August 8, 2007

Excerpt from Old Online Diary: # 2

Yes O, some call it stubbornness but me call it akpurukah tendencies!

O yes! I am street smart for shizzle. Dont mean I am rough cut. Nah! Had life real good growing up, but my dad tot us to stand our ground daily. My dad did us aje-butter and still tot us to stand our ground cos he always said 'Life is a jungle out there....I wont always protect you, you will grow up and have to be your own man/woman someday! ' How right he is!!

While in Naija, I got my first pay check when I was probably 13 years, working for my mum and dad. Doing what? U will love this: Ironing clothes in the house!!!
I love to iron clothes!! Strange? Right? But ironing clothes meant touching and seeing all parts of the sewing lines, the cuts, the care labels, the designer labels, knowing what fabrics need hot iron and those that need cold/warm.

Knowing those tha shrunk while being washed and knowing those that have a fluid-like movement.

Knowing which texture made a ruffle better than the other....knowing color matching etc.......

Need I say more?

And you are surprised I spent all the time and money in academics acquiring degrees, diplomas and certificates to end up a Sura the Tailor!?

Its in the blood! God prepared me from a long time ago! So that when the time was ripe, I didnt need to go to any sewing school! HE had put the residual knowledge in me!

Being why I can look at a dress now and cut it same way, and I never heard any sewing tutor tell me how to cut a fabric.....

SO, dont U think I have akpurukah tendencies?

Yeah, I am akpurukah from God! Anyday!

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just out from church...

just out from church...
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EC Fashion shows...
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