some of the girls face-to-face, I just knew I had to change their designs into more sensual, more feminine and more graceful wears that would match the beauty, the friendliness, the happy, and united front they all had. For a second, one could forget that it was actually a contest! The girls had formed friendships! They were happy!! They were helping one other out!

On the right is me backstage doing ma thang. And Yes! My hair is blonde! lol.

One delegate that had left her shoes in another's duffel bag, and who forgot it at the hotel had others bringing out gold shoes to match her outfit! I was touched!

And as a fashion designer, a great highlight for me was meeting Super Model Noella in person! She is pretty!!!! Even without her make-up on! And she is nice, friendly and very and totally down-to-earth!! You would think she was one of the contestants! No airs about her! And I love her french accent the most! Keep it up Noella! I look forward to working with you soon!

On the right is Estella, Carmen and Lady Kate (CEO/Founder of Ms Africa USA Pageant)

I have never seen a beauty pageant like this! IT IS THE BEST AFRICAN BEAUTY PAGEANT IN THE USA to me!! Organized and well coordinated! And I am proud to be part of Lady Kate's events! She spared nothing to give people the best show!

And Ms Africa USA 07/08 has now set a new precedence for other African beauty pageants!!! The outcome of this pageant will now make people stick close to their cultures when they are competing in any African-related beauty pageant!

It would make people showcase talents that are purely African! Why sing like Beyonce at a Ms Africa pageant?! When Africans are known for dancing and shaking what their mama gave them? Come on! Let's be realistic!

I had advised all the delegates to stick close to their national costume, but U know all Africa now like to dress like Nigerians! But the irony is that the Nigerian delegate refused to wear the popular Nigerian fashionable wears, and she told me her mum reckoned that as well, being why they decided to do something different. Our Nigerian girl went really local into her village and dug out a no-longer-popular attire! But one that would still melt a king's heart (or judges at any show). THE CALABAR MAIDEN COUTURE!!!

I am looking forward to Ms Africa USA 2008!

Congratulations Ms Africa USA 2008!
Congratulations Lady Kate for a show well done!

And congratulations to all the delegates!!! You all were amazing!!
I am so proud of you all! You all have things going on in your lives academically! You are all focused and with drive and career-oriented!

You are all winners in your own rights, but only one winner was needed that night! I am confident that you all will make Africa proud someday soon!

Please DONT give up on all the platforms you already have. With or without a crown, you can still make a difference in our society and our continent.

Their website is for more detail of event.

Random Pictures......

In Estella Couture Designs..

Estella and Friend - Amy Conteh

Ms. Estella (photo by Noadex, Atlanta, GA)

Ms. Estella (photo by Noadex, Atlanta, GA)

LORD OF MARRIAGE : A Nigerian Movie I recommend!

Nice movie. And an area that is yet to be explored in Nigeria.

Lots of girls who were assaulted and abused as kids never got psychological counselings and ended up living with the trauma all their lives, into adulthood. And so many other characters gets exhibited due to the pains they have had to endure all their lives.

Society looks at some of such girls who never got professional psychological counseling and label them as 'stubborn', 'head strong', 'sick', 'anti-social' etc.....not knowing that they are just crying for help.

Many end up in matrimonial homes with the pains un-exorcised and live miserable lives.

The movie brought tears to my eyes. I truly wish more movies would address such hidden ills in our society.

A must watch. Acts were realistic. They did not try to over play or downplay things. Seemed like a true-life story to me....

I recommend this movie.

Its a 'hidden' aspect of society that no one wants to address.....aftermath of rape or sexual assault on a young girl!!! I know it! I've been there, and only now, in my 30s can I talk about it openly! The stigma associated with being raped/assaulted makes lots of women keep quiet and suffer in silence!

My story is going to go public very soon anyway, but imagine when a young girl would lie to her own parents about her assailants just because she knows her parents would raise hell! And then, how would she face her mates in school afterward?!

That movie is real!! Storyline = REAL!! I felt it! Though Mma went to the extreme! Slapping guys and stabbing her sister!!! But this was a girl that NEVER received any counseling or help from when she was raped!!! She had to live with it! Even her own family didnt understand her! And I am sure that is the case with lots of young girls back home! Even those that are presently married with kids!! So many of them would take their traumatic experiences to their graves!!! While the perpetrators go scot free to unleash their beastiality on more innocent girls! Mma's was sure extreme! But I am sure that is life!

Some girls are luckier! I was. Education helped me! I was surrounded by lots of International Magazines and I soaked up on things that related to sexual assaults! Cosmo, Ebony, Reader's Digest, etc.... and read all the Dear Aunty columns I could find! I even switched my school path to read psychology so that I could learn more and treat myself!! I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist, a Counsellor. Never mind that I am in the Fashion Arena now, I still got my eyes on young girls that are 'hiding secrets'. And I am so emotionally and passionately concerned with girls who were not as "privileged" as me to shed it off!

Its about time this aspect is brought forward and this would be done Insha Allahu soon!

Who knows the Producer of this movie? Please I need their contact info.......that movie needs to get more publicity than it presently does!! Enough of naija movies that shows people going to juju men to kill their enemies and friends!! More of movies addressing social ills and problems!!

