November 21, 2007

Bizness savvy or Bitchy?!.....

Am sorry, I am NEVER one to mix bizness and pleasure! Trying to mix it up with me throws the feminine part of me outta the window and ushers in the Femino-macho part of my business brain! That has been termed sometimes "stubborn' or 'hard-babe'., 'strong-willed' etc!

Never was one to date a classmate, a co-worker, a house-mate, a neighbor, a business partner or stuff like dat! Me likes to keep it clearly defined as BUZINEZZ!!!! Blame me daddy for that! He made me see business and all the stuff that goes with it from an early age! Cos when you mix business and pleasure, so many business decisions you need to take would be tempered down by emotion from the pleasure part! And so many pleasurable decisions you need to make would be hardened with the business part! Am I making sense to you? OK, simple English: = E no easy!! It gets messy!

So, when I was in the IT resell business (which was more of a man's world, as per mostly guys delved into it), I was comfy cos I do well with the masculine gender as opposed to girls and their silly 'how-to-catch-a-rich-man-to-pay-all-their-bills' schemes - blah!!! What's God give them brain cells for?! Anyhoo, the IT world was a good place for moi cos I could relate with the boys, and that came with its own 'chasing' from them, and that was kinda cool cos I could afford to be 'hard', 'bitchy' , 'tough', 'principled' that came with the turf! So, my feminine part was subdued and I could fend the boys off and keep it strictly business! And they respected me for that and we kept it going.....!

If one was talking about going to lunch and I am talking about how to drive to NY to go load up some consignment of routers and switches that I would put on my jeans and metal top boots to haul equipment as heavy as 60 lbs! with no make-up! even the horniest guy would run and say "the babe too tough abeg" or "that one na man!" as I heard a lot of times. ha ha ha

Anyhoo, that was a good territory to 'dodge' guys easily. Just talk technology or tell them about a very profitable deal, and their chasing would fly out of the window! lol

Now in fashion business, how does one fend of guys without being 'rude' and 'bitchy'? Seeing for one, I would have to 'model' some of my clothes myself which truth is makes the woman in me come out! Makes me more sensual and more graceful and attractive to the eyes. How? (Haba! I am not bragging keh! Na the whole idea of my designs keh! Shuo!)

Anyway, recently I have been called 'tough', 'bitchy', 'old-school', just because I tell dudes to keep it biznezz! Like this dude who is also into fashion and who has a lovely collection that I want to do some stuff with that "I DONT MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE"! He now reminds me of my age and need to 'loosen up' and get married! And how people in same business do well etc ! Duh! I will do that when the time comes, but if we were introduced to do business, please let's do BUZINEZZ!!!!! And I believe in Opposites Attract! So,....keep the cocktails and dinners and love outta this equation!!! Let's talk profits and profits! I got plans and I see collaborating with you will fetch me cool money and also fetch you cool money and you get to ride on my popularity as well!! So, how about we stick and look to the dollars!? This has turned out to be a yeye trend these days! Why cant men just talk BUSINESS with a woman!!! Being single dont mean I am available for any 'toasting'!!!! Haba!

Am I a bitch?! NO!! I am just a business woman!!!! Sorry if I come off too hard when I am talking business, but I was taught in my MBA class that business is Formal and business is a serious matter! Right? And I am being a business woman now because while there are no sentiments and emotions beclouding any one's judgment, our lawyers can write up iron-clad contracts that would protect both our businesses and interests! So that if I ever or eventually get carried away by your dreamy eyes and tall silhouette, or your very admirable business savviness, the 'I's would have been dotted and the 'Ts' crossed, so that if we call it quits, I may just have only my ego bashed (not my heart! I dont get broken-hearted no more! hee hee hee), and my pride hurt, but will still have my buzinezz still intact, un-dented! Kapish!

For now, one more potential business partner got to be put on my "DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL" list. He got to go! And the potential dollars he could rake into my company cos, he is foolishly sticking to his emotions and love and those mushy talks! Abeg! Can we do buzinezz! You would love the business part of me as well, I promise! Think of the dollar ($) signs! In my business role, I am smart, chic, sometimes brutal (), savvy, fast, intelligent, creative, and oh, sexy (yeah yeah yeah......looking good sells! (and I don't mean being cheap and trashy or slutty!!!)

So, why do men see women who stick to 'Strictly Business' as bitches?! Tell me abeg! Cos, I am losing dollars as I write!!!

Do I find dude attractive? Oh yes! But, I want the brainy, business part of him!!!! Not the masculine him that I am sure so many girls are drooling over too! I no get time, na the $ I want. heck! What's love got to do with it!!!!!

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!!Estella!! said...

I sure did write some 'stuff' back in the day.
Oh, how I miss my blog. lolol

but heck, i still stand by them! ;-)



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