November 20, 2007

Giving..........DO you?

I remember as a kid my mum going through my closet and packing my clothes, as much as a full suitcase almost every other 3 months just to give out to those she said were "less fortunate". And she used to have this tendency to pick the clothes I called my "Most Favorite"!! Of course I would wail and hala and shout at the top of my voice for her to take those I didnt really care much for!

And then her test would come in form of some questions, like:
Mum: When was the last time you wore this your very favorite dress?",
Me: long time, I cant remember...
Mum: How many times have you worn it?
Me: Once
Mum: So, how is it favorite if you don't wear it always?
Me: I just like it!
Mum: Ok, so how about someone else that would wear it all the time take it?
Me: NO!!!!! NO!!!

wharreva! After all the wailing, my closet would be half-empty! My 'favorite dresses' all GONE!!! "Mean Mommy!!! lovely mummy, we would go shopping the very next Saturday, cos I would have sulked enough! And would threaten not to go to church if I don't get my lovely dresses back!The site of cute new dresses took away the anger of the lost ones! Mummy can shop!!!!!!!! She worked at the bank! And was a power dresser! I tormented my classmates in university when I became big enough and could wear mummy's suits and all, and walked into the campus looking all sophisticatedly(sp) dressed! (I rarely wore jeans on campus! I dressed Up!)

Ok, the reason for this gist is......? DO YOU GIVE?

And I mean, do you give out stuff you still like? Not things you don't use and have no need of, or those you have over-used that even Salvation Army would thrash it when they see it in their donation box?Early enough, my mum thought me that giving out things you value so much would lead to getting newer and better things! And IT WORKS!!!Dont get me wrong, I believe in doing stuff secretly, as God will bless you openly, but I want to prick your conscience to GIVE!! Especially this Thanksgiving period! God in His infinite Mercy will Bless you!

Oh! I sure have given out things I later cried and said, 'what was I thinking?" Sometimes I got better stuff , other times, that was it! but I know God blesses me in other ways! Its not about giving offering here now, or giving cash as alms to the poor, I am talking about giving out that dress you bought last week!! And NOT to your best friend or sister, but to a total stranger who cannot afford it!! Or dream of ever owning it!

I use Salvation Army sometimes, but other times, their 'waiting period' annoys me! Why should I have to wait for one week for them to come and carry my sturdy, mahogamy, intricately carved dining set that I could fling on Craigslist for a couple of thousand dollars?! Haba! At the roadsides when the light turn red, I have seen couple small charity organizations taking care of the less fortunates, I use those too! Or on, they have a section called "FREE STUFF", I post stuff I wanna give out there. But usually, I specifically state that I would rather give to a single parent mother, or to a low income family or to someone who truly and honestly needs it!

I made such a post recently for a big item I was giving away, a man emailed and said he didnt belong to any of the category, but that he as a little girl who just went through a liver transplant who that would bless. He even attached her medical papers to prove it! (I really felt it, cos I was going to give it to a single mum with 5 kids)...tough call that was....

I always testify how when I left Dallas in 2003 to VA, I left with just a suitcase and like 2 small boxes and my comforter (lol). Every other thing in my Texas-sized huge one-bedroom apartment went to charity! And I replaced all in no time! And I am calling them again cos I have to! Its what I do! There is divine blessing in giving!! Sure there is Ebay and Craigslist to sell stuff and make money, but how about just BEING A BLESSING TO ANOTHER! Someone you dont know!

I have always prayed to God a long time ago that may NOTHING ever be too precious to me that I would not want to give it out to bless another!Please GIVE! Some people cannot even afford a pair of shoe! Bless someone! Search your closets!!! There are stuff you have not worn in 6 months!!! GIVE OUT!!! In MD here for one, there are so many "DONATE CLOTHES HERE" boxes placed all over town!!! Its for your donations! Use them!!!

My best place I give sometimes is under the bridges (Oh yes, they exist in Washington DC). I love to give blankets, comforters, jackets etc to those people that sleep in the cold! I cant afford to give them shelter, but warmth, I can give! And I drop some money with stuff I leave. And good things too!!! Not cast aways! I could very well use my business name and do a drive and have camera and press to make noise that I am giving to the less fortunate, then, it becomes a show-off thing!! Its that one I do at night, when no one is watching, except God in heaven that matters!!! It is that donation I drop at the boxes or salvation army without attaching my name and contact info that is heaven-blessed! It is that homeless person sleeping at the bus stop who wakes up in the morning to see that he/she is covered with a nice lovely jacket or comforter with some cash in the pocket that I am sure the angels smile upon!


Haven't you heard that if you clutch unto too many things in your hands and never want to share, your hands would then be too occupied for you to collect the blessing God has ready for you to receive!It is ThanksGiving week! What are you giving? And to who? Your friends and family? How about the less fortunate than you!?

My mother's "mean" acts in my life shaped me for who I am today! Her dragging me to celebrate my 14th Birthday with children at the Motherless Babies' Home in Kano State changed my whole mindset about life! I saw that there were people who didn't have! Even kids like myself then!!! Now, I am acting like mum, and will be mean to my own children too!

But away from home, what are you doing on Thanksgiving Day!Thank God for the Turkeys, thank God for the potatoes (sweet and mashed!), thank God for the casserole and the wine and lovely friends etc. But how about the man on the street that didn't even have food all year round? That didn't even have a dining table and even on this day that people are going to eat, over eat and stuff themselves like gluttons, that man on the street would still have nothing to eat? And to think of all the foods that would be thrashed as well! Lord Have Mercy!!!

Yes, my Foster Mum is making an awesome lunch for us all, and you know rich white folks DONT spare nothing when it comes to Thanksgiving! Sure, it would be an awesome time! But I am glad she is also an angel, with a big heart, because they would wait for me a bit, depending on when I finish, or keep mine warm in the oven, because, I would have to go help feed the less fortunate at the shelter in the morning! Yes!! That is how I love to spend my Thanksgiving! I pick shelters or any food Kitchen where people that don't have would be fed, don on my jean and T-Shirt and get to work!

My girlfriend called to ask me what was my Thanksgiving plans, when I told her I was going tot he Shelter like I do every year, she sounded surprised, and said that was selfless...blah blah blah...that she never thought of it ever!

I was like Wow! U never did anything for others? She said no! And I wondered about this! And that is what prompted this write up! Per adventure some Nigerians on this Site don't give their time on Thanksgiving Day, maybe, you can this year and you would be blessed! There is still time! Ask your church, make phone calls! Even if it is one hour, ....take a look at the faces of those that have nothing, maybe then you can learn to appreciate God and Count Your Blessings!

I cant explain it, but it is a wonderful feeling to see you brought a little hope, a smile, joy to the life of another! I have always had this love and passion! From when I was 15 years and had as part of my assignment in Legion Of Mary to read to the blind students. And something I continued and in USA here, I have volunteered at Day Care centers, play centers etc... Its a feeling no money can buy!! No boyfriend or girlfriend, or father or mother or husband, or wife or children can give!!!

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!!Estella!! said...

This blog post is 3 years old, but the thoughts are still the same, GIVE!! Put a smile on the face of someone else on Thanksgiving Day!
Count your blessings, You WILL be SHOCKED!




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