August 8, 2007

Excerpt from Old Online Diary: #1

Written in the year 2006! Some things never change, do they? Cos I still get same nonsense remarks even in 2007!! Yeye people!
Yes, I am over 30 years!!!!
Sure I am not getting younger!! How can I? Age counts forward, not backwards!!!!

So, the biological clock is ticking?!!! Mine?!!!! Heck No!!! I took off the batteries since the last time I returned my engagement ring!!! So, I DONT HEAR ANY CLOCK TICKING PLUUUZE!!! And I aint in a haste to turn into a Miserable Mrs. Or baby factory!! I want to be happy all my life!! And that is that!!! So,......its got to be MR RIGHT (or Mr Almost Right lol! Or nothing else!!)

God Help Me!!! I am going to kill somebody in this country!!!! JUST WHY CANT SOME STUPID, Old goat in the skin of a man simply get it that I DONT CARE!! AND CANT LOVE HIM?!!! WHY?!!!!!

Why does he have to spoil my day with stupid talks of reminding me of my age?!!!
Who needs such stupid, low confidence, rude goat?

Haba!!! I am still single is my choice keh!!!!
And too bad my business gives me little time to be a "proper" 'girl friend' for now! But the one that I know is my soul mate understands that! And even encourages me! And U cant believe it, gives me fashion ideas!!! And I love it!! We got a lot in common!!!

Not a so-called rich mulah that wants me to give up my sewing cos according to him.... 'he got all the money I need'!!! Bull crap!!! I aint being nobody's housewife!!! I got a talent that the whole world is waiting for and I am pursuing it!! Kapish!

So, why a 'toaster' wont get the message that I dont want him, have no interest whatsoever baffles me! So, he is all that? So what?!! Material things dont faze me!!! Shebi he should go next door where another longer-throat girl will help him clear his pocket! Haba! He can have any woman he wants according to him, LEAVE ME ALONE THEN!!! hah! This is america O! Where babes are so materialistic and looking for a man to pay all their bills!!

Why is it that Nigerian men hate commitment, but once they decide to get married, they think they can hassle a woman to marry them just like that?!!

SO what I am too career minded at this time? So what?!!!

I am so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I wont let it reach sun down, cos I am happy and thankful to God for my life as it is at this moment. I am happy 4 SUCH A TIME AS THIS:

So, I am going to get back to my sewing and have my usual happy attitude till I can speak to my best friend, my boyfriend, my encourager, my confidante, the one that makes me laugh, the one that understands me.......the one not in a haste to tie me down and give up my passion for fashion!

for now: I really think Nigerian men who claim they are rich and 'can get any girl they want' should simply just stop using that stupid line on girls over 30 that 'they are not getting any younger!!"

If the babe aint desperate to hook you, doesnt that show you that she AINT DESPERATE!!!??? So, that stupid emotional blackmail is really stupid!!!!

NOw I see why some ladies rush into marriage with the wrong men! Cos some men blackmail and threaten them and out of fear, they succumb!!!
Thank God for my Akpuruka and Agbero tendencies that will not allow any man play that stupid stunt on me! hhhiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss

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