October 24, 2007

I CANCEL THE WORD 'FRENEMY'!!!!! Hisssssssss.

[Pidgin English Write-up, no translation, ma bad...]


So dia fore, nothing like FRENEMY for ma vocab anymore!

Friendship sef get expiry date! Shuo! When E end, E suppose just end with everyone going their seperate ways PEACEFULLY (I hope and pray!!!) And NOT scheming to hurt people wey no do ya nathing!!!

I was 'almost', I mean, just a tiny bit annoyed that a clown that developed teeth overnight to bite me postponed his own shame lying to postpone his shame! But, I wait.... I patiently wait.........yes O! I wait! Because my father in heaven will exonerate and vindicate me come next january!!! I wish the whole ish closed out today, but, music wey person play, na hin, him go dance!I be yanga wey be the sleep, trouble come wake me up, and I still beg trouble to leave me alone O! Trouble begin bite, pinch and punch me, I still dey look trouble like mumu, and trouble still refuse to stop to wahala me! OK, now, Chineke wey dey for Eligwe naw don scatter all trouble plans around me, and trouble begin run! Hin shadow don dey chase am!!!

I truly and honestly feel sorry for trouble! because I don talk am say some people no dey know wetin dem dey do sometimes, when devil begin use them to attack God childrens! Like today one other person wey been suppose be friend wey been turn to devil overnight curse me eh, curse me eh! threaten me O, and hala me O! Na hin turn around to apologize say hin dey sorry, hin be dey "under so much pressure then". OK, I forgive am, but tell am to just lerrus keep it on the main road greetings! Make hin no dey call me again......hin say I dey still vex,! I tell am say if I dey vex, I for no dey even pick hin call.....Say I understand, afterall, I be God pickin!

I been don tell God to give me a FREE PASS for just one day to deal with certain people drastically and in the earthly way! YES!!! TO SHOW THEM PEPPER!!! I GO PRAY ONE WEEK AFTER AND FAST TOO FOR ATONEMENT! Haba!!! And God for whisper to my ears say Jesus no even utter one word when hin people dey kill am! Hin no even vex with Judas, hin no vent for Peter, and hin no blind or throw thunder on the soldiers wey dey beat am and all, hin just go the slaughter like a lamb! Ok, God come ask me , WHAT DID JESUS DO (WDJD), I come tell God say, I no be Jesus naw! Hin come remind me say Jesus been don leave hin peace for me on earth here.... and ability to forgive! I don ask this question before, and E dey bite me baaad now!!


When Snakes turn to Teddy Bears, what do you do?

Someone on a web forum I belong to asked me about my bobo (boyfriend in Nigerian pidgin English Slang).......hmmmm.....

Originally Posted by Ms. S....

I love the idea of a diary though I no get liver to put my diary online but I don't mind reading sha. LOL. I keep journals sometimes and it
helps get through difficult times. So write. We will read and support. So, gist me more about the bobo..
Bobo? I am boboless ....Nah dearie.............there are 3 portions of my life that are NOT for public consumption anymore! My love life, my family life, and my business dealings!

Others I shall gerrican mouth about! This happened a couple of months ago.....a strange woman I have never seen before walked up to me after church and told me simply this: "Until you say 'I do', keep quiet"! That was just after my break-up with my ex-fiance. If na U nko? U go still talk? Nah! Enemies abound my dear! I used to be so naive to think that all those diabolical things they depict in Nollywood movies end in naija and dont exist here, I now know better!

A man that says he has 'spiritual powers' walked into my store and said he would "help me from what my enemies are planning".....and I told him God has got ma back! He didnt like my response. I thanked him and of course, INTENSIFIED MY PRAYER LIFE!! If there is anyone that can look beyond all the NR Online ish that truly like me, PLEASE put me in your prayers. I got strong prayer warriors around me though, but there is no OVERdose in praying!

Only crime I committed to some people was in taking a step of faith even when I had nothing! Even when all looked bleak and dry and hopeless around me to create EC! I bought my first sewing machine with the last change in my hand!! I bought it on faith! When I was just a nobody, I had lots of friends! (who were mostly "advisers" telling me how to live my life and need I say that most of their advice led me into some problems I am still dealing with today!! Cos I tot they knew better!!)

I HAVE FOUND OUT THAT WE ARE MORE VULNERABLE WHEN WE ARE OVERWHELMED WITH PROBLEMS! And tend less to pray to God and 9 out of 10 times, would listent to a 'friend's' advice at that point!!! -big mistake!! When I was a nobody and struggling with my job and my IT/Ebay business and complaining and whining etc, they all loved me because they believed and saw they were better than me - [then!] Now, I am cautious about most of them that showed me the snake part of them before returning back to the teddy bears I see now!! Some others have started mellowing down and even bragging about me as their friend etc, or rather bragging about EC- the designer being their friend...., I forgave them and life goes on, but, there is still that little tiny cautious thing in me....telling me that anyone that hurt me before can still hurt me again if I allow them. But honestly, forgiving is easier than haboring anger as it releases you and u keep being blessed and being a blessing.
Just a tot, ...........not a sermon!


