August 30, 2007

Musings of a Single Lady....

To think that people say men are scarce, meanwhile, some babes are having problems choosing who to marry with all the toasters around a naija proverbs would say, all lizards lie on their stomach, so, how would one know the right person from the wrongs?


I ask, and i get no mind in turmoil....its like a deja vu.

Happens every time, when the men come seeking, they come in droves, and I am wont to end up walking away from everyone due to over-applying my psychoanalytical skills in elimination

AM I FINALLY home? I ask again because just as I am relaxing and telling myself that he fits everything I want in a man, my phone and email box get busy with other seekers...

Am I finally home? Because I am scared that I will run again like I do all the time and end up being lonely again!

How come there is no Litmus test for picking the Mr. Right or Wrong? Why? I ask. Because the one on my mind now fits the whole list minus a thing or two that can be lived with, but then, and again, every smart person knows that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side! And no one is perfect. I am not!

I yearn for a Las Vegas drive-thru because I hate to think my mind is playing tricks on me! To get it over with very fast before I change my mind!

Is it the one that one thinks of every morning and night that should be the one or what? I don’t know! Heck, If I did, I would have been married by now!!

A friend once told me that when I see him, I will know him.......and I wait!! I wait to see him! To put an end to this mind-torture and either drop the other shoe and finally relax, glad to be finally home or once again, dust my feet and keep searching for the elusive Mr Right!

I am just musing......I am confused....don’t ask me why and what I mean by this writings, I don’t know..............just my heart talking through my fingers and keyboards! Any answer?

Help! Am I finally home!!?? A question I have already asked myself a lot of times!!!! hmmmmmm............(sighing in resignation!)

God, please give me a sign!!!!! Because I really want to be home where I am at now.....

- Miss Anonymous

Cell Phone vs. Bible.

I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones?
  • What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
  • What if we turned back to go and get it if we forgot it?
  • What if we flipped through it several times a day?
  • What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
  • What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
  • What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
  • What if we used it as we travelled?
  • What if we used it in case of an emergency?
This is something to make you go .hmm...where is my Bible? Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't ever have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill! Pass this on to everyone you know that has a cell phone

August 29, 2007

WOMEN KISS AND TELL TOO! And U dont wanna hear what they say!!!!

Ok, men think they are the only ones that kiss and tell? Nope!! Women do too!!!!

And NO!!! I am not going to talk obscene!! NO DURTY TALK! I am a lady! And I am a Godly woman! So, our gist would be generally about 'life' from the single girl's perspective! And I aint calling no names so that my girls wont start being mute around me when we gist! Hee Hee Hee

Stay tuned, I shall be back with more gist on this topic:
My subtitles would be on:
  • Abstinence (no sex) relationships with men, hoping it would lead to marriage and some stuff that happens (good and bad)
  • Dating and trying to choose who to take as 'serious' guy amongst so many 'toasters' or guys seeking a babe out
  • Living as a babe and having no guy ask the babe out! (geez!! Must be really lonely and boring!, Me, I have had to give my Internet-based voice mail number so that its not that I lied. can only leave messages there! Oops!) Some smart dudes these days have learnt to call a babe as soon as she gives them a number to make sure their cell phone would ring on the spot there! Ha ha ha ....smarties!!
  • Babes that dont believe in sexual abstinence and who believes that the only way to make a guy think they are serious is by sleeping with him and some of their experiences
  • Guys that 'dribble' girls, even as bad as dribbling sisters and best friends!
  • The 'Sodommers' or you can call them lesbians who come out screaming men are beasts and evil, just as a way to hide that they are lesbians!
  • Men who dont know how to take NO for a reply from a babe, just because they think they are all that, and should never be refused! blah blah man's meat is another's poison, kapish!
  • lastly, I will just ramble! As usual!
For now, let me get back to work, I shall return to ramble and try to finish some of the past posts I ended with "to be continued"......... I shall try!

Have a swell Wednesday!

August 28, 2007

'My Brand New Man'.....! ?

'My Brand New Man'..... you wanna hear about 'him'?

Hol' up!!!! I didn't say this, a friend said it! She said she can ONLY marry a 'Brand New man'! And when I asked her what she meant, hear her:

"Her Brand New Man has to have these qualities:
  • Never been married
  • Has no 'baby mama' drama
  • No girl-friend or Ex still hanging on"
Ok, every babe wants all those, but my take on this is that when a babe crosses age 30, come on, ya shopping list for a man got to drop some qualities! Haba!

Given, as a teenager, Barbara Cartland and Mills & Boons told us that Mr Right was ALWAYS perfect! {Chiseled muscular body, tall, handsome, always clean shaven, smells musky all the time, dark, with hairy chest, gentlemanly with a baritone husky, sexy voice to match!} Ooops! Did I forget that he has to be able to fly you both to a romantic remote island for seafood diner? Or be able to take the yatch out on the weekend while you cruise and sip wine and look dreamily into each other's eyes ......awwwwwwww. BOING!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!! STOP DROOLING!!! Those were fictions!!! Ok, on rare occasion, such men may exist 1 out of 1,000,000! ? Right?

REALITY CHECK!! When you meet a guy that is tall and handsome, [not necessarily dark], chances are, he is full of himself and believes he is all that and will have a nasty attitude and be a playa!! Hello!

When you meet one that is gentlemanly and nice and smells husky, blah blah blah, he may just be gay! Or bi-sexual! Eeewww!

When you meet one that is clean-shaven, well dressed, handsome blah blah blah, he may just be a lazy azz looking for a babe to leech unto!!

And oh, you meet one that is not married, they just may have 6 kids from 4 different women!! Spread across 3 continents! And you wonder what ever happened to abstinence, or if you must, safe sex, like condom!!!!!! And oh! They are the ones that would take offense if they meet a responsible gurl that insists they take an AIDS test before dating them!

Where was I? Oh! About the Brand New Man, right? Yeah! So, I just wondered why a gurl of over 30 years would be looking for a brand new man!! Chances are that if a babe is in her mid or late 30s, guys that are older than her would most likely have been married or been involved in a relationship before etc....and could have a child(ren)......and why would a man be up to say....40 years and NEVER been married?!!!! With all the single fine sisters out there? Was he living a playah life?! ?? ? ? something must be wrong somewhere!

Sure, there are single, never-been-hooked guys out there, hey! I am looking for those too! But in the same vein, I will not sit put and say that a man has to be BRAND NEW! Nope! A lot of people made mistakes in their choices of relationships in their pasts and should not be made to die lonely cos of that. Everyone deserves a second chance! And its worse for people who live in the Diaspora who have had to marry who they just see or i some extreme cases, for what we call 'kpali' marriage, they are a myriad of, more especially, the number of immigrants of same nationality and race is limited in any particular geographic region. So, a married couple of today may not actually be married to their Mr/Ms Right!

A friend of mine from back in Jos just called me this past weekend to say she is divorced! I was aghast! First off, she was the last person I expected to have married at 22 years!! Straight out of school!!!! They won the Visa lottery, came to USA, now five years later, and 2 kids later, they are divorced!!! Thus ended a 10-year marriage!!!

Another friend is on the verge of filing a divorce, and just barely holding on, and I tell him to stay in it! At least for their children's sake! Makes me ask, what is it with marriages formed in Nigeria packing up here so fast?!

Ok, so, now, why would there not be second-hand men and women out there in droves?! So, for the sister looking for a Brand New Man, isnt she just reducing her own list of potentials?! Hmmmmmmmm........................

By the way, what qualifies a gurl to say she is "brand New"? Just because she has never been married? And has no kid? How about those that had abortions, if those kids had not been killed before they saw life, then such gurls would be single parents too!

What I am saying is this: Ladies, please reduce the restrictions you put on yourselves! Give a man with a child(ren) a chance! Sure, every woman would want to share their first child-birth experience with a man who has had no other child before, that would be a lovely shared process as first-timers, but consider the children of a man with a child already who also needs someone to nurture, love and make them feel happy and alive. We all know that the children are usually the more hurt victims from divorces or separation or even death of a parent! Thus, such a child(ren) would do better in life with a mother-figure as well.

