November 7, 2007

LORD OF MARRIAGE : A Nigerian Movie I recommend!

Nice movie. And an area that is yet to be explored in Nigeria.

Lots of girls who were assaulted and abused as kids never got psychological counselings and ended up living with the trauma all their lives, into adulthood. And so many other characters gets exhibited due to the pains they have had to endure all their lives.

Society looks at some of such girls who never got professional psychological counseling and label them as 'stubborn', 'head strong', 'sick', 'anti-social' etc.....not knowing that they are just crying for help.

Many end up in matrimonial homes with the pains un-exorcised and live miserable lives.

The movie brought tears to my eyes. I truly wish more movies would address such hidden ills in our society.

A must watch. Acts were realistic. They did not try to over play or downplay things. Seemed like a true-life story to me....

I recommend this movie.

Its a 'hidden' aspect of society that no one wants to address.....aftermath of rape or sexual assault on a young girl!!! I know it! I've been there, and only now, in my 30s can I talk about it openly! The stigma associated with being raped/assaulted makes lots of women keep quiet and suffer in silence!

My story is going to go public very soon anyway, but imagine when a young girl would lie to her own parents about her assailants just because she knows her parents would raise hell! And then, how would she face her mates in school afterward?!

That movie is real!! Storyline = REAL!! I felt it! Though Mma went to the extreme! Slapping guys and stabbing her sister!!! But this was a girl that NEVER received any counseling or help from when she was raped!!! She had to live with it! Even her own family didnt understand her! And I am sure that is the case with lots of young girls back home! Even those that are presently married with kids!! So many of them would take their traumatic experiences to their graves!!! While the perpetrators go scot free to unleash their beastiality on more innocent girls! Mma's was sure extreme! But I am sure that is life!

Some girls are luckier! I was. Education helped me! I was surrounded by lots of International Magazines and I soaked up on things that related to sexual assaults! Cosmo, Ebony, Reader's Digest, etc.... and read all the Dear Aunty columns I could find! I even switched my school path to read psychology so that I could learn more and treat myself!! I wanted to become a Clinical Psychologist, a Counsellor. Never mind that I am in the Fashion Arena now, I still got my eyes on young girls that are 'hiding secrets'. And I am so emotionally and passionately concerned with girls who were not as "privileged" as me to shed it off!

Its about time this aspect is brought forward and this would be done Insha Allahu soon!

Who knows the Producer of this movie? Please I need their contact info.......that movie needs to get more publicity than it presently does!! Enough of naija movies that shows people going to juju men to kill their enemies and friends!! More of movies addressing social ills and problems!!

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