September 17, 2007

Every unmarried chick is now 30??!!!

What's with the recent trend that babes are all 'claiming' to be 30 years old!!?? No matter how wrinkled and old they actually look!!!?
In the past week alone, about 5 babes told me they were 30! One just managed to say she 'turned 30 in January' which puts her way pass the 30 and half and nearing the door of 31! And one other actually looked like she is 50!!!! I dont get it for real!!! is it that they are paranoid of the age 30?! I thought they say 40 is the new 30?

So, why are babes that I know and they know that I know they are 36, 37 claiming 30?!C'mon, if you were 30 three years ago, that DOES NOT make you 30 today!! And who knows how many years prior you have been claiming the '30'?!I weak O!

Instead of heifers to try and make themselves look younger, they are busy doing Mathematics that would make their Arithemetics teacher have a heart attack!How does someone that was 30 four years ago still be 30 today!!??? Which reverse calculator she dey use keh!!??

I go blame guys here for this one! Una don make am like say over 30 na crime that has now turned our sistahs into liars! Even so-called born-agains!!

I cant even remember when I turned 30! I was not scared, I guess because I have always been and very comfortable with my age! But seriously, babes got to let up small!!if you are 36, let us hear it abeg!! Aint nothing to be afraid of!! its only a number!

My conclusion is that babes that hide their ages or lie about them are not confident! They are not happy where they are and thus feel that their true age does not match their present station in life! because if you are confident wherever or however you are, you will be happy about your age that you lived up to even the 30 (true and fake!) Imagine those people that died at child birth!! Imagine those that died in teen-age etc!! And you lived to 30+++ and keep lying about it!!

Abeg, just say your true age or just shut up!! At least DONT lie about it!! And for crying out loud, go get some vaseline and cocoa butter and put on a happy smile/face, look young and see the age reduce from your body so that when you dare to tell people your real age, they will tell you "You are lying! You dont look it! Wow"That's the best compliment to get!

Be 31, be 32, be 33, be 34, b3 35, be 36, be 37, be 38, be 39 and BE PROUD OF IT! AND LIVE IT AND TAKE CARE OF YOU!!When you get to 40, LOVE IT TOO!!! Unless you are single, no relationship, no child (having menopause signs), broke, no career, been divorced, then you can .................................................. ..

NOT PANIC! Cos God is in control of your life and has a reason for keeping you that way!Check out most millionaires in USA, they made it after the more dreadful age 30!! Example, Mary Kay, she did not make it at 25!! Duh!!Oprah WInfrey did not make it at 26!!!

I beg you ladies, we dont need wrinkles on our faces, let your age be one more thing NOT to worry about!

By the way, I am 35 years, 59 days old!!! And Proud of it!! I was 35 on July 21st!!! (

So, lady, how old are you really?!! No pluses, no minuses!!!!!!!

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