August 9, 2007

The Joke that was Ms Liberia In America Beauty pageant!!!!!

First off, let me clarify that there are two Miss Liberian Beauty pageants.

1. Miss Liberia in USA
2. Miss Liberia in America

Dont ask me the difference, cos I dont know, just that they both produce beauty queens and each one represents Liberia in this continent (USA /America)

Anyway, Miss Liberia in USA had an awesome event last month and Ms Maryland won, not just cos she is beautiful, but because she is beauty, brain and brawn! I had the privilege of being of the judges here in the Prelim and she is a winner any day to me!

OK, now, Miss Liberia in America happened last weekend and right now, lawsuits are flying left right and center!

WHY? Because out of 7 judges, 6 voted Ms District of Columbia as winner, but the organizer of the event, Miss Nellie, went behind, changed the whole results, came out and announced Ms Maryland as winner (me thinks she wanted to have same state win too:D or rather she had already promised the girl (a girl of questionable reputation) Danielline, that she would get the crown.

I guess what they did not bargain for was the appearance of Ms Karen Koukou who is a 4.0 GPA student, another, beauty, brain and brawn!

So now, the Liberian community are embarrassed that Ms Nellie Francis would be so dubious in the presence of the International community, and guest judges who were of mixed nationalities etc.

The judges actually walked up to the stage to ask her to produce their original score sheets and she refused! And said loudly to the hearing of the audience that Ms Karen (District of Columbia) was who they anonymously agreed should win!

It was so bad that the irate audience chased the event organizer, Ms Nellie Francis outside to beat her up! (African style - Jungle justice! :roll) She escaped!

Lawyers are making calls all over the place, and the matter has now gone beyond who should have worn the crown, to political matter. Congress people are going to be making a statement on this matter very soon.

You ask why? Because, how can they all be clamoring for African nations and especially Liberia that just came out from war, and those of them here cannot take the corruption out of their blood!!!

You may say Ms Nellie has bitten more than she can chew! I am sure if she knew this would escalate to this level, she would not have given the crown to Ms Maryland! Who by the way does not attend any school, but publicly lied to the audience that she is a student of Bowie State University!!!!!!! Wow!!!

She has nude pictures all over the internet and now wants to be a role model, to who?

Anyway, my ears full today with this matter! But I think its a good thing in a way, cos it would create a wave for Africans living in America to know that the laws here apply, not the ones we all left behind!

You cant have 7 adults seat at a pageant, leaving everything they could be doing to judge your show and at the end of it, you tweak the results! If the scores were tied, that would have been different, but when 6 out of 7 judges declared a winner, how daft can anyone be to want to change it? And to someone that was not even 2nd or 3rd on their list?

And we condemn election results back in Africa, when someone that has lived in USA here for so long cant even keep her hands clean!

This is a developing scandal and I will update you on it!

Enough of this corrupt practices!!!


Anonymous said...

First of all whatever personal rift between you and Danieline should have not resulted to this. You are the kind of people who would go far and beyond to tarnish one's reputation for your personal gain. Estalla I think there are better things to be done with your career than going online and blogging about someone who gives a rats ass about you! So go on respond to my comment, It's America, we all live in a democratic country, so it's your right to say whatever you can. Free speech right? What's true should be stated...You're just plain jealous! is my email and I'm her closest cousin, I'm sure you've met me before. So Seriously! Get a life and focus on your career and not other people's lives. :-)

!!Estella!! said...

I couldn't help but laugh at the 'anonymous' comment by her cousin.

That I am JEALOUS of her?! Geez!!! When kids pick keyboards to type crap!

I am not a Liberian, and Danieline is not my age mate......hmmmmm.... Whether she wins or anyone else wins does not in any way affect my life or business!!

I am simply on about FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE HERE!!!

I have no personal rift with her, I designed for her last year when she contested, and she placed fourth! I did say anything about their decision because the girl that won Tammy was better than Danieline! So, for me to talk now means I know and I know that something 'funny' and dubious happened there! Kapish!

I chose to publish this anonymous comment to simply show the foolishness of those involved in this whole thing! It is sad indeed!

Anonymous said...

why did you not post the other comments ? cuz you dont want anyone to read the rest of your life story we had in it ? but guess what ? they will read it becouse we have sent over 200 email out there about you and over 200 myspace and hi5 has started to get it too, a blog is already open for you miss THING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too much knowledge of both pageants said. . . .

Now this is too interesting. I was interesting enough not surprised when I heard all the info about Miss LIB in America Pageant, for I know the root of why this particular pageant was started in the first place. Anywho. . . having known the directors of this pageant. .. Nellie from Rhode Island and another lady from the MD. . . who should remain nameless at this time for humiliation sake, I know what they are all capable of. And it is simply all fact that something like this was pulled off. The "fake" pageant that has only been around for about 2 years has nothing whatsoever on the original pageant that is going on a decade of existence. These are the very acts that give Liberians. . .and Africans in general bad and crooked reputations amongst other nationalities. Since I wasn't able to attend this year's Miss LIB in America Pageant (Thank God.. . . for it would have been a complete waste of a perfectly good Saturday) can someone make known if there was a Tally Judge among the judges to tally up every vote from all the judges??? I doubt it. What about state pageant directors??? Hmm. .. did this pageant even have any. I must say that there are millions of loopholes and booby traps dealing with the Miss LIB in America Pageant. It's only gonna take more time for them to be revealed. .. as they have already started to. Miss Tammy Garr was fabulous last year, but she had to be. .. it was her third Miss LIB Pageant ever. She just couldn't give it up. . . if you didn't win the first time. . . and came in the same place the second time. .. i guess that third times a charm. Words of advice. .. give it up. Well. .. as this matter continues to rise, and issues and lawsuits come into play, maybe the directors of this pageant might realize that they just can't contend with the originators. Give it up. Whoever was supposed to win this year's pageant. . May God be with her and for the girls that weren't supposed to win. .. May god continue to be with them. All in all. . if it's not meant for you. .. it really isn't met for you. Give it up. The truth always finds one out.

Anonymous said...

The information that I just read on this blog is very interesting. I did the Miss Liberia in America Pageant a few years ago in Maryland and the organizer of the pageant rigged it then as well. I was very disappointed in the outcome of the event and did not know what to do. However, I guess KRAMA is no joke. God sees all things and I personally hope that she pays the consequence for her dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

The information that I just read on this blog is very interesting. I did the Miss Liberia in America Pageant a few years ago in Maryland and the organizer of the pageant rigged it then as well. I was very disappointed in the outcome of the event and did not know what to do. However, I guess KRAMA is no joke. God sees all things and I personally hope that she pays the consequence for her dishonesty.



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