I am proud to belong to this group! I AM WORTH THE WAIT! Group was founded by Dr Lindsay Marsh. Pictured left.

They are on CNN this week. God is doing awesome things!.

The organizers of "I Am Worth the Wait"

We hear about sex all the time -- sex scandals, sex tapes, sexual marketing. The young organizers of I Am Worth the Wait don't want to hear about it anymore. And they certainly don't want to hear how cool it is.This group is trying to make its own definition of cool: declaring abstinence until marriage, but not living in a convent in the meantime.

Rather, the organization puts together events and outreach programs in the Northeast that are full of young people, from event hosts to the models of their clothing line to entertainment.

The goal of the group is to bring together teens and 20-somethings of all races, religions and backgrounds to talk about something other than sex.

CNN Live Video will air an interview with members of "I Am Worth the Wait" from Washington, D.C., at 3 p.m. ET Friday and wants to hear from you. What would you like to ask them? Post your question as a comment below, or, better yet, put it on video and send it in to I-Report.


READ: 1Corinthian 2:5-8

MEMORIZE: “Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the lord of glory” (1Cor.2:8).

Deut. 29-31
READ: 1Corinthian 2:5-8

Another limitation of Satan is that he does not even know how to solve his own problems. His wisdom has become foolishness. Meeting a man, who cannot solve his problems to assist you in solving yours, is the height of deceit and folly. Jesus Christ is the problem-solver. HE can solve any problem irrespective of its nature- physical, material, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, health, etc. Hence in Matthew 11:28-30;he invites all distressed people to come and find rest. Jesus has a rest for you which you may never get until you come and find him. Receive him now.

Satan may be worldly wise but in handling spiritual matters, he has proved to be foolish on several occasions.1Corinthians 2:7 says; ‘But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory’. God’s wisdom is hidden from men and Satan; hence in all games of wits, God has defeated Satan times without number. In your life the wisdom of Satan will become foolishness in Jesus name. Satan’s foolishness has caused a great setback and led to several regrets. In your life, family, and ministry, Satan shall continue to regret in Jesus name. Let us see a few examples where Satan had problems but did not know how to solve them.

“Then released, he Barabas unto them: and when he had scourged Jesus, he delivered him to be crucified”(Matt.27: 26). Until Jesus came to this world, Satan did and eroded the power of the kingdom of darkness little by little. He raised up a few dead, healed some sick and delivered the oppressed. Satan had a big problem on his hands. How could he put an end to the disgrace he was getting from Jesus? He decided to arrest him and scourged and tore his flesh in pieces. While this was going on, Satan and his demons were celebrating. If only they had known that those same stripes would become the basis for healing and perfect health for those they had kept in sickness. Oh, he regrets that day! Also, on the cross, he tempted Jesus through one of the thieves crucified by his side. This led to the salvation of one of the thieves who was doomed for hell. How Satan and his demons regret this! 1Corinthians 2:8 says if Satan had known, he would not have crucified Jesus. He wanted an end to Christ but after the crucifixion, he now has millions of little Chirsts to contend within addition, after the crucifixion, Jesus went to defeat him in the headquarters of the satanic kingdom, recovered Adam’s stolen mandate and gave it to you and I who are genuine believers. He could have avoided all these but he was foolish.Source

ACTION POINT: Thank God for his excellent wisdom. Ask that Satan would regret over all his activities in your life, family, finances, and ministries.

October 17, 2007

When it seems like Heaven is silent....

When it seems like Heaven is silent....