And look at it like you are getting a ready-made family.....husband and children! DONT see the man's children as a hindrance or 'baggage'!!!! Children are gifts from above!

As for me, I have no qualms with being a Step mother! Dang! I was almost one earlier this year, but it didnt work out! I had already started to feel like a mother with two lovely kids already! And would I still want to be a step mother? Yes!!! But I can do without a baby mama drama for real!!!!

Am I crazy to want to do this? No! I love children and I will still adopt kids and set up a motherless babies home someday as God blesses me!.

Wouldnt I want to have a Brand New Man as well? You bet! I would, but will not restrict myself either!

Choose well ladies, at the end of the day, what matters is your happiness, and if the man is the only one assigned to make you happy in life, then, carve extra love for the kids as well and LIVE HAPPY!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeeeee!

GOOD NEWS: There are exceptions to the rules though! A God-fearing man!! God fearing man I said!! One that TRULY and honestly fears God!
Which explains why some girls have been accused of running to the church when they are too old and almost given up on hope looking for a born-again man. But to that I say, the babe better be born-again for real, and then we can all say Halleluyah that a man brought her to the Kingdom of God! Those that run to church pretending to be holy just to ensnare an unsuspecting brother end up being exposed anyway! Same applies to men as well who run to church to catch born-again wives (I will talk about that someday) getting back to the topic at hand, why do women think that because a brother is holy and born again means they have to turn Jezebels in the house and run their mouths like razor, and want to drag a holy brother down?! Why? (topic for another day too). But I will say "SHAME ON YOU" that go to church just to hook a man!
Seek God for real and a man would be added to you if that is what you ask God for. And when God gives a woman a husband, everyone that looks at her would see a very happy woman!!! But when a woman ensnares, tricks, traps or seduces a man to herself without seeking God's face first, then you hear of woes and they make you see marriage like its hell, when it should actually be a happy union.

And to all the babes looking for Brand New Man, with all the Mr. Right qualities, please can you you give me the 1 -800 number of the factory where such men are manufactured because I have a long list I want custom-made into a man, as my husband. Hee hee hee

August 26, 2007

'E'stella......not STELLA, Stella, not ESTELLA. WHAT'S MY NAME?!

Yeah yeah yeah, after my post Don't Frigging Call Me Ijeoma!!!, I have been asked what I mean?! Why I don't want want to be called Ijeoma, and if I don't like the name etc......but I thought I already explained all that there..... just to reiterate, I LOVE my native, middle name - Ijeoma just that its a family name, reserved for special people in my lives.

I want to be called 'Estella' ESTELLA really my name? Did my parents name me 'Estella' from birth? Erm....em......the answer is NO! Oops!!! I let it out already!

My name at birth was 'STELLA'........means - 'STAR' and I love it!!!

But high school time came around and we had like 4 'Stellas' in the SSCE 3 classes!! And let me break it down here.....( I sure hope none of the girls reads this and come after me with mortar and pestle! lol)...
  • Stella #1 was tall and loud and noisy! And very pretty!!
  • Stella #2 was ugly inside and out! And a bully too!
  • Stella #3 was a lying, stealing crazy ho!!! As young as that age, when some of us didt even know what and how the 'thing' dangling between a man's legs functioned, #3 had ridden so much of them that we all started avoiding her with her stories of stuffing pillows under her bed covers to deceive her parents that she was sleeping at home while she sneaked out to go to parties that they had sex on the dance floors!!! What?!!!! And she looked very angelic outside!
  • Stella #4 was me. The only description they had of me was "Four Eyes" because I wore prescriptive eye glasses in school... Mean, crazy school mates!!!!! Hmmmph!!!
Ok, so, the grapevine was always busy!! And we had a school Board where bullet-ins and stories, poems etc were posted for the whole school to read. Call it the School's Newsletter. And there was the gossip corner, and there was always a story about a 'Stella' ....and you can bet that they were never good stories!! And then people had to be asking "Which Stella?!!" And of course, when you are writing a gossip column, you knew better than to add last names! So the writer could say "I didn't call no last name, how can you say I was talking about you?!" And this sure made the news juicier because one could never tell which Stella was being talked about, except those in the Inner caucus! We all knew the Stella being talked about though, but not everyone in school, especially those in the junior classes or the staff....Stella #3 bragged to us about her escapades, so, we about one bad Stella spoiling the reputation of other good Stellas!

Along comes Mr Charles Dickens to my rescue! How? Hold on, I'll get to that in a second!

Mr Charles Dickens wrote a book called "GREAT EXPECTATION", and I was a stellar (as per excellent;-) scholar in English and English Literature. And the selected text in the school's syllabus was Great Expectations. And there was ESTELLA HAVISHAM!!! I loved the book, but Estella's character in that book, I really dont like, and I must confess that at that young age of 15 that I read the book, I knew deep inside that Estella was what could be called a 'bitch' in today's slangs. She was mean, and a teaser and broke poor Pip's heart...see that portion of the story here...But why?! I didn't get it and still dont get it! And till date, I dont know why I chose a name associated with a heart breaker! Heck! I was young! And I just wanted to be different, and it was just a matter of adding an "E" before 'Stella', right? Have I broken hearts? Hmmmm.......Have I?! Any victim? Do I see any hand up? Ha Ha Ha....OK, that I know no guy would raise a hand to because they always want to be seen as macho and super and never been dumped/hurt or jilted.....ha ha ha

Anyhoo, the direction of this gist is that I decided to be called ESTELLA, to differentiate myself from the other Stellas! And I left notices and told everyone to STOP calling me STELLA, but should call me Ex-Stella! I divorced STELLA and became EX-STELLA (later turned to ESTELLA).....I refused to answer anyone that called me STELLA, even teachers! And they got the message eventually! And I wrote my exams and changed all my documents to ESTELLA! Except my original Baptismal Card that still has 'Stella' on it!

Thus the birth of ESTELLA!

Did my parents just accept my changing the name they gave me? Hmmmmmm....... I never asked them...(come to think of it)....and they never brought it up. I guess because they called me Ijeoma, thus, the other name didn't matter, .... I will have to ask them what they thought when I changed my name to Estella! And for real, they have called me Estella in public, so, I guess they dont mind.

Some people still call me Stella, and I just politely tell them my name is 'Estella'...and I have been asked: "Is it not the same thing?" etc... Sure, Estella, Stella, Estella, Izarra etc all mean 'Star'. But I rather be called 'Estella'.....

August 25, 2007


Seriously, a friend I have known for close to three years now, though we see mostly on Sundays at church, and then, we are all busy doing our Volunteer work in church and pretty much all doing things on fast forward to ensure a technical-hitch-free Sunday service....

So, I saw him in church the other day on a weekday and we were gisting and me was laughing and he just blurted out in amazement, "YOU HAVE A DIMPLE????!!!" and silently in my mind, I was like......"duh! I HAVE TWO on both sides of my face!!!", but I was shocked!! This is my very good friend that we have shared ideas and dreams together!! He didnt know I have dimples?!!!!

And just on Wednesday again, I saw a friend I hadnt seen in a while and she was like..."I love your dimples"' awwwwww.!. OK, I dotn see her always, but that got me worried for real!!

What are they telling me? That I DONT SMILE OFTEN THESE DAYS!!? No! I refuse to think that way, I smile too much sometimes I feel my face would crack! Common now, I am in the customer service business, I got to smile to my clients and crack jokes with them to make them at ease and all.

The question should be more of HOW COME NO ONE HAS BEEN NOTICING MY DIMPLES?! How come people notice my big bum all the time and rarely see my dimples?! Hmmmm....I gotta do a research on that!

At least if not even for the fact that smiling makes the face softer, And I know I got cute, lovely dimples!!(dont hate!) The one on my left cheek is very deep, but the one on my right cheek
is not that deep...blah blah blah

So, next time when you see me, please dont ask me if I have dimples, because I do, and I LOOOVE to flaunt them!! But how people haven't been noticing it beats me! I get more compliments of stuff I wear......and OK, maybe all the flattering you are pretty blah blah blah thing.....but how about my dimples!? :(

Makes me feel sad that people dont notice them, and with my smiles on days I am tired with no sleep and all.....just to maintain "The social, friendly, smiling face" dimples aint still noticed? Besides, half the time, I am planning or probably sketching stuff in my head or silently praying and praising God....but I know to still keep my Smile On! I actually used to be called 'Ismaila'! because I Smiled too much!

