July 29, 2007

Re: A Girl I know........Part 2

Someone asked me if the rape story I posted earlier is about me (Estella), and to that, I say.......

* It is the story of many girls in Nigeria!

* It is the life many girls in Nigeria had to live with~

* Young innocent girls being constantly molested, violated, harassed and even sometimes killed by those they trusted so much just because the men were animals who could not control their beastly, perverted, demented lustful beings! And knowing that there is really no law to make them pay for their acts, they perpetuate and continue unhindered!

* It is definitely the story, albeit indirectly of young girls with dreams who were sold (so to say) by their parents to rich old men as wives, and have to live the rest of their days being constantly raped by their 'husbands' [whom they never loved or chose in the first place!] And they dare not say NO to the sexual demands from the man!!

* That story is definitely the story of many a 'house help' or "maids" as they are called in Nigeria who were sent by their poor family to go help a relation or family acquaintance with their domestic chores in exchange for good education, food and shelter, but who end up being the 'other woman' in the house when the 'madam' is sleeping, out to work or on a trip! AGAINST HER CHOICE, MIND YOU!!

* It is the story of that maid who gets raped by her 'Oga' or master every night and threatened to never say a word to anyone about it! And that girl grows up and becomes someone else's wife, and many a time, she may end up marrying a man she doesn't even trust or love because the molesting bastard who stole her innocence in childhood left her with a MASSIVE TOTAL DISTRUST FOR MEN!! Sure, she is now someone's wife and mother, but the scars from the molesting days NEVER goes away!!! If driven into the subconscious!!!

I count American girls 'lucky' (if I may use the word in such a detestable situation), because they can get justice on the bastards who molested, raped or assaulted them, and they can also get counseling to get over the trauma, and can also speak to people or organizations involved in such matters. They can even talk to an anonymous Hotline number to feel better and realise that they can get over it!

But who does the little girl in Nigeria have? NO ONE! She doesn't even need the threat from her assailant to keep quiet,
- the fear of the stigma is enough to shut her up!
- The fear of now being seen as 'promiscous' will shut her up!
- The fear as being seen as 'violated' would shut her up!

And the danger?!! Shutting up kills inside!!! It makes the woman become 'hard', unemotional, or even over-emotional! Nah! I dont want to bring in Psychology into this discussion! I am a trained psychologist, and without demoting my first profession, I can tell you the typical Nigerian girl that has been violated dies inside! Dont ask me how....I know....

Sometimes, I wonder how so many of those girls who grew up and made something of their lives feel!
Sometimes I wonder if the Rape laws are changed in Nigeria now, and no statute of limitation is enforced in regards to bringing rapists and molesters to justice in Nigeria, HOW MANY WOMEN WOULD BE READY TO STEP FORWARD AND GET THE JUSTICE THAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS!!!!
How Many men would be convicted that we would be shocked at?!
How many guilty men are out there!!

How many rapists and child molesters are we still leaving to play with our little girls these days who call them 'uncle'?!! How many?! What are they doing to the little girls?!! What are they being told not to say?!!! Where are the guilty men?! Why for goodness sakes are they still parading the streets free?!!!!!

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