August 2, 2007

Can Africans Ever Be their brother's Keeper?

That Poem below is from the bottom of my heart....... I bleed for Africa!

While at a Hispanic Scholarship event yesterday, and seeing a Director call all the models, volunteers etc into a round Cirlcle to Pray that their event "ANGELS AMONG US" be a huge success and that the recipients of their scholarships be blessed etc! I couldn't help shedding a tear at their unity! I clicked my camera on them in the praying circle! Because that is one picture I will blow up to put on my wall to remind me that there are still selfless, giving people out there! And these are just Hispanics at Verizon!! I wonder what others are doing in other organizations and communities!

Their scholarship process is very transparent!!! because there are checks and balances! The money raised GO WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO GO! Unlike our African organizations that are formed in people's kitchens and bedrooms with no board of directors or any possible means of checking and making sure money raised go where they are meant to go! Anyone person can these days be a non-profit! Only in Africa!! Yet, if you check the procedure for becoming a 501c(3) entity, its not supposed to be that way!

Which makes me wonder why with all the so-called successful Africans (clean or dirty wealth) in this nation, and with all the high number of Africans living below poverty level in this country, Africans CANNOT and HAVE NOT formed one single mini organization to raise funds to help those in need here! Or to support one another!!

The woman in the news recently who was arrested for leaving her kids in a room with a dog would not have gotten to that stage if there was some kind of resource to help her out! I actually found out that she is married, but her husband was deported which then made life difficult for her!

African kids stand out in the USA academically, but check how many stopped at high school, just because their parents could not pay their college tuitions and they didn’t qualify for loans either!

People wake up daily forming non-profit organizations claiming to cater for the needs of women, some claim their goal is to take care of girl-child education, others say their events proceeds would be donated to blah blah blah! An organizer called me yesterday on my way to New York to sponsor them with a couture outfit for the winner of their contest, and when I asked her what her goal and focus was on, she started blabbering...... telling me how the winner would be sent all over the world etc etc to address needs, blah blah blah, and I am like, what?!! How does that put garri or kenkei on a child's table here! And after seeing the Hispanic event, I am just going to tell her NO!! And NO! also to anyone who I find out is running a one-man show Non-profit to dupe people of money claiming its 'going to take care' of Africans or any African Issues (and we got lots!) in any way!

Other calls have come in from People doing "Fashion for "something(???)" (either hunger, or education, or the most abused one is "For Darfur"!!) haba!!!

Some don’t even know where Darfur is on the World Map, but they are doing something for Darfur!!
Anyone that sends me any IV with anything 'Darfur' on it, I DELETE!

Yet, African Children are suffering here in America! Families are suffering! Some cannot even visit or return finally to their African home countries due to the high cost of air tickets! YET, CHECK THE HIGH NUMBER OF AFRICAN NON-PROFITS IN AMERICA ALL 'CLAIMING' TO FIGHT POVERTY OR ADDRESS SOME ISSUE IN AFRICA, WHILE ALL THEY ARE DOING IS MAKING SOME MONEY FOR THEIR POCKETS AND GETTING 'POPULAR'!!

See how "BLOOD DIAMONDS" is being used as another avenue to siphon more money by Non profits all in the name of fundraising!!! To who? For whom?

Blood diamonds existed as far back as the early 90s!! It’s nothing new!!! I had Sierra Leonean friends back in Naija who ran from their country with diamonds and other precious stones to take to sell in Bangkok and all! Those diamonds and precious stones in Sierra Leone has been bathed in blood for a long while!! How come no non-profit oragnization raised their voice on that!!?

Which is why I call all these people Opportunist!! Talk about 419 on a different scale! So, if 'Blood Diamond' movie had not come out, what would have happened?

Sure, whites here also exploit the horrors in Africa, like the TV programs/Ads that ask people to Donate $1 a day to feed the children in Rwanda! Or Ethiopia, while showing pictures of mega dehydrated kids in the deserts! How do we know where the donations go to? Who accounts for them? Who does checks and balances! But fellow Africans exploiting people under the name of Africa is heinous!

A well known lady in the event set up suggested to me that we host a mega Fashion show and Tour all over USA, and the money to be raised from tickets and also the fame I would gain from it all looked and sounded good! She was going to involve a lot of sponsors, celebrities etc! All I had to do was actually go to China, manufacture some of my designs in high number and package them for sale at our events! All sounded good! I did the Happy dance et al....... till she said we should attach the whole tour/event to a cause that is popular in Africa! She suggested the Raped women from the Liberian War......and that was where she lost me! As someone that has been molested before, I know the trauma of being defenseless! And for some of these women that are widows and with orphans etc, for me to wake up and USE THEM as a fraudulent tool would NEVER happen! God Forbid!!! Because her mind calculated that we give some percentage of the money to their embassy to give to them in Liberia, or we could travel there with International press and make more name for ourselves, while pocketing the rest of the money for ourselves! And she is African as well!!!!
Haba! Even the bible frowns against cheating the widows and orphans!!! And I am sure such an act carries severe punishment!

I really wish Africans in America, UK etc that can eat at least 3 times a day would think of supporting and helping the less privileged children and women in America (under their own very noses), instead of 'claiming' to send funds raised to Africa!

Have a good weekend!

Sure, I am pissed off! Pissed off that Africans hate one another so much! They would back stab and try to drag anyone coming up down and slander and witch bite etc, while other immigrant groups are looking out for one another! Can you penetrate a Hispanic community? How about Indians? Or the Russians, Or the Italians!!! Can you? No! You can’t! Because they stick together!! But an African would rat out a fellow African just to get the person out of the way if the person seems to be doing better than them! That is when I cry for my beloved continents, with citizens whose hearts are as dark as the continent is dark!

And yeah, I am talking about ALL AFRICANS!! Not just Nigerians please!

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