July 25, 2007

35 on 21st of July!!!

My fav cousin who is a Rev Mother called me from Austria this morning to wish me Happy Birthday in advance....(so sweet of her! Does so every year! I love her to pieces) even when I dont call her, she still calls me! Shows she is a real Rev Mother!!! Imagine being made a Rev mother when she was less than 30! She is blessed.

She is a year older than me! I told her I am getting old and she said something that was so deep I have had it on my mind all day....she said all living things SHOULD be growing old, and not growing down!!!

And thinking about it......a childhood friend of Mine- Francesca Chukwurah died at childbirth about 10 years ago! ANother one, Angela Obi, died after two kids (epitome of beauty she was!), Sandra died of Leukemia! And some I may not know of! (God forbid sha!)

I have lost my fav uncle recently!! And so on and so forth!! And here I am looking at the numbers 3 & 5 as if they are menacing!! When in fact, I should give God thanks and praises for being alive!!!

Sure, women aint supposed to tell their age! WHY??!!!! To me, only if you are ashamed of your age! I know I can pass for an under 30 anyday....but for what purpose!! Age is just a number..... and looking at where I am now, I can only say....GOD, THANK YOU!!!

I have had so many near-death accidents, and I survived them all, If I was a cat with nine lives, I have already lost all nine, I tell ya! Yes! I know..... And to God be the glory!!

How can I forget the year 2003 when the doctors had to put 2 pints of blood to bring me back to life in the surgery?! They didnt believe I would make it alive! But God brought me back!!! And I actually walked away from the hospital 2 weeks after, on my own legs!! The doctors kept coming to see me at INOVA in Virginia to see the girl that made it alive after losing so much blood! And they had wanted to postpone the surgery till my fever and blood pressure came down....but i dont know and dont care now, but just thank God.

And you tell me to hide that I will be 35 in the next 48 hours? Na you sabi!!

But dang! 40 seems so close!! Dammit!!! But, I will attain all my dreams and visions by then in Jesus' Name! AMEN.

God has been faithful and kept HIS own part of the bargain with me! And sometimes, I barely keep my own part!! I still get easily riled up with people sometimes.......(hmmmmmm......koh easy O).......cos sin na sin! No be till you kill person!

This year started cool and got bad a bit and got better again and its getting betterer and betterer.....

I just decided, on the 21st, I will work as usual, go to the Power Explosion event and then go to my 'adopted' mother's house in Potomac, (she is white and I love her to death! She is planning to bake me a cake, get lots of wine!(:sweat), cook rice and lamb, and we just talk till we pass out! And that sure beats any noisy party on that day! Besides, most of my friends would be out of town that day (at the NEA Award....dem no nominate me this year! But, I happy in a way sha O! Because I love JD-7 Couture Fashions!) Mrs Data knows wassup!!! And I doff my hat to her!! She better win that Best Fashion Designer of the Year Award or I go tear those people!!! - Yes, quote me!!

It takes only a honest, modest person to know person wey pass am, and JD-7 Couture got creativity!!! See some of her designs here! but no mean say I cant do like her or even better....she has lots of manpower in Naija to execute all her creations! Here, tell one tailor to make your couture design and they will be calling hundreds of dollars and me no get time abeg!But, she got style.....so, SHE BETTER WIN THAT CATEGORY!!!!!! (nothing personal against Moshood or NFF)....anyhoo....I win last year's

Ok, back to my birthday.......besides my friends going out of town.....I have two weddings to attend that day.....a member of the group that is launching me to the whole world soon is getting married that day and hear this: AN ex-boyfriend of mine is getting married same day and I asked him, why my birthday?! Your wedding anniversary forever go be my birthday? Na so you like me reach?!

And something is happening at an African Embassy here on 21st and I am part of that event!!

its awesome to be born in the Summer I tell ya!

So, now, I postpone my birthday for everyone cos I go CELEBRATE this life I have O!!

And abeg, I am writing from my boutique!!! One of the best birthday present God has giving me and lots more unraveling in a few!!

WHO AM I?!!! That God looks down on little me and hands me blessings!!!

To HIM that is on the throne forever and ever, Praise be your Holy Name and thank you for making me 35 year young!

PS: I hope this wont be like last year that my phone rang off the hook with my friends singing "Happy Birthday" in their all croaky voices (!! And if I remember, I was sick and bed-ridden on my birthday last year!!!! And you said I shouldn't celebrate? HABA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dem send you!!!!?????????????

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