OK, FYI: ESTELLA HAS DIMPLES!!! See for yourself! I better stop my half-smiles.......dimples are something to show off, I got to show it off more, right? Ha Ha Ha

August 23, 2007

The Meaning of "FRENEMIES"....

I have been asked the meaning of "Frenemies", seeing it is not in the dictionary for sure, neither in the thesaurus nor can you find it and I will tell you, in just a minute. Its not my word by the way, I took it from Stella, (The Olofofogal ©)...and I like it, because it says a lot in one word.

And to define the word "Frenemies" would mean explaining it and giving examples, and I surely would do so as soon as time permits me. I just wanted to write it here because I had promised someone I would explain it in my blog. So, she knows I didn't forget, and will do so in a second.

But as an appetizer, just picture a 'Frenemy' as your proverbial "Green Snake Under Green Grass", or "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" that poses as your friend!!

Simply coined from two words = 'FRIEND' + 'ENEMY'. You getting the flow now? But just know that every one of us has a 'frenemy', its just a matter of identifying them and making sure they dont do more harm to you than you need (because, they surely MUST HARM OR TRY TO HARM, RUIN, DESTROY you!!!) and at the same time laughing and making you think they got your interests at heart!!!

Even the bible has a definition of a 'Frenemy'!! Doubt me? See the verse below: Psalm 41:9
New Living Translation:

Psalm 41:9 - Even my best friend, the one I trusted completely, the one who shared my food, has turned against me.New Living Translation © 1996
The rest of the verse area in King James Translation:
Psa 41:5 Mine enemies speak evil against me, saying, When will he die, and his name perish?
Psa 41:6 And if he come to see me, he speaketh falsehood; His heart gathereth iniquity to itself: When he goeth abroad, he telleth it.
Psa 41:7 All that hate me whisper together against me; Against me do they devise my hurt.
Psa 41:8 An evil disease, say they, cleaveth fast unto him; And now that he lieth he shall rise up no more.
Psa 41:9 Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, Who did eat of my bread, Hath lifted up his heel against me.
Psa 41:10 But thou, O Jehovah, have mercy upon me, and raise me up, That I may requite them.
Psa 41:11 By this I know that thou delightest in me, Because mine enemy doth not triumph over me.
To be continued.....

August 22, 2007

BHF Magazine..........A new Fashion Concept!

Geoffery Olisa is a name known in Photography and Unique Graphics and Websites. And one guy I am ready to leave all scissors and threads at the studio to go have Geoffrey transform my designs into digital images!
His pictures are one in a Million! He is any Fashion Designer's friend!
My best picture that most of my friends now call my "Trade Mark Design" or "The Burgundy Dress" was taken by none other that Geoff!! I doubt you dont know this dress because most people know EC by this dress. In fact, I have it on display in my boutique now! lol. It has outlived its life on the runway....Maybe someday, I will redo it again!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing ......... "THE BURGUNDY DRESS", Photo by Geoffrey Olisa!

"The Burgundy Dress"

If you think that is spectacular, see what Geoff did to a simple African cotton outfit, and the Model is none other than Karen Koukou (An African Queen by all Standard [Beauty, Brain and Braun] in one package).

BHF Magazine's Summer Promo with Estella Couture Design

You think you have seen enough? Nope! Hold on!! Wait till you see the pictures from a 'grueling' (to me!!) 5 hours photo shoot with one of the best female Nigerian Models in the USA. The few pics I have seen are awesome! And I guarantee you they would be awesome! Oh well, if you really wanna see the rest before I post them, then, subscribe to BHF Magazine and get your copy!!!

He didn't ask me to do this, I am sure he may not even see this post, I am writing and dedicating this to him because I just believe in giving respect to anyone that deserves it! Geoffrey is talented and I duff my scarf to him and I will blow his horn for him anytime, any day, any where! Because great talents like that are hard to come by! Kapish!

As a last line, let me leave you with this picture Geoff took of me unprepared..... I have been told that I look like a Regal African Queen in it! lol..... you think so? Oh Well, I am a Princess, so, maybe, I should blow up this picture and have my dad hang it in his palace ....hee hee hee

Enjoy the picture of Princess Estella, a Proud African Royalty!!!! dodging the rotten eggs and tomatoes coming my way!

Oops!! Ok, not the real TIME Magazine, but I am getting there by God's Grace (I inserted into the TIME Cover frame myself...).......Just look at the picture........and say a prayer for me to get past TIME Magazine too....AMEN.

Enjoy Geoff's work.... I will post more of his pictures as I get them.....
Give it up for Geoffrey Olisa! And don't forget to get your own copy of BHF Magazine because a lot of my designs would be showing up in there........

My First Post Card When I was still deciding between my clothing line being COUTURE D' ESTELLA or ESTELLA COUTURE......

August 21, 2007

On the Issue of wearing skimpy attires to Church....

Recently the General overseer of RCCG Church was quoted as turning back some females dressed in pants.....and people have been saying all sorts of things in line with that.

Anyway, its not been confirmed, but I am shocked at the utterances people are making. Some saying females should be allowed to come as 'naked' as they are, and the spirit of God can convict them to change their clothing!!! Pluuuuze!!!! We know its not everyone that walks into a church building that actually comes in to seek Jesus!!! Some just go to seek people to take away from Jesus!!!! By seducing them and distracting them from hearing the preaching or the word of God that could change their lives!! So, me, I am thinking Daddy G.O. would have a genuine reason IF he did so!!

Jesus himself told satan to get behind Him, because Jesus recognized Satan and knew satan was just out to derail His destiny!!! So, what if the man of God knew that the female he turned back was actually satan himself? Just a thought! So, how is he wrong there?!

Given, everyone is welcomed into the house of God, but simple common sense and reverence to God should tell some people not to just wear some things to church!!!

Like my pastor would say, IF YOU CANNOT WEAR AN OUTFIT TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO VISIT THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY, WHY WEAR IT TO GO THE THE HOUSE OF GOD (CHURCH) TO PRAY AND PRAISE GOD!!! You see girls who go to church from the club!! With all their thongs hanging out and reeking of alcohol!!! SOMEONE HAS TO TELL THEM IT IS WRONG!!!!! Otherwise, they will never get it!!!

See this link here, people dressed to a church funeral service. I didnt read the whole story (I would later....maybe), but it is a service with a man of God present!!

Common people, let's be realistic here! And even IF Daddy G.O. said so in Lagos, Nigeria, that is understandable because culturally, Nigerian society still frowns at trouser wearing, especially to church! And if your not wearing trouser would make 10 persons come to Christ, wouldn't that be a worthwhile sacrifice?

And yes, I wear pants a lot! Infact, I changed from Catholic to Pentecostal church because I found out that I could wear my mini skirts and trousers to the Campus church then in University of Jos, Nigeria. If I did not see a church that allowed me then, a 17 year old teenager to continue wearing my mini skirts and looking hotttt.....I would probably had stopped going to church completely for ever! Because the Campus Catholic Chaplain was BORRRIIIINNNNG!!!! He would be reading from a handout and use big words that was flying all over our young heads then! And at 17, you know that it is a time when peer pressure is high!!! And till date, I thank God for those other girls on campus who were pentecostals and made being a born-again fun!

Those girls back in the day were PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, WELL DRESSED, HAPPY and gave me no reason not to switch to the Pentocostal camp! Amidst all the complaints from my family not to leave the catholic church.

So, I understand, but now, I know that I love to weat trousers, but if I go to a church that says no trousers, I will keep them at home. So as not to offend anyone. Its really simple!

And living on the East coast here in USA would make it necessary to wear trousers during the winter months, so, its the practical side to pants that i had expected people to argue about and not talk and whine about "taking anyone as they are and allowing them to come into the house of God however they are, and blah blah blah about how Jesus looks at the heart and not the outfit!!!" PLUUUUZE!!!! How cant a full grown woman know NOT to wear an outfit that would leave her thong and half her boobs outside to church!!!!! PLUUUZEEE!!!!!! Why doesnt same woman wear same outfit for a job interview!!!!?????? Hisssssssssssssssssssss

August 20, 2007

Fashion?!!!!!! Tony Braxton's sister!!!!!

