August 13, 2007

QUESTION: Why do some women never repeat clothes ..even though they cant afford to?

Someone asked this question on a forum I belong to: And it got me wondering too....cos I design for women and am baffled as is my response:

I am baffled myself too as a designer why some babes must wear asoebi for all their friends weddings!!!!!

OK, you CANNOT afford the lace that the bride has for friends! You collect the lace! And you come to me, you want to look FLLLLYYYY and I design a masterpiece for you and then give you a matching masterpiece bill!! Now you go ballistics on me!!!! Telling me how I am expensive etc! etc!!! No I am not! You have simply OVERSPENT your budget!! You remind me that you bought the lace for only $200!! And you cannot pay more than that to sew it etc etc etc....meanwhile, style you selected is PURE HIGH-CLASS COUTURE!!! That is valued at over a thousand dollars!!! You want to look your best there!! ALL EYES MUST POP AT YOU, SEEING YOU WILL ARRIVE LATE TO BE NOTICED!! YOU WANT TO STOP TRAFFIC!! Yay!! But dont want to pay the best price! Better soup, no be money kill am?! Shuo!!!! So, how about we do regular nice style for you! - NO!! You scream!! You got to look better than even the bride that day O!!! Cos there may be a millionaire guy around, I never know!

OK, your hairstyle would cost you over $200, your shoes would cost close to $200 too, your jewelries would run you some hundreds cos you cannot afford to be seen with a faux diamond!

But, little Obioma De tailor like me would have to collect $1 and rock you a masterpiece, cos YOU NO GET MONEY!!!!! Shebi I made one asoebi for you last two weeks (that you are yet to finish paying for btw!!!!!!!:hmmmmmm!!
And you have 2 more asoebis for next month's weddings!!!!

Ok, I shall take $1 and make you a $1 dress, how about that?!! Need I say the expletives that would follow that humble and frugal suggestion from me!!!

I STILL DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE MORE THAN THEY CAN HANDLE JUST TO SHOW OFF! As a designer, its good for business (the insatiable cravings for new clothes, but as a woman and a human being, why put yourself in the position that you would be cursing the bride instead of blessing her cos of the whole gbese on your head just to appear at her wedding?! How about saying NO to the asoebi! IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT!!

Me as a designer even repeats clothes!! (Even though I can make anything I want to wear and never have to repeat!)

My clients know that I always advise the cool-headed ones to make clothes that they can alternate with something else or a style that would look different so that if a collar is removed, it looks 'different' or a belt or can be turned inside-out or make a skirt and blouse instead of a gown so that you can use the skirt with something else or the blouse with another!

I started sewing just 2 and half years ago, before then, I shopped too, and I stuck to basics that can be alternated....

My 2 cents that doesnt make sense coming from someone that makes a living from women who's got to have new clothes for all events!

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Omosewa said...

You talk true my sister.



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