September 25, 2007

DC Fashionistas: "Fashion Freedom" Rally

It has finally come and gone. All the preparations these past weeks culminated into a success earlier this evening.

Over 10 designers from DC and environs were there to represent and lend a voice to making DC a Fashion Corridor!

This history-making event will go down the annals of history! As the day very talented and creative young men and women who are fashion designers and not artists took over the FREEDOM PLAZA on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC to make their voices heard!

The event was marked by speeches, fashion shows, speaking with constituency heads, councilors of the District of Columbia govt. On a lighter note, there were dances, music, food and generally an atmosphere of togetherness and unity. And I wont forget to mention the large presence of models!! beautiful and splendid all over the square. if that did not stop traffic, then, I dont know what else can!

Amongst the speakers was yours truly, - EC Fashions. And my slot was at 4:00 PM. The models came out in some of my selected ethnic, very exotic designs (to show the Unity in Diversity we have in the fashion industry). And our African prints sure added color to the hot afternoon.

Now, LA, New York and Miami will have a run for their money when DC becomes a Fashion Capital as well!!!

ssooooooooooooo looking forward to it! And so glad I was part of this history making event!

Pictures would be posted later.............

I thought one gets over the ovations and admirations.....but the feeling is new everyday!

We really need to see how Americans appreciate our fabrics! That we all take for granted and dont appreciate! A lady wanted to buy the outfit I was wearing off my back!! lol (would have meant walking to the car park [3 blocks away] naked!! ehhhh!!!) because the clothes I took to the event were for almost 6foot tall, size 0-2 models!! Who dash me!! Me and my size 8!!

But I know say these Ijebu NR people for just wear bra and pant waka go home! She offer berra price sha O! Hmmmm......I dey call her first thing in the morrrring! Shuo!

And we are believing DC is made a Fashion Corridor so that designers can also get grants, get govt sponsored events, and host lots more of shows and events here in the area, which ultimately would bring more revenue to the Metro. Not to talk of the tourism and International opportunities that abound for us all.

DC is already a great tourist attraction, and with a Fashion District, the sky is all our limits!

I will post pictures of the event and post a video of my speech too when they are made available!

God is faithful! You know, I entered this business not even knowing how far and where to take it or direct it, I just knew I had to take a leap of faith, abandon my job and business and become an 'Obioma the Tailor', and God keeps making my turns for me! Some turns HE made, I whined about, others I cried tears of joy for, and up to this moment, HE is really the captain of EC boat! If not, how else can you imagine me, little me, speaking at a Washington DC Fashion Rally (bringing out the political part of me ), and having very fantastic, best of the best models walk in my designs on Freedom Plaza, in the heart of DC, and taking pictures with the Capitol as our backdrop? And you tell me say God aint got ma back?! Hmmmmmm.........think again!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Christine Brooks-Cropper
Press Coordinator

“Fashion Freedom”

Keep Washington, DC Fashion Friendly
Washington, DC; September 18, 2007- On September 24, the Washington, DC Fashion Council, Artist and the DC Fashionista Group presents, “Fashion Freedom,” the First ever Fashion Rally demonstration to be held on Freedom Plaza, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW between 13th and 14th Streets in Washington, DC. The Rally will be held from 11:00am until 5:00 pm.

The demonstration will showcase the original work of Washington, DC’s own fashion designers- Abigail DeCasanova, Lenny Yorke, Shaka King, Tsyndyma, Andrew Nowell, L-Shandi, Luciana Tiktin, Estella Couture, and CG Originals; and will feature upcoming trends from prominent Washington, DC based Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Runway Models along with fashion and beauty business owners to include Margoux, My Signature Look, PR at Partners, and REDgemini PR.

Fashion Freedom celebrates the achievements of WDC’s fashion design community while simultaneously galvanizing support for City Council Bill No. 17-173 to Create A Commission on Fashion Arts and Events. (view bill at; search by Council Member Marion Barry).
The goals of the Commission on Fashion Arts and Events include:
(1) branding WDC as a fashion destination;
(2) creating a fashion retail corridor in WDC and
(3) enhancing the economic development of the WDC fashion industry through targeted fashion marketing, workforce development, training and business development

WDC fashion industry leaders, fashion designers, retailers, fashion schools and beauty industry representatives will join Council Members Harry Thomas Jr., Marion Barry, Yvette Alexander and Carol Schwartz in speaking in support of the Creation of a Commission on Fashion Arts and Events at the September 24, 2007 demonstration.

Corporate sponsors of this demonstration include: Vicar Transportation, Capital Segway, GALAN, SmartWater and Washington Life.
Note: Press registration begins at 11:30 am on September 24th @ Freedom Plaza



some portion....
13 ______

22 To establish a Commission on Fashion Arts and Events.
25 That this act may be cited as the “Commission on Fashion Arts and Events Establishment
26 Act of 2007”.
28 Sec. 2. Establishment of the Commission on Fashion Arts and Events
29 There is established a Commission on Fashion Arts and Events (“Commission”)
30 to advise the Mayor, the Council and the public on the views and needs of the fashion arts
31 communities in the District; and is created for the purposes of implementing the
32 following programs and initiatives:
33 (1) Promoting the District as a location for holding fashion events, which
34 will enhance the District's economic development through, among other things,
35 tourism, job opportunities, entertainment, business development, and national and
36 international exposure;
(2) Providing community initiatives to benefit 1 school aged children living
2 in the District, including encouraging the pursuit of career technical skills and
3 higher education by implementing a school based program in the field of fashion
4 design and merchandising and offering scholarships and internships to students
5 pursuing careers in beauty/fashion industries to help students in transitioning from
6 school to career;
7 (3) Researching and making recommendations for the development,
8 construction, and implementation of a Fashion Retail Corridor that will serve as a
9 centralized shopping destination featuring local, national and international fashion
10 designers and boutiques in the District of Columbia;
11 (4) Promoting and marketing the District’s unique retailers and fashion
12 designing talent through coordinated citywide events; and
13 (5) Creating partnerships between the fashion and business communities
14 that will stimulate economic activity and reposition the District as a fashion
15 destination.
16 Sec. 3. Commission Members Qualifications: Terms of Office: Removal
17 (a) The Fashion Arts and Entertainment Commission shall consist of 15 members,
18 8 of whom shall be nominated by the Mayor subject to the advice and consent of the
19 Council, in accordance with DC Official Code § 1-523.01.
20 (b) Ex-officio members of the Commission shall have full privileges of
21 Commission membership. There shall be seven ex-officio nonvoting members, including
22 the following Directors or their designees:
23 (1) Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation


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