Remember the story of the woman in Mark 14, whom Cece Winans sang a song,”alabaster box” about? As I sit here pondering on few things, that song came to me. Sometimes, the future look so bleak and blurry, and its easy sometimes to be caught up in our little worlds of “Hows?” and “Whens?”, “Where?”, “Who?”……and yeah, we read it, hear it all the time-Trust God! Or, wait on the Lord!....The reality however is, so long as we are humans, perhaps just a little bit, sometimes, we really want to know what we want to know….or maybe even catch a tiny glimpse of it. And how so quickly do we wonder “where is God in the middle of all these?” or “what happened to all the promises?”….Needless to say, these questions and more are asked by countless number of people, everyday, everywhere, in every language, tongue and tribe. I think back on Bible days and wonder if those people share the same sentiments with us in this day and age…..No? I think yes! Everytime the story of this woman is told, we hear about a symbol of worship. How she humbled herself at the master’s feet, wept on them, dried them with her hair and oiled them with perfume. As much as yes! It was her worship, I believe the story, has a deeper revelation in it. This woman, just like us all, had unanswered questions in her mind. “How can I get my prayers answered?”, “How on earth can he ever forgive my many sins?”, “when will I get out of this financial mess?”, “when will my estranged husband and prodigal children return home?”, “ when will I have somebody I can call my own?”, “will I ever get pregnant, Lord?”, “what about this business that isn’t doing well, Lord?”…amongst so many others. This woman understood the principle of sowing…..she, in spite of what others around would think, do or say, she thrusted herself humbly at the feet of her Lord and gave of herself selflessly and unreservedly. She cried her questions out, and though she spoke no words, everything she said was heard. After she finished weeping, by faith, she wiped the tears with her hair, in my understanding, saying : its over! No more tears! This too shall pass! After wiping, she brought out her little jar of alabaster and she sprayed it on the feet of Jesus-and that to me speaks volumes! This will not just pass. My crying will not just end. A sweet aroma is coming out of this! Testimonies amidst testimonies will spring forth out of this. After my trials, I will triumph, testimonies will come out of my tests, and my mess will become a message for generations yet unborn! That was all she did-not in words, but by her deed. Little wonder Jesus openly declared after seeing what this woman did in faith-“Your sins are forgiven!”, “Your FAITH has saved you, go in peace!”,-Your testimony has started!, Your husband and children are returning home!, Your business starts to prosper!, No more financial breakdown! Etc etc….I can imagine what this woman’s life became after that encounter/experience. She must have become a totally new person, changed forever! All prayers answered! Perhaps you say, “but I have cried!”, or “Ain’t I a worshipper already?”…..Maybe you have/are! But do you BELIEVE? Have you FAITH? Faith does not look at the clock for God-because he is God and he will do as he pleases….when it pleases him! When he said to Abraham-“I will give you a child”, He didn’t say WHEN. And it got to a stage, Abraham tried to help God, and went ahead to get his servant pregnant-who wouldn’t? However, when the APPOINTED time came, the promise came, and though it tarried, it DID NOT tarry! The only qualification Abraham had, with which he used to pass the test of “sacrifice your ONLY son to me” was the qualification of PATIENCE and TRUST. He had learnt those two in the decades of waiting for the promise of this child, and when God asked back for it, he didn’t even think twice to question him or hesitate, because he just KNEW that somehow, the promise of “NATIONS will come out of you” will come to pass any which way! So beloved, when sometimes it seems like HEAVEN IS SILENT, and all roads lead to the very many questions-remember, God is God, and He demands that His children TRUST him completely. FAITH provokes God to ACT. The three Hebrew boys, Daniel, and many others readily come to mind. The only thing I cannot safely tell you is WHEN…but will God answer or will he not? I KNOW He WILL…….for, Heaven is NOT ALWAYS SILENT!

'Peculiar' (not real name) is one of the Christian sisters I have been privileged to meet on the Internet. ANd her words above are just encouraging and uplifting.

Let me add some personal words .....

Pastor Adeboye preached at my church last Sunday, and his message was "Wind of Change", and the verse was Psalm 150:6. Just simply what we hear everyday.........Let everything that has breathe, PRAISE the Lord! He preached on that simple message! That if one still has breathe, they should just praise the Lord and all will be well! God is Alive! And we are Alive! And we should just praise God!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!

As long as there is life, there is hope!!!

I dont wanna preach in here, but I remember another pastor at the Festival of Life Celebration last weekend who said that we cant have a testimony with no test!!! And we have to go through the PROCESS to get to the PROMISED LAND AND PALACE!! I LOVE JOSEPH. He went through the PIT, THE PROCESS, THE PRISON, TO THE PALACE!!!

Imagine if he had been grumbling and being nasty to everyone in the PRISON, he would never have made it to the PALACE.

I LOVE the story of the GEODES as told by Joyce Meyer, (i have written a lot about it here on NR, and on my blog), but the summary is that they are very ugly on the outside, but filled with gems on the inside!





October 15, 2007

It's been a scary minute.......................NOT!!

Hmmm.... Miss my blog. Haven't written here in a while. Been busy catching up on stuff. I dared to take a weekend off to attend the most amazing Birthday festival I ever saw. In summary, MIAMI, FLORIDA IS FINE!!!! Kapish! Ain't no plus or minus on that! I am glad for the good time I had! With the girls. It was awesome. Ms A, Ms A, Ms. M (they know themselves ;-)....I respect people's privacy. I can write out the names when I take permission from them, OK....

Anyhoo.....its really been a scary minute! Especially having to find out the evil being concocted for me by certain persons! Let me just use this line to address all of you here as I know you all scrounge around my blog, websites, myspace and wherever I write or am mentioned! You have stupidly being crank-calling me with blocked numbers but you see that didn't work to scare me!

When I did business from home, you sent some of your stooges to come to my house under the guise of being clients just to get a scoop on me and how I live!!

One of you have gone even a notch up by pulling up my background record and my credit report, and faxing it all around her friends, just know that what goes around comes around! I WILL NOT even bother to legally deal with you on that because I have a GOD that fights my wars for me! How you got access to my social security number is in itself illegal! But, I got news for you! I am changing my social security number!! And I got an advice for you! = GET A LIFE!!! STOP STALKING AND FOLLOWING ME AROUND!!! STOP ALL THE EVIL WISHES! STOP ALL THE EVIL PLANS!! STOP THE SLANDERS! STOP THE DEFAMATION OF MY CHARACTER!!! JUST STOP ALREADY!!! TELL YOUR EQUALLY DERANGED FRIEND TO STOP ALL THE DIABOLICAL THINGS! You know why? BECAUSE I AM COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!
Vamoose! Scram!! Shooo! GIVE IT UP ALREADY! I am going up! God has already blessed me with even extras! Learn to praise God with me and HE will bless you too! The more you try to mess me up, the more you are messed up! Enuff said!! Its simply a RETURN-TO-SENDER judgment.