Ok, so, is this 'fashion' too?!!! Hmmmmmm.........i comment my reserve or reserve my comment!! whichever!!!!!!


One of those emails we get that tell us to pass on to several friends etc......sometimes, some of them have deep words that could bless and comfort you....

Here is one. Very Deep, very touching!!!! Just so you know that not all scars are bad......



Some years ago, on a hot summer day in south Florida, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house. In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out the back door, leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went.

He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake, an alligator was swimming toward the shore.
His father, working in the yard, saw the two as they got closer and closer together.

In utter fear, he ran toward the water, yelling to his son as loudly as he could. Hearing his voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his father. It was too late. Just as he reached his father, the alligator reached him. From the dock, the father grabbed his little boy by the arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator was much stronger than the father, but the father was much too passionate to let go.

A farmer happened to drive by, heard his screams, raced from his truck, took aim and shot the alligator.

Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital, the little boy survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the vicious attack of the animal. And, on his arms, were deep scratches where his father's fingernails dug into his flesh in his effort to hang on to the son he loved.

The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma, asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs.
And then, with obvious pride, he said to the reporter,
"But look at my arms. I have great scars on my arms, too.
I have them because my Dad wouldn't let go."

You and I can identify with that little boy. We have scars, too.
No, not from an alligator, but the scars of a painful past.
Some of those scars are unsightly and have caused us deep regret.
But some wounds, my friend, are because God has refused to let you go. In the midst of your struggle, He's been there holding on to you.
The Scripture teaches that God loves you. You are a child of God.
He wants to protect you and provide for you in every way.
But sometimes we foolishly wade into dangerous situations, not knowing what lies ahead.
The swimming hole of life is filled with peril and we forget that the enemy is waiting to attack. That's when the tug-of-war begins and if you have the scars of His love on your arms, be very, very grateful.
He did not and will not ever let you go.

Please pass this on to those you love.
God has blessed you, so that you can be a blessing to others. You just never know where a person is in his/her life and what they are going through. Never nudge another person's scars, because you do not know how they got them.

Also, it is so important that we are not selfish, to receive the blessings of these messages, without forwarding them to someone else.
Right now, someone needs to know that God loves them, and you love them, too - enough to not let them go

Always show those u love how much u really Love them because at the end of the day the scars of hurt inflicted by the world does not really count as the Scars of LOVE.

Have a wonderful and lovely week ahead and show love to others.

August 18, 2007


HOw do we explain the video footage in this link to our children?
We tell our little kids not to lie, not to steal, not to hurt others etc.....and yet, under religion, we tell them it is OK to kill!!!!!!????/

The video is NOT for the faint-hearted, unless of course, you subscribe to the heinous act being committed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its 9:42mins long. From the stoning to her head bashed and bleeding to her killers jubilating to her body being dragged away like she was a bag of rags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 17, 2007

Tings Dey Happen.....

Hmmmm.... Oyibo man (white man) speaking Waffi (a dialect of broken English in the Delta Region of Nigeria). And he has taken his show on the Road, but its in New York!! I sure would love to watch him perform!!! The little I saw on YouTube is cracking me up already!!!!

by Dan Hoyle
Theatre Culture Project-SoHo
Location Off BroadwayAddress 55 Mercer St, (Between Broome and Grand) New York, NY 10013
Genre Drama
Previews from 26 Jul 2007 Opens: 07 Aug 2007 Closes 23 Sep 2007
Time Tue - Sat 8pm, Mat: Sat & Sun 3pm
Price $ $50, $35
For tickets call: 212-352-3101
Performers Dan Hoyle
Director Charlie Varon
Producer Culture Project
Press Synopsis Dan Hoyle portrays warlords, militants, oil workers, prostitutes and the American Ambassador to Nigeria, among many others. Already supplying 10% of American oil, Nigeria and its surrounding Gulf of Guinea region have been targeted as the 'new Middle East' of oil security. However, militants in the oil-producing Niger Delta are blowing up pipelines, warlords are threatening rebellion and oil company employees are being kidnapped with alarming frequency.
Length 1hr 55mins

August 16, 2007

Web Forums...and making friends .. Part 1

Given that most Nigerians are so busy working, paying bills and sending dollars home, it is excusable that most people sign up to Nigerian-oriented web sites or forums. As that is the only way they can 'identify' with others from the motherland.

And some of such virtual meetings could lead to real-life friendships! Some for good, others for bad, and most would leave a sour taste in one's mouth! Given that some people feel better behind a PC/laptop screen where they can invent "super heroes' and pretend or deceive themselves that it is reality to them!

I belonged to a Nigerian website, and I erroneously thought that it was truly a 'family-oriented' website, but I was VERRRRYYYYYY wrong! Given that initially, it was a site one could log into after a hard day's work to chat and laugh and tease 'faceless' friends. And it was 'safe' then!

But as soon as members got too comfortable and less cautious with one another, and started posting personal, family and real-life pictures, as soon as members started exchanging phone numbers and email addresses, as soon as members started meeting and partying in real-life, Offline, all hell broke loose!

People started getting too "close for comfort"!!
Things said in confident to people there now became a culture of "throwing it out on the Internet when the demon of anger possessed them"!!

And woe betide you if you try to break such friendship off completely like a surgical excision!! You get treated like a pariah, an out caste, an enemy!!

And this makes me wonder if "Friendship is by force"!? Someone once told me that you meet people for a reason, a season or for a lifetime!. And I for one DONT DO WELL WITH PRETENDERS!!!

I have an aversion for people that would want to call themselves "your friend" but are full of lies!!! And NEVER real!!

! Why would you call yourself my friend and all you want to do is hear about my woes and tears and NEVER say anything, instead when you open your mouth, all you do is brag and preach and drop names of people and ghosts I know you really dont know!

And why is it that when you want to yakitty yak and I have no sad tale to tell you, your countenance changes!! Geez!!

Anyhoo, its still better to meet people the old school way!! FACE-TO-FACE!!!! So that you can look out for the body languages that would either assure or caution you to thread with care on the relationship! Because 8 out of 10 times, people you meet Online would tend to 'pretend' and bragado of what they are not, cos they may not know that you would meet them someday face-to-face! That first impression matters a lot!!

And then, if you are brought up to be honest and transparent and meet such "fake" people, they cant handle it !! Or they claim you "talk too much", instead of them appreciating the fact that you stupidly trust them enough to be open with them!!!! (Dont we all learn!!!!). Though the sad part there is that when you eventually meet someone that is honest and open like you are, you may miss it and never trust them, just because some nicompoops has already spoilt your 'too-trusting' nature! It is sad indeed! My take is: Just thread cautiously when next you are on the road to making friends with a "STRANGER"!(Hitherto unknown face behind a PC!)

Mind you, I am not talking about girl meeting boy or boy meeting girl or Eve meeting Eva or Adam meeting Alvin sort of stuff..... I am talking about just regular, casual friendships!! Beware!!

To be continued........I will tell you my nasty experiences and the costs!!! Learn from my mistake!!!!

August 13, 2007

QUESTION: Why do some women never repeat clothes ..even though they cant afford to?

Someone asked this question on a forum I belong to: And it got me wondering too....cos I design for women and am baffled as is my response:

I am baffled myself too as a designer why some babes must wear asoebi for all their friends weddings!!!!!

OK, you CANNOT afford the lace that the bride has for friends! You collect the lace! And you come to me, you want to look FLLLLYYYY and I design a masterpiece for you and then give you a matching masterpiece bill!! Now you go ballistics on me!!!! Telling me how I am expensive etc! etc!!! No I am not! You have simply OVERSPENT your budget!! You remind me that you bought the lace for only $200!! And you cannot pay more than that to sew it etc etc etc....meanwhile, style you selected is PURE HIGH-CLASS COUTURE!!! That is valued at over a thousand dollars!!! You want to look your best there!! ALL EYES MUST POP AT YOU, SEEING YOU WILL ARRIVE LATE TO BE NOTICED!! YOU WANT TO STOP TRAFFIC!! Yay!! But dont want to pay the best price! Better soup, no be money kill am?! Shuo!!!! So, how about we do regular nice style for you! - NO!! You scream!! You got to look better than even the bride that day O!!! Cos there may be a millionaire guy around, I never know!

