October 1, 2007

Proverbs 24:16
For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked
stumble in time of calamity.
New American Standard Bible (©1995)

The righteous sure does fall so many times indeed, but stand up, they must! because He that is in them is greater than he that is in the world. And how can anyone taste the goodness of God and turn their backs on God 360 degrees?

Strange thing is, I was a very devoted Catholic, so, I have been a Christian all my life! Things changed when I was in my second year in University, at the age of 18. Long story short, I had a different type of hunger for God. I wanted to know God more than that the latin masses and rosary prayers and wanted something more direct and interractive!

And that was when the 'New Generation' churches trend started in Nigeria. Pretty, intelligent, beautiful, awesome looking girls were joining the 'born-again' revolution! Which was a very sharp contrast from the Campus Scripture Union (SU) and the Deeper Life Christians!

Sure, some of us (who were not influenced by peer pressure) wanted to be really devoted to Christ, but not with wearing those turtle necks in the hot sun (as Deeper Life and SU students did!!!) The message those days was "Get Saved, the Kingdom of God is coming!! If you are not saved, you will go to Hell!!!", not like these days that the preachings are more like " Give to God all your money, trust Him and you will be very rich!! He will bless you back, with riches running over!! blah blah blah"!! So, one had fear of hell then.

Anyway, to see a new sect of Christianity where one could be one's self was amazing!! No more 'Not-wearing-trousers-to-Catholic-churches'!! Or any more "TIE HEAD SCARF BEFORE PRAYING" mania! One could actually wear trousers and leave hair open and worship God!
And with all the pretty girls who refused to sign up for the Miss Unijos beauty pageants that I was involved in organizing, just because they were born-agains! Got me thinking! I realized there was beauty in serving God. And I attended a church service in town - (Zoe Christian Center), and my life changed from that first meeting! It was like the whole heavenly hosts were waiting for me! I gave my life to Christ that day and I am very grateful to God for finding me then! Because answering that altar call then is what kept me alive till date! I learnt to pray and warfare with the bible and I lived till date.

And I fell a couple of times! But I was never too far from stepping out and asking God to take me back! By the time I answered my 4th altar call here in USA in December 2004, I told God to chain me down, strip me off anything that could make me fall! Take away anyone that would make me fall! My prayer changed to : Please God, take away anyone that I dont need in my spiritual walk with you, and bring in only those that I need in my spiritual walk with thee"
Has it been easy? No! Cos, its when the devil sees you so dedicated that he sends the wrong people covered in sheep's clothings! That was when I found out that most human beings are simply and through and through carnal!! They may carry the bible, but their heart is far from it! They may profess love, but chose which of the commandments of God to keep. But God has been faithful.

The toughest thing for a single girl in USA is keeping to her God. Cos I tell you, its when a girl decides to go the whole nine yards with God that all sorts of men would arise that fit perfectly with the "Mr. Right" expectation, but who go deaf when they hear the word - "CELIBATE"
And I don't get it! How can a man say he is a Christian, claim he is born-again, and then whine and complain when a babe tells him she is celibate for God!! Why? But yet we do it! We remain celibate! Not because we are not attractive, but simply because it is a Godly thing to do!

My thing is this: If a man cant wait for you for keeps, he ain't serious! The way I have summarized it is this: A man that wants to steal what can be his (if he is serious and honest) is simply a dog!!! Because, why cant they leave the babe that says NO! And go look for those that have no reservations about messing up their body and their lives?

My advice is this: Stay far away from that guy who makes it like he doesn't care about sex with you, but yet wont stop trying to seduce you albeit, subtly! And the guy that wants to talk erotic on the phone is as good as physically trying to do it! And why would a mab want to sneak from the phone what can be rightfully and totally his?! Dont ask me please!!! men are simply amazing! Dont judge a Christian brother by the number of times he uses "God" in one sentence! Judge him based on his talks and walks!

Enuff said!

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