I will come back to gist more...Hmmmmmm.......maybe not! Cos I dont even bother with stuff like this! New detractors rise up daily, and my God fights them all off for me, why should I worry? ;-)......I know that HE who called me has HIS protective arms around me! HE has planted a hedge of protection round about me and all that is related to me! So, why should I worry what little mere humans like you cook up.

For now though, I will tell everyone else who is being persecuted just because God is blessing them to always be in prayer always! Trust God, NO MATTER what!!! HE will surely protect you from enemies and see you through it all to the Glory of HIS name! AMEN.

Infact been a blessed and sanctified minute! AMEN!

October 8, 2007

The Beauty of Math!

This is fascinating.
Be sure to go all the way to the end. Absolutely amazing!

The Beauty of Math!
1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn't it? And look at this symmetry:

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111=12345678987654321

Now, take a look at this... 101%

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:
What Equals 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?
We have all been in situations where someone wants you to GIVE OVER 100%.

How about ACHIEVING 101%?
What equals 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help answer these questions:

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.

H-A-R-D-W-O-R- K
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

THEN, look how far the love of God will take you:
12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101%

Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that:
While Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, It's the Love of God that will put you over the top!

It's up to you if you share this with your friends & loved ones just the way I did.

October 3, 2007

Single ladies with married younger siblings....

For singles ladies:
How do you feel with younger married siblings? Especially sisters?I have two brothers, one is married, and the other one is gettting married this year too! So, I am the only single person in my family! !!! lol..... It dont bother me though. I actually encouraged my brother to marry his girlfriend of 6 years! I am like, "dude, what are you waiting for?! Marry this babe before another guy steals her from you O!" That babe, my sis-in-law proved herself worthy to bear our last name!

She was there when my brother finished his housemanship, when he started working, when he even had to quit his job once when the traveling became too much and once he couldnt get fuel for his car, he rushed to catch the last vehicle to Zaria, missed it by minutes and later learnt that the vehicle had an accident and all occupants died. Then, a family meeting was held as per "FASHY PFIZER ABEG!!!" But, my sis-in-law was still there during the jobless months (even though bobo was well taken care of), but she still stuck there till he got a better job.....infact, my brother is blessed! That is the way a woman should be! Stand by her man! (And I had done that twice and came out burnt! Jobless goat I fell in love with, and got engaged to! Only say when the idiot find job come begin make small money, hin leave me follow under 25!! Imagine! And i was 29 then!! Hissssssssssss These days, I dey shine eyes O! Bobo get to have a j.o.b! Kapish! ) Anyway, I was glad when he decided to marry her. Cos I told him she had invested too much to not be his wife. I asked him one question: "You dont like me crying of heartbreaks, would you want what happened to me to happen to her? Please dont be like the losers I have always dated! Show that there are still honorable men in the world" And he married her! And they have given my parents a GRANDCHILD! So, that closed the story of "We want a grandchild O!, Stop being picky, marry and give us one!" They have one! Thanks to my brother! pressure reduce small! Phew!!

Now my second brother is getting married to his babe of 4 years! Yipppeee! It was supposed to have been a double wedding with my other brother, but they changed their minds! And I was supposed to have gotten married same year too! A triple wedding would have rocked the whole palace and people that day! Oh well! Mine flopped! :-). 1st brother's happened, now last brother is getting hooked this year! I am very proud of my brothers!! They are my bestest friends! I love them to death and they are proofs that there are well brought up men, and there are men who are responsible, there are men who are caring, there are men who are honest, and there are men who know how to take care of a woman!

So, you see, that is why inspite of the basketful of heartbreaks I have had, and the failed engagements and relationships, I refuse to believe all men are evil or beasts!! I know there are good ones! I just havent met them! And that is why I am not in a haste to settle for less. I have three solid men in my life who are the Best Fathers, husbands and also my Daddy and brothers.

So, ladies, single ladies, how do you feel when your younger siblings get married before you? I have no sister, but I am guessing a younger sister getting married before an older one is hard to swallow? It creates emotional rejection issues, and/or even envy and jeaslousy? Am I right? Pray, tell.....

October 2, 2007

Meeting old friends after so many years......

have you recently met old friends after a long long time of being incommunicado?
How did you react? How was it? Did you have old unresolved issues? Did you spend time gisting and catching up?
How was it? Please share your experiences...

I'll start.....
I woke up one morning to see a yahoo offliner text from a class mate in secondary school! I was sooooooooo happy! Cos I never thought we would ever meet again.

He was one of those guys we all used to walk home together after school, gisting and telling all sorts of stories and we were a group of 8. The chicks - (Pauline, Gladys, Christy, Franca, Anthonia, and me) and the guys, Ayo, Walter, Gideon........we lived in the same area of Kano State, on the walk home, from the bus stop, I would turn into my gate, while the rest of them continued and Gideon and Walter (brothers) were usually the last to get home. Cos they lived further down the street.