OK, your hairstyle would cost you over $200, your shoes would cost close to $200 too, your jewelries would run you some hundreds cos you cannot afford to be seen with a faux diamond!

But, little Obioma De tailor like me would have to collect $1 and rock you a masterpiece, cos YOU NO GET MONEY!!!!! Shebi I made one asoebi for you last two weeks (that you are yet to finish paying for btw!!!!!!!:hmmmmmm!!
And you have 2 more asoebis for next month's weddings!!!!

Ok, I shall take $1 and make you a $1 dress, how about that?!! Need I say the expletives that would follow that humble and frugal suggestion from me!!!

I STILL DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE MORE THAN THEY CAN HANDLE JUST TO SHOW OFF! As a designer, its good for business (the insatiable cravings for new clothes, but as a woman and a human being, why put yourself in the position that you would be cursing the bride instead of blessing her cos of the whole gbese on your head just to appear at her wedding?! How about saying NO to the asoebi! IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT!!

Me as a designer even repeats clothes!! (Even though I can make anything I want to wear and never have to repeat!)

My clients know that I always advise the cool-headed ones to make clothes that they can alternate with something else or a style that would look different so that if a collar is removed, it looks 'different' or a belt or can be turned inside-out or make a skirt and blouse instead of a gown so that you can use the skirt with something else or the blouse with another!

I started sewing just 2 and half years ago, before then, I shopped too, and I stuck to basics that can be alternated....

My 2 cents that doesnt make sense coming from someone that makes a living from women who's got to have new clothes for all events!

August 11, 2007

And the Threats and Abuses keep pouring in from Ms Liberia and her cousins.....

Wow!! My eyes were shocked into red alert by some of the comments posted on my blog by Ms Danieline and her cousins...... cursing and THREATENING ME WITH LAW SUITS ETC!!

And I wonder, why is she fretting so? Did I hit on a nerve? The organizer of the event Ms Nellie has also threatened that she is suing me to court!!

I really wish I could post the comments from Danieline here but it is too obscene for the public's eyes, and this blogsite here does not allow to edit obscene words out into, basically in summary, they informed me they would be opening blogsites to diss me and tell the public that I am a *********....and that they will come stick a poster in front of my store to tell people I am ********* etc.....(at least the police now know who to arrest now anytime I see any grafitti on my store wall/window)....

If they can clean up their language (with no obscene words) then, I will publish their comments for all to read and enjoy with me. lol..

Have a good weekend people!

All for just a crown!!! How desperate can people be!!
I didnt know that people cant express their opinion of events anymore! Oops!! But I still will whenever I see an unfair and unjust contest! Kapish!

I just informed them to make sure to spell my name right!!! Great PR they would be doing for me, albeit a negative one....but who cares? Just get my name and website info correct!!! lol!!!ROTL

August 10, 2007

Reactions to my impression of Ms Liberia in America

Funny how Ms Danieline's cousins have been writing and calling me all sorts of names because of what I wrote below. And my impression about the show and belief that she should not have been crowned by dubious means! And also other people cussing me out on other websites because I exercised my freedom of speech!!

Wow!!!!! Get a life girls!!! Its only a crown!!! Its not gonna put food on anyone's table!!! Its not even about wearing it, its representing it! Representing Liberia as a nation! Seems y'all forget that I AM A NIGERIAN!!!!! And who wins your crown don't mean jack to me!! My reason for writing or even bothering to talk about this is because I believe FAIR SHOULD BE FAIR!! And if you read my blog postings here, you will know that I am an Activist!!! And I dont tolerate injustice!!!! So, I speak from the point of someone that has seen an injustice done to another!!! Nothing more! OK?

Do I really care what anyone is saying? NO!!! Why? Because I am entitled to my opinion! And the "anonymous" person that keeps writing me with no name is pathetic indeed.

Have you gone round the Internet to see how people are reacting about this event? So, why are you attacking me? Or are you attacking everywhere comments are made about this fake event?

Please do me a favor and STOP writing me! Unless you want to also write to all the Internet websites and forums and blogs who think the whole thing was rigged and fake! Then add me to the list, cos you have a long work ahead of you!

And this is MY BLOG, and I WILL WRITE ANYTHING I WANT TO!!!!! And yes, I am a Christian and I am against cheating like this.

And the issue here is not whether Danieline is pretty, sure she is, but the point here is that pretty face DONT mean BEAUTY as expected at a beauty pageant! It entails a whole lot of other things! And if another person had more of the other attributes more than her and the judges believed so, then, the person should be wearing the crown! Kapish!

August 9, 2007

The Joke that was Ms Liberia In America Beauty pageant!!!!!

First off, let me clarify that there are two Miss Liberian Beauty pageants.

1. Miss Liberia in USA
2. Miss Liberia in America

Dont ask me the difference, cos I dont know, just that they both produce beauty queens and each one represents Liberia in this continent (USA /America)

Anyway, Miss Liberia in USA had an awesome event last month and Ms Maryland won, not just cos she is beautiful, but because she is beauty, brain and brawn! I had the privilege of being of the judges here in the Prelim and she is a winner any day to me!

OK, now, Miss Liberia in America happened last weekend and right now, lawsuits are flying left right and center!

WHY? Because out of 7 judges, 6 voted Ms District of Columbia as winner, but the organizer of the event, Miss Nellie, went behind, changed the whole results, came out and announced Ms Maryland as winner (me thinks she wanted to have same state win too:D or rather she had already promised the girl (a girl of questionable reputation) Danielline, that she would get the crown.

I guess what they did not bargain for was the appearance of Ms Karen Koukou who is a 4.0 GPA student, another, beauty, brain and brawn!

So now, the Liberian community are embarrassed that Ms Nellie Francis would be so dubious in the presence of the International community, and guest judges who were of mixed nationalities etc.

The judges actually walked up to the stage to ask her to produce their original score sheets and she refused! And said loudly to the hearing of the audience that Ms Karen (District of Columbia) was who they anonymously agreed should win!

It was so bad that the irate audience chased the event organizer, Ms Nellie Francis outside to beat her up! (African style - Jungle justice! :roll) She escaped!

Lawyers are making calls all over the place, and the matter has now gone beyond who should have worn the crown, to political matter. Congress people are going to be making a statement on this matter very soon.

You ask why? Because, how can they all be clamoring for African nations and especially Liberia that just came out from war, and those of them here cannot take the corruption out of their blood!!!

You may say Ms Nellie has bitten more than she can chew! I am sure if she knew this would escalate to this level, she would not have given the crown to Ms Maryland! Who by the way does not attend any school, but publicly lied to the audience that she is a student of Bowie State University!!!!!!! Wow!!!

She has nude pictures all over the internet and now wants to be a role model, to who?

Anyway, my ears full today with this matter! But I think its a good thing in a way, cos it would create a wave for Africans living in America to know that the laws here apply, not the ones we all left behind!

You cant have 7 adults seat at a pageant, leaving everything they could be doing to judge your show and at the end of it, you tweak the results! If the scores were tied, that would have been different, but when 6 out of 7 judges declared a winner, how daft can anyone be to want to change it? And to someone that was not even 2nd or 3rd on their list?

And we condemn election results back in Africa, when someone that has lived in USA here for so long cant even keep her hands clean!

This is a developing scandal and I will update you on it!

Enough of this corrupt practices!!!

Some Pictures...............Slideshow...

Loving life with my Jamaican sister/friend, Erica.

August 8, 2007

Travel Experience on my way back from Italy couple of months ago...

Flying and Air travels.....

Hmmmm....... thinking back to the tension that I had in the air from my last trip to Italy! And no! My life did not rush in front of my eyes! I knew my God would land us safely!!!!

Even though the circling was like endless in the air, I knew we would be fine! I was just concerned for my connecting flight to DC that was like in the next 90 minutes! And I had 2 big luggage to clear at customs and recheck back onto my connecting flight, before proceeding!