Franca died two years ago during childbirth! :( Rest in peace Franca!!)

I lost contact with Pauline, but will catch up now that I have found Walter! She was my closest friend. She is older and treated me like a kid sister (and I loved the attention cos I have no sister). There were three other people in our group, but they lived in the other part of town, so, were not part of our bussing group.

Anyhoo, Walter sends me a text and we connect and the gist wouldn't end, he lives in USA here too, and when we talked, it was like yesterday!!! ;) Like time froze!

And I just met a long lost friend from my University Days yesterday too. Silvia.

This cute looking babe passes me, I was trying to balance myself on my stiletto heels with my wine glass that was spilling cos someone bumped into my elbow......and then I heard in the softest voice ever " I KNOW YOU!!!"...and I was like, OK......<thinking in my head: what have I done now O! Na who be dis one again?!> And truly, she looked very familiar!!! So I told her, "I KNOW YOU TOO"! She asked, " Govt college ,........?"<in my head, I was like, Govt. gini?> , but my mouth says NO. She then asks "University of Jos?" And I say " YES"!!! And she says "Psychology", and I say "Psychology too!!!".

....NEXT THING was us shrieking and hugging!!! I finally remembered her!!!! Wow!! What are the odds........bumping into a friend you have not seen in the last 13 years at a function at the Nigerian Embassy! And she has been living about 15 minutes away from you in the past 4 years!!!??Need I say the rest of the evening was AWESOME!!! Meeting all her friends and she meeting mine, picture-taking all over the was FUN!!! When her friends asked her how she recognized me, she said I have not changed in physique one bit! OK people, is that a good or bad? That I have not changed physically in look and shape for 13 years?! Hmmmmm.........

....hmmmm....seems my old friends are popping out from places now!!! I love that! heck! These are people who knew me from when my chest was still flat, who were there when we went through the hard teenage years, and who one withstood so many peer pressures with, these are friends one knew when the only care we had in the world was simply to make good grades!! No bills, no stress, just collect pocket money from home and turn in good grades! ;) And who most of all were from good homes and well brought up, so we didnt indulge in mischievous stupid sinful tricks because we were good kids with good grades!

its really nice to meet old friends.

But i know its not always positive, I have met one or two old friends that I cut off so fast the door slammed on their butts! hee hee hee......for example this old buffoon who did not have enough guts to chase me in University of Jos, even though he was my classmate, now getting some guts to chase me and tell me the whole crap of "I always admired you in class and didnt know how to approach you cos you were a big chick then" etc....and I asked him, if you didnt approach me then, why now? The yeye igbo man told me that "cos I am a big boy naw!!" I was like, ehhh? Really? And you think I am not a bigger chick now, eh? Anyway, I tot to myself, if he did not look appealing then that I didnt even notice his advances, then, he just aint cut it!

Singing he wanted to marry me blah blah blah! I told him he is a stranger and he quoted the many years we sat in class together, that he knew me blah blah blah. I said you are a stranger, kapish! Join the line to be considered for marriage! LOL.... I wasnt feeling dude at all! I remembered him back then as a dubious fellow! Who would even write the tests and exam points on his bomber jacket! On his arms, he had all types of stick-up notes in his jackets! No matter the weather, he wrote exams in big jacket! I remember that on the last day we wrote our degree exam, he was caught with a cheat sheet, which he chewed fast and swallowed! GOAT!! And the lecturer saw him, and he still graduated with us!! Dubious character!!! Not a husband candidate abeg!!!

And I was right! I told him off, and he cussed me out as usual! .....and heard months later from another classmate that Odeh already had an equally mgbeke babe he was going to marry in naija and was just trying his dubious nature on me!! He really DIDN'T and NEVER knew me, or hin for no even try at all!

So, meeting old friends can be good or bad....I guess one has to thread gently, knowing that so much water has passed under the bridge for so long......

October 1, 2007

Proverbs 24:16
For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked
stumble in time of calamity.
New American Standard Bible (©1995)

The righteous sure does fall so many times indeed, but stand up, they must! because He that is in them is greater than he that is in the world. And how can anyone taste the goodness of God and turn their backs on God 360 degrees?

Strange thing is, I was a very devoted Catholic, so, I have been a Christian all my life! Things changed when I was in my second year in University, at the age of 18. Long story short, I had a different type of hunger for God. I wanted to know God more than that the latin masses and rosary prayers and wanted something more direct and interractive!

And that was when the 'New Generation' churches trend started in Nigeria. Pretty, intelligent, beautiful, awesome looking girls were joining the 'born-again' revolution! Which was a very sharp contrast from the Campus Scripture Union (SU) and the Deeper Life Christians!

Sure, some of us (who were not influenced by peer pressure) wanted to be really devoted to Christ, but not with wearing those turtle necks in the hot sun (as Deeper Life and SU students did!!!) The message those days was "Get Saved, the Kingdom of God is coming!! If you are not saved, you will go to Hell!!!", not like these days that the preachings are more like " Give to God all your money, trust Him and you will be very rich!! He will bless you back, with riches running over!! blah blah blah"!! So, one had fear of hell then.

Anyway, to see a new sect of Christianity where one could be one's self was amazing!! No more 'Not-wearing-trousers-to-Catholic-churches'!! Or any more "TIE HEAD SCARF BEFORE PRAYING" mania! One could actually wear trousers and leave hair open and worship God!
And with all the pretty girls who refused to sign up for the Miss Unijos beauty pageants that I was involved in organizing, just because they were born-agains! Got me thinking! I realized there was beauty in serving God. And I attended a church service in town - (Zoe Christian Center), and my life changed from that first meeting! It was like the whole heavenly hosts were waiting for me! I gave my life to Christ that day and I am very grateful to God for finding me then! Because answering that altar call then is what kept me alive till date! I learnt to pray and warfare with the bible and I lived till date.

And I fell a couple of times! But I was never too far from stepping out and asking God to take me back! By the time I answered my 4th altar call here in USA in December 2004, I told God to chain me down, strip me off anything that could make me fall! Take away anyone that would make me fall! My prayer changed to : Please God, take away anyone that I dont need in my spiritual walk with you, and bring in only those that I need in my spiritual walk with thee"
Has it been easy? No! Cos, its when the devil sees you so dedicated that he sends the wrong people covered in sheep's clothings! That was when I found out that most human beings are simply and through and through carnal!! They may carry the bible, but their heart is far from it! They may profess love, but chose which of the commandments of God to keep. But God has been faithful.

The toughest thing for a single girl in USA is keeping to her God. Cos I tell you, its when a girl decides to go the whole nine yards with God that all sorts of men would arise that fit perfectly with the "Mr. Right" expectation, but who go deaf when they hear the word - "CELIBATE"
And I don't get it! How can a man say he is a Christian, claim he is born-again, and then whine and complain when a babe tells him she is celibate for God!! Why? But yet we do it! We remain celibate! Not because we are not attractive, but simply because it is a Godly thing to do!

My thing is this: If a man cant wait for you for keeps, he ain't serious! The way I have summarized it is this: A man that wants to steal what can be his (if he is serious and honest) is simply a dog!!! Because, why cant they leave the babe that says NO! And go look for those that have no reservations about messing up their body and their lives?

My advice is this: Stay far away from that guy who makes it like he doesn't care about sex with you, but yet wont stop trying to seduce you albeit, subtly! And the guy that wants to talk erotic on the phone is as good as physically trying to do it! And why would a mab want to sneak from the phone what can be rightfully and totally his?! Dont ask me please!!! men are simply amazing! Dont judge a Christian brother by the number of times he uses "God" in one sentence! Judge him based on his talks and walks!

Enuff said!
I love THE BEAUTIFUL PRAYER. Very touching prayer indeed.The one that touched me most was this part:

I ask God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me. God said...Ahhhh,
finally you have the idea
Because its really not easy sometimes doing simple things like loving your neighbors as yourself. I know it was not initially easy for me when enemies arose in my life! And being an on-going thing makes it tougher! Its simply a true test of one's faith, I tell you! Cos while you are angry at them, you aint definitely praying or praising God! So, its soooooo NOT worth it!

The Guest minister at my church yesterday- Pastor Sturdivant seemed to have been talking directly at me! You know that uneasy feeling when you are in church and the pastor is preaching and its like he is talking to you one-on-one? About stuff you actually only talked to God about prior to coming to church?!

He preached from 1 Samuel Chapter 30 and was talking about when David returned and found out that they had lost everything! They wept till they couldnt weep no more! A king and his soldiers wept!!

1Sam 30:4 Then David and the people that were with him lifted up their
voice and wept, until they had no more power to weep.
How kings and anointed people of God would at one point in their lives lose all!!! And that is because its within God's plan to form their character so that when they make it back up, they would only ascribe the glory to God and no one else?

So, people, if you are down now, its part of the PROCESS of life! You cant get the POSSESSION without going through a PROCESS.

And then in Verse 19 of same chapter, they recovered all!

1Sam 30:19 And there was nothing lacking to them, neither small nor great,
neither sons nor daughters, neither spoil, nor anything that they had taken to
them: David brought back all.
And you know how? THROUGH an enemy!!! An Egyptian weary soldier that was left behind by his own people!

1Sam 30:13 And David said unto him, To whom belongest thou? and whence art
thou? And he said, I am a young man of Egypt, servant to an Amalekite; and my
master left me, because three days ago I fell sick. 1Sa 30:15 And David said to
him, Wilt thou bring me down to this troop? And he said, Swear unto me by God,
that thou wilt neither kill me, nor deliver me up into the hands of my master,
and I will bring thee down to this troop.
Saying that not all enemies are bad!! Some are actually there because they would play a divine role in your life somehow. And I know this to be true. God plants friends to even turn into enemies to do a good to our lives!

Trust me, I have personal testimonies to that.Truth in my life is that some things done to me by enemies (we all have them) ended up being actual blessings to me in more ways than one! I cant explain it. So, next time when a best friend, a sibling, a parent, a colleague changes and starts acting strange and 'mean' or 'hateful', fret not! Just pray. Dont be too fast to retaliate! And the hard part, love them like Christ loves you! Now, that is a tough one! Isn't it? But with the Grace of God, its possible. Yeah, that is one area I ask God daily for more grace to love back enemies, definitely not easy, but I have been doing it, and have been blessed in the process. And God does awesome things in my life daily! Shows me that enemies' actions and behaviors dont matter in my destiny! Its my reaction that makes the difference.