Oh boy! I was scheduled to be home at 12:10am! And things were looking to be like 2 , 3 hours late!

Ok, I was a bit worried cos that had never happened to me before! I only saw it in movies! And besides a lot of crazy thought came to my time-zoned-tured body!

What if? .....say another plane crashes into us? Seeing the pilot said there were over 100 planes cycling like we were, waiting for the thunder storms to reduce and also get assigned a number in the queue for landing!! What?!!! over 100 planes? Oh well, DFW (Dallas Fortworth Airport) has expanded!! I was here last in 2005! And when I lived in Dallas, I traveled a lot then and used through that airport almost every fortnight! And the airport was very close to my school (DeVry University) then.

what if? .... we ran out of gas! Damn!! I know there wasnt no James Bond to come fill our gas mid air!

What if? What if? Hmmmmm....too much tragedy movie aint good for the health.

hmmmmmm..... that journey, na God bring me home O!!! Because we take off like 40 minutes late from Gatwick London, because, the tug wey dey pull planes in reverse onto runway, ready for take off, no gree move! So, we had to wait inside plane for them to go get another tug! The waiting was crazy! And so, Pilot alredy dey under tension to make up for lost time! And then, to come land come be yawa for Texas! Imagine!

At least from that experience, I learn say planes no fit reverse and have to be pulled out from boarding gates by a tug.... (I didnt know that before! I tot planes could reverse, like cars, trains etc..)... Anyway, I go always fly American Airways, anyday! I love them! Courtesy = 100%! besides I got to accumulate more miles and love being an Admiral Club VIP Flyer member!

Excerpt from Old Online Diary: # 3 ( THE 7TH COMMANDMENT)

THE 7TH COMMANDMENT! (April 26th, 2007)

The 7th Commandment...
Exodus 20: 7
7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

7"(J)You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.

Funny how people are quick to say "I swear" even when they are lying through their teeth!!

The word Perjury is when people lie under oath. And as much as USA is trying to get God out of their system, its ironical that people have to be sworn in by placing their hand on the bible (abi dem don stop am? Movies still show it like dat sha O!) Cos they then assume that EVERYTHING you say would be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So, help you GOD!....

And its worse when people downrightly lie and put 'God' in the same sentence to punish another person.... I still see adults here in USA that touch their index finger to their tongue and raise it to the sky saying "I swear to God' I once had to cut off from a friend who could not help himself from saying 'I swear to God' like 10 times in 10 minutes!! Made me feel he was just LYING!! And thought adding 'God''' will authenticate his lies!

Haba!! People no dey fear God again O!

Catechism classes as a child taught me to not even say 'I swear to God' even as a joke. Or to even exclaim "Oh my God"...

And it makes sense that if Anyone go to the extent of invoking God's wrath or sentence or punishment on another, at least BE SURE YOU ARE CLEAN IN HEART AND NOT Breaking the seventh commandment - because it has consequences!. Because 'life and death' in the power of the tongue and in summary, people gat to be careful how they invoke the wrath of heaven on other people if they are lying....cos, it backfires! Yeah, I am guilty of that too, I have called on God to 'judge' and 'vindicate me', but, anytime I ever did that, its because I KNOW that I am in the right and have clear mind/heart. Otherwise, it would be suicidal! .... and I love meself too mesh to wish meself bad! nah!

Numbers 24:9 "......May those who bless you be blessed and those who curse you be cursed
... Ouch!

Excerpt from Old Online Diary: # 2

Yes O, some call it stubbornness but me call it akpurukah tendencies!

O yes! I am street smart for shizzle. Dont mean I am rough cut. Nah! Had life real good growing up, but my dad tot us to stand our ground daily. My dad did us aje-butter and still tot us to stand our ground cos he always said 'Life is a jungle out there....I wont always protect you, you will grow up and have to be your own man/woman someday! ' How right he is!!

While in Naija, I got my first pay check when I was probably 13 years, working for my mum and dad. Doing what? U will love this: Ironing clothes in the house!!!
I love to iron clothes!! Strange? Right? But ironing clothes meant touching and seeing all parts of the sewing lines, the cuts, the care labels, the designer labels, knowing what fabrics need hot iron and those that need cold/warm.

Knowing those tha shrunk while being washed and knowing those that have a fluid-like movement.

Knowing which texture made a ruffle better than the other....knowing color matching etc.......

Need I say more?

And you are surprised I spent all the time and money in academics acquiring degrees, diplomas and certificates to end up a Sura the Tailor!?

Its in the blood! God prepared me from a long time ago! So that when the time was ripe, I didnt need to go to any sewing school! HE had put the residual knowledge in me!

Being why I can look at a dress now and cut it same way, and I never heard any sewing tutor tell me how to cut a fabric.....

SO, dont U think I have akpurukah tendencies?

Yeah, I am akpurukah from God! Anyday!

Excerpt from Old Online Diary: #1

Written in the year 2006! Some things never change, do they? Cos I still get same nonsense remarks even in 2007!! Yeye people!
Yes, I am over 30 years!!!!
Sure I am not getting younger!! How can I? Age counts forward, not backwards!!!!

So, the biological clock is ticking?!!! Mine?!!!! Heck No!!! I took off the batteries since the last time I returned my engagement ring!!! So, I DONT HEAR ANY CLOCK TICKING PLUUUZE!!! And I aint in a haste to turn into a Miserable Mrs. Or baby factory!! I want to be happy all my life!! And that is that!!! So,......its got to be MR RIGHT (or Mr Almost Right lol! Or nothing else!!)

God Help Me!!! I am going to kill somebody in this country!!!! JUST WHY CANT SOME STUPID, Old goat in the skin of a man simply get it that I DONT CARE!! AND CANT LOVE HIM?!!! WHY?!!!!!

Why does he have to spoil my day with stupid talks of reminding me of my age?!!!
Who needs such stupid, low confidence, rude goat?

Haba!!! I am still single is my choice keh!!!!
And too bad my business gives me little time to be a "proper" 'girl friend' for now! But the one that I know is my soul mate understands that! And even encourages me! And U cant believe it, gives me fashion ideas!!! And I love it!! We got a lot in common!!!

Not a so-called rich mulah that wants me to give up my sewing cos according to him.... 'he got all the money I need'!!! Bull crap!!! I aint being nobody's housewife!!! I got a talent that the whole world is waiting for and I am pursuing it!! Kapish!

So, why a 'toaster' wont get the message that I dont want him, have no interest whatsoever baffles me! So, he is all that? So what?!! Material things dont faze me!!! Shebi he should go next door where another longer-throat girl will help him clear his pocket! Haba! He can have any woman he wants according to him, LEAVE ME ALONE THEN!!! hah! This is america O! Where babes are so materialistic and looking for a man to pay all their bills!!

Why is it that Nigerian men hate commitment, but once they decide to get married, they think they can hassle a woman to marry them just like that?!!

SO what I am too career minded at this time? So what?!!!

I am so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I wont let it reach sun down, cos I am happy and thankful to God for my life as it is at this moment. I am happy 4 SUCH A TIME AS THIS:

So, I am going to get back to my sewing and have my usual happy attitude till I can speak to my best friend, my boyfriend, my encourager, my confidante, the one that makes me laugh, the one that understands me.......the one not in a haste to tie me down and give up my passion for fashion!

for now: I really think Nigerian men who claim they are rich and 'can get any girl they want' should simply just stop using that stupid line on girls over 30 that 'they are not getting any younger!!"

If the babe aint desperate to hook you, doesnt that show you that she AINT DESPERATE!!!??? So, that stupid emotional blackmail is really stupid!!!!

NOw I see why some ladies rush into marriage with the wrong men! Cos some men blackmail and threaten them and out of fear, they succumb!!!
Thank God for my Akpuruka and Agbero tendencies that will not allow any man play that stupid stunt on me! hhhiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss


it was a cold rainy day, and she just volunteered to work overtime for the new project that was due on Monday. And the day is Saturday. And she already had agreed to hang our with her blind date. Only, to please her friends and she sure didnt know what to expect.

A colleague of hers asked her if she would stay till evening and she said no, and when the girl kept insisting to know why she was dressed up on a Saturday, she told her about her date and she was cooing and awwing.

Anyway, just like a typical white girly girl, she screamed it out and the guy in the next cubicle told her to give him her cell phone number so that they would call her after 30 minutes to give her an escape route if she didnt like him or felt uncomfortable. She agrees and assures them its at a movie house - safe place. And begs them to call and insist she was needed back at the office urgently.

After freshening up her make up in the ladies room, she picks her car keys and heads off to the elevator. Down to her car, she opens her car, starts the engine and puts on Destiny's Child's "Independent Women", turns the volume high and out of the parking lot she drives off, on her way to the Loew's Movie house ..... her appointment was for 7:00Pm, and looking at her car's clock, she sees she had just about 45 minutes more and it was going to be a 40 minutes drive. Stepping on her gas pedal, she quickly turns to the ramp leading into the highway.............and.......

to be continued....


Excerpts from a post I made in my old online diary on the 18th of September, 2005!.......enjoy.....


Once upon a time, there was this little girl who loved to read a lot. And her parents always had all sorts of magazines and novels and books at home.
So, even some she did not understand all the grammar, she still read.

There was no Internet then to Google words, so she relied completely on the good ol' Webster to check up words. And some of those words were sure dang hard to even pronounce.

Anyway, somehow, her mum bought her a pack of novels once, and she remembers their names, all three of them: EBVU MY LOVE, ANGEL OF DEATH and THE UNDESIRABLE ELEMENT!

There marked a change for her. Her new found fascination with books and written stories. That was when even at that tender age of 10, she embarked on the project of writing her own manuscript. Alas, she found an avenue to put to use all those words that were underlined in her Webster! She would write and write and write. And at Intervals would draw and sketch. Her most favorite scene was a village square with all the thatch houses and cooking stands and trees and birds and children running around! She indeed loved to paint. And the pencil, especially, well-sharpened ones had no rest in her hand , as she just loved to draw dresses and cute looking models!

Needless to say, all her pocket money was spent on more Pacesetter Novels! And then, she discovered James Hadley Chase series, and Barbara Cartland! Phew!!! It was no surprise to anyone that her eyeglasses which she had started wearing at the tender age of 7, had to be almost doubled in strength when she was 11 years old!!! Did I forget to mention that she became an addict of MILLS & BOONS stories. She had boxes of those!!! Not to mention all sorts of foreign entertainment tabloids and fashion magazines. Like Cosmo, Jet, Teen and a whole lot more.

Now, back to the focus of this story.

This little girl, now a woman, became too engrossed with love and romance and all. Her reading too many fairytales from her HUGE collection did not help matters as she believed in the '....and they lived happily ever after'. Which by the way, she is about to do.

Follow me to the ....



Just wondering on my long drive home today from a business meeting.

* Who am I?
* What do you think about me?
* Would I be missed by people outside my immediate family and close friends circle?
* And for how long?
* Would anyone mourn me for real?
* Would the thought of me bring tears to anyones eyes 2 months, 6 months, 1 year down the line after the worms have eaten to their slimy innards content?
* What can I be said to have achieved?
* What have I contributed to humanity?
* Whose life have I influenced? Negatively, Positively?

* And you, reading this: What do you think of me? How can you summarize me?

I am just curious.................

Na who send me!...

Ok, dont ask me to transalate! This is written in Nigerian Broken English, when I have time, I shall write the Correct English version. :D

Na who send me?!!!!
I go write my name for the Female Soccer Team some time back for church!!

As my friend be say I dey strange say I no dey play any sport or watch any one. hah! No be my fault say God create me physically qute! haba! (lol)

But seriously, I am not a sport person at all!! Na personal trainer I wan get. Dat way, we go concentrate on just the area wey need to be toned or firmed! And not grow muscle all over body anyhow!

No ask me wetin be off-side or left wing! Shebi I dey field the other day in my shorts and tee. And I hear left-wing and right-wing, I ask them where the buffalo wings dey? Shuo!!

Corner kick? Na wetin be dat!?

Only soccer wey I sabi, na back in the day for Naija when person dey watch Green Eagles or Super eagles! And dat na becos when I go my parents house, their cable reciever for my room dey controlled from the family room, and I no dey bother change am, so, I would be forced to watch the 'Live Match'. Na the GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL part I dey like shout pass!!! So tay, one day, I shout GOOOAAALLLL when Spain been score us!! I quickly shut my mouth when I no see anyone join me shout, na him I no say I goof!!!! I kukuma change am to "RUBBISH GOOOOALLLL!!!!" . Whosai?!

No, I don try another sport seriously wey I even been dey whoop azz!!! BADMINTON!!!! yes O! I love that game!!! Haba! Yeye yankee no get am here!!! I play that game like say my life depend on am! I been get time then anyway. As NYSC person wey dey serve for govt house, no be to kill time?

LAWN TENNIS!? nah!!! not after I scrapped my qute knees on the cement court! I run!!!

BASKET BALL!? in sec school, those babes with big boobs (yoghurt factories), wey coem tall join dey bounce fragile me go one corner with the ball and their boobs!! I run!!!!

HOCKEY!? Eh egbele Oh!!! That yeye hockey stick wey dem been wan take dislocate legs wey I dey carry do my Fashion Parade for seconday school!? And that nonsense hockey put(shebi na the name of dat round thing wey dem dey hit?) that thing hit my legs tire!! And I no wait for am to hit my face. I run!!!!

TRACK & FIELD!? ROTF LMAO! Allow me start, but no tell me to collect baton continue!! nah! And we been get some pinchomick fast babes then! 100meters?!!! U wicked!!! For what naw?!! I AM NOT IN A HASTE!!!! Leave me alone!!!! This time, I run!!!!!!!!!!!!comot from their list!

AEROBICS with correct music!? Ehe!!! Na naw U come!!!!! Once in a while, I jiggy ma thang!


Recently, I have been stepping on my stepping machine learning SHAKIRA's "Hips Dont Lie" track with WYCLEF!! And I have lost 2 pounds in one week.. Besides, I got to look swell for the next event I got coming up! Shebi una dey call me fashion designer, I got to DESIGN! Abi? And the outfit I am wearing would be off the shezzza!!!!

Now, last week dem don start again, say make I come join basketball team! I say I too short, dem show me shorter babe, I say I no get strength, dem tell me say I dey work 24/7, so I tell dem say dat's why, cos I too busy!

bad thing now be say I get Exercising machines for my back yard, and I like as I arrange them amongst the flower beds and pots, but na to climb the cycling machine to reduce my big samba I no dey remember to do! Or the Thigh-side stepper to reducer hips, I no even remember....Na wah for me!! And I say I wan look fllyyy in summer!

Godo thing summer don dey over! Hee hee hee.....YOU! How fit are you?

August: The Eight Day....

Its August already!! Geez!!! It seems like New Year's Day was just yesterday! OK, so, where is this 2007 running to?! Anyway, as long as I am running along at same breath taking speed, then, I am cool! ;)

I really dont have anything to write!!! Yeah right!!!!! Me?! Not have nothing to say?! That would be the day! I have a lot to talk about O! But just that I have little time to say them. Like I have to roll out some awesome design today!

I slept late yesterday cos I had to finish an outfit and I must say it was lovely!

And my client, Oby gave me the license to display her outfit in my Client's Album, but not on the website (Not fair Oby!!!), So, I am just going to show your outfit without your face! lol.......but would have been good to show your beautiful face to further enhance the outfit!

I am rambling today, cos my head is full! No ishes, just so many ideas and stuff. I had a client drop off some fabrics yesterday, but I couldnt design one fabric for her, because the fabrics is just too awesome!!! Ideas were jumbling over themselves in my head and I for once was confused which one to pick. Her fabric is LOVELY!!!! Cotton Ankara print with a black background and myriad of flowers of lovely patterns and colors intertwining all over the place!!! Oh well, I will really sleep on it today and knock out a Master-piece for her!!!


OK, this is for my first and only roommate in USA - Numa! So, you read my blog!!! lol. I was surprised you do! All the way in Dallas. Ha ha ha...That means I would have to mind what I type here now! And some people read my blog now and think they know me for real! You Wish!!! Forget what I write here, its just a tiny portion of the homo sapien known as ESTELLA! hee hee hee.