And Pastor Sturdivant also said that being angry and holding onto what people did or said about you is like drinking a spiritual poison. Because you are killing yourself with anger, killing your spirituality while losing your blessings God has in store for you! And holding unto grudges keeps your hands occupied to receive the blessings coming your way......

Powerful message, loved it! And that is what a good sermon should do, touch our hearts and make us want to change, right? And I am glad for that........I need my hands to collect all the goodness and blessings I have remaining in this 2007. And no one is worth losing them! NONE at all!

Stay blessed y'all, and love, love, love no matter what! It frees your mind to think good thoughts... Phillipians 4:8
Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are
honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever
things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue,
and if there be any praise, think on these things.


September 30, 2007



I asked God to take away my habit. God said, No. It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole. God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary

I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No. Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned.

I asked God to give me happiness. God said, No. I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you.

I asked God to spare me pain. God said, No. Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No. You must grow on your own! , but I will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. God said, No.
I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things.

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me. God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

May God Bless You, "To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world"

"Even the word 'IMPOSSIBLE' says 'I M POSSIBLE' "

Submitted by Satya Mehta

September 28, 2007

Meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson By Crystal Martin

The man known as “The Rock” has mastered the role
of action-flick hunk.
But his new movie, The Game Plan, proves he also has a
family-friendly side
(which makes him even sexier, in our

What made you get all soft on us with your latest movie?
I have a little 5-year-old girl, and when I first heard the pitch, I was in Prague shooting a movie and I hadn’t seen her in about three months. It was the longest I’d ever gone without seeing her, and I missed her terribly. So the role of a man who has it all and yet is very lonely until he meets a little girl who calls him Daddy—it just really resonated with me.
Does your daughter understand her dad’s a big movie star?
It took Simone a long time to understand why people want Daddy’s autograph. I’d tell her and my wife would tell her, too, “People see Daddy in the movies and they are excited to meet him.” But she couldn’t really grasp it. Finally, with this movie, I think she understands what it means. And there’s the cool factor because it’s a Disney movie. She loves all things Disney. Plus, I just did an episode of Hannah Montana, so any amount of success I might have had in the past pales in comparison. Now Daddy’s cool!
You and your wife separated recently. Do you have any relationship lessons to share?
I can tell you the number one regret I have is not communicating. You never want to get to a place where there’s the metaphorical big, fat elephant and no one’s talking about it. You have to dive in headfirst. Also, if you’re going to love, then love. If I love you, I show you I love you every day. Little things, big things. As we get older, it all comes back to the power of love.
What attracts you to a woman?
Intelligence and a self-deprecating sense of humor are very important. It’s refreshing to meet a woman who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. And, well, an endlessly gorgeous booty. So humor, intelligence, and backside.
In short: We heart Duane Johnson. He’s a real charmer — smart, funny, and
great to chat with. During our telephone interview, our Duane-obsessed interns
were smiling, giggling, and trying to follow the conversation from the tidbits
they heard on our end. We told Duane about his intern fan base, and he paused to
give them a cheerful hello. The question then became: Which intern gets to
transcribe the tape?
What fascinates you about women?
I grew up in a houseful of women. My mom cleaned toilets for a long time, and she’d seen a lot of terrible things, but she was still the strength of our family. And there are women like that all across the country — all around the world — who show that type of fortitude.
What’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear or do?
We’re going to keep it clean [laughs]. The sexiest thing that a woman can do, wear, and say all fall under one word to me: subtlety. To be subtle in the things that she does, and the things she says, and the things she wears — I appreciate the details.
Examples, please?
I appreciate the subtlety of a kiss on the forehead. I appreciate the subtlety of wearing a simple yet gorgeous summer dress. And I appreciate the subtlety of a woman saying “I’m proud of you.” To say and do the obvious is easy. And that’s why I appreciate an out-of-the-blue call to say “I love you.”
The smoothest thing you’ve ever done to get a woman’s attention?
Well, I’m not one to hem and haw around. I’m very direct, and back in the day before I understood what it meant to be a classy gentleman, I would walk up and say, “Hi, I’m the tongue-wrestling champion of the world. Would you like a shot at the title?” After I realized that stupidity is never prosperous in anyone’s life, I decided the smoothest approach was the most direct — I just walk up and say, “I’m Dwayne, what’s your name?”
You always look handsome on the red carpet — what do you do to get ready?
I need the right music. It’s usually Sam Cooke or some blues. Then, it’s a fairly easy process. I have to moisturize, and I’ve got a big head so it requires a lot of product.
Wow. I can’t just agree and say, “Yes, you have a huge head.”
Yeah, you can. I do! I once hosted Saturday Night Live and had to wear a wig. They told me I had the biggest head they’d ever measured in their 25-year history. I can only assume no one has beaten that record.



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just out from church...

just out from church...
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