Time to sign off and go do about that? Have a lovely week! If time permits, I will come drop some stuff later....otherwise, see you when I see you!


August 2, 2007

Can Africans Ever Be their brother's Keeper?

That Poem below is from the bottom of my heart....... I bleed for Africa!

While at a Hispanic Scholarship event yesterday, and seeing a Director call all the models, volunteers etc into a round Cirlcle to Pray that their event "ANGELS AMONG US" be a huge success and that the recipients of their scholarships be blessed etc! I couldn't help shedding a tear at their unity! I clicked my camera on them in the praying circle! Because that is one picture I will blow up to put on my wall to remind me that there are still selfless, giving people out there! And these are just Hispanics at Verizon!! I wonder what others are doing in other organizations and communities!

Their scholarship process is very transparent!!! because there are checks and balances! The money raised GO WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GO! Unlike our African organizations that are formed in people's kitchens and bedrooms with no board of directors or any possible means of checking and making sure money raised go where they are meant to go! Anyone person can these days be a non-profit! Only in Africa!! Yet, if you check the procedure for becoming a 501c(3) entity, its not supposed to be that way!

Which makes me wonder why with all the so-called successful Africans (clean or dirty wealth) in this nation, and with all the high number of Africans living below poverty level in this country, Africans CANNOT and HAVE NOT formed one single mini organization to raise funds to help those in need here! Or to support one another!!

The woman in the news recently who was arrested for leaving her kids in a room with a dog would not have gotten to that stage if there was some kind of resource to help her out! I actually found out that she is married, but her husband was deported which then made life difficult for her!

African kids stand out in the USA academically, but check how many stopped at high school, just because their parents could not pay their college tuitions and they didn’t qualify for loans either!

People wake up daily forming non-profit organizations claiming to cater for the needs of women, some claim their goal is to take care of girl-child education, others say their events proceeds would be donated to blah blah blah! An organizer called me yesterday on my way to New York to sponsor them with a couture outfit for the winner of their contest, and when I asked her what her goal and focus was on, she started blabbering...... telling me how the winner would be sent all over the world etc etc to address needs, blah blah blah, and I am like, what?!! How does that put garri or kenkei on a child's table here! And after seeing the Hispanic event, I am just going to tell her NO!! And NO! also to anyone who I find out is running a one-man show Non-profit to dupe people of money claiming its 'going to take care' of Africans or any African Issues (and we got lots!) in any way!

Other calls have come in from People doing "Fashion for "something(???)" (either hunger, or education, or the most abused one is "For Darfur"!!) haba!!!

Some don’t even know where Darfur is on the World Map, but they are doing something for Darfur!!
Anyone that sends me any IV with anything 'Darfur' on it, I DELETE!

Yet, African Children are suffering here in America! Families are suffering! Some cannot even visit or return finally to their African home countries due to the high cost of air tickets! YET, CHECK THE HIGH NUMBER OF AFRICAN NON-PROFITS IN AMERICA ALL 'CLAIMING' TO FIGHT POVERTY OR ADDRESS SOME ISSUE IN AFRICA, WHILE ALL THEY ARE DOING IS MAKING SOME MONEY FOR THEIR POCKETS AND GETTING 'POPULAR'!!

See how "BLOOD DIAMONDS" is being used as another avenue to siphon more money by Non profits all in the name of fundraising!!! To who? For whom?

Blood diamonds existed as far back as the early 90s!! It’s nothing new!!! I had Sierra Leonean friends back in Naija who ran from their country with diamonds and other precious stones to take to sell in Bangkok and all! Those diamonds and precious stones in Sierra Leone has been bathed in blood for a long while!! How come no non-profit oragnization raised their voice on that!!?

Which is why I call all these people Opportunist!! Talk about 419 on a different scale! So, if 'Blood Diamond' movie had not come out, what would have happened?

Sure, whites here also exploit the horrors in Africa, like the TV programs/Ads that ask people to Donate $1 a day to feed the children in Rwanda! Or Ethiopia, while showing pictures of mega dehydrated kids in the deserts! How do we know where the donations go to? Who accounts for them? Who does checks and balances! But fellow Africans exploiting people under the name of Africa is heinous!

A well known lady in the event set up suggested to me that we host a mega Fashion show and Tour all over USA, and the money to be raised from tickets and also the fame I would gain from it all looked and sounded good! She was going to involve a lot of sponsors, celebrities etc! All I had to do was actually go to China, manufacture some of my designs in high number and package them for sale at our events! All sounded good! I did the Happy dance et al....... till she said we should attach the whole tour/event to a cause that is popular in Africa! She suggested the Raped women from the Liberian War......and that was where she lost me! As someone that has been molested before, I know the trauma of being defenseless! And for some of these women that are widows and with orphans etc, for me to wake up and USE THEM as a fraudulent tool would NEVER happen! God Forbid!!! Because her mind calculated that we give some percentage of the money to their embassy to give to them in Liberia, or we could travel there with International press and make more name for ourselves, while pocketing the rest of the money for ourselves! And she is African as well!!!!
Haba! Even the bible frowns against cheating the widows and orphans!!! And I am sure such an act carries severe punishment!

I really wish Africans in America, UK etc that can eat at least 3 times a day would think of supporting and helping the less privileged children and women in America (under their own very noses), instead of 'claiming' to send funds raised to Africa!

Have a good weekend!

Sure, I am pissed off! Pissed off that Africans hate one another so much! They would back stab and try to drag anyone coming up down and slander and witch bite etc, while other immigrant groups are looking out for one another! Can you penetrate a Hispanic community? How about Indians? Or the Russians, Or the Italians!!! Can you? No! You can’t! Because they stick together!! But an African would rat out a fellow African just to get the person out of the way if the person seems to be doing better than them! That is when I cry for my beloved continents, with citizens whose hearts are as dark as the continent is dark!

And yeah, I am talking about ALL AFRICANS!! Not just Nigerians please!

Crying for Africa...

Crying For Africa...

I weep for Africa!

I weep for Africa that CAN NEVER be united!!

Ghanaians hate Nigerians, Nigerians have issues with Ethiopians,

Yet, they all have one skin color! They all come from one continent!

The African-American in the USA is looking for his "motherland",
He is trying to 'belong' to the Dark Continent! And I wonder why!

A continent with Citizens whose hearts are dark!!
A continent with Citizens who cannot even take a bullet for one another!
A continent that cannot even rule itself! But rather rule to kill!

A confused continent! I wonder if the diverse tongue and dialects add to their confusion! Tower of Babel indeed!

I will choose not to mention Rwanda! Yes! That is Africa for you! They term it Genocide! I call it 'Way of Life'! Yes! Because I have seen same 'genocide' in Kano and in Aba [Nigeria]

Even as immigrants, Africans would still act dark! Why? You ask, I don’t know!

In a system where people are scared to confide in each other, just because of distrust!

Africa!! I hail thee!!

Even with all your natural resources, You Stink!! You are poor! You are confused....

Yet, amidst all bloodsheds, the maiming, the barbaric laws, the evil system of governances, the undeveloped regions, the ramshackle lives, the zero existence of simple social amenities.... still manage to produce people who make a mark on the world positively! still manage to place your name on the world scene from time to time with accomplishments of your sons and daughters.......but....

.....your negatives far outweigh your positives!

BUT, the World cannot do without you!!!! -Just for your natural resources!
They can’t do without you - you greed helps them to exploit you further!




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just out from church...

just out from church...
Estella,Adaeze, Madarocka

Fashion Teen Idol Show in DC

EC Fashion shows...

EC Fashion shows...
Estella backstage with models @ Couture Fashion Week NY.....

Models @ Zanzibar

Models @ Zanzibar
Backstage getting ready for the runway.......... photo by John Harman

Tradishionale... (Ms. Estella) in Aso-oke and raw silk dress..........

photo by John Harman

Estella & Madarocka in EC Designs...

EC Red Carpet Wear (African Damask, Silk and Lycra Mix)

photo by Andrew Bronfein

2009 Ad Campaign

2009 Ad Campaign




Back stage just before the runway strutting!... photo by Reward