November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving! 2008

I just got a text that my article was published. In the best and most glamorous Nigerian Magazine!


With all the bad things that happened last week, (my Uncle being assassinated, and losing a Fashion Designer friend) this sure changed things for me!

Unfortunately, I used my Pen name, so, nobody would know its me (for now), when the time is right, I would reveal myself as the Pen Name.

Lol...I was tempted to use [I]Angelsty [/I]or [I]Staresty [/I]as my pen name, but I know some people would just know I am the one! So, I used a name that would be used for my forthcoming book, and that is the name I would be known as in the Writing world!

Yeah! About time I out my writing skills to work too....make some money from it in some places and in others....just contribute and say my piece!

Would some of my writings be controversial? YOU KNOW the answer already!!! :roll ....wahala follows my writings...abi?

But No! I am writing to an elite and educated audience, so, the lady in me has to be in the fore front. And I have to consider my other passion (fashion), so I dont hurt it with what my writing passion puts out there..

I am soooo happy!

This is my NO FASHION week! Enuff of the travels already! Its Thanksgiving Week! I ain't traveling NO WHERE!!!

I am going to sit my cute butt at home!
Go to church and volunteer to share food at the shelter we are catering to this year! I have found out that it is a better and more fulfilling way to celebrate my Thanksgiving Day!! - I GIVE BACK TO OTHERS! I have learnt to turn down all Thanksgiving Invitations and just go feed the hungry!

Instead of stuffing myself with dead turkeys all day, I'ld rather be at a shelter to distribute food, and later in the day, spend the day making clothes I would give out!

[I]"Give, and it would come back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over!"[/I]- Luke 6:38...

Last year though, I went late for the Thanksgiving at[URL=""] my Foster Mom's house.[/URL] -(where I usually spend my Thanksgiving Day). I really didnt want to drive all the way to Potomac that day, but am glad I did. At least, I still met some food (I sure came after everyone had eaten)...but they understood cos I had spent my day dishing out food for the homeless, and she loves to help the less privileged too. Unfortunately, I met Granny (her Mother) for the last time that day! because when i left US, I got a phone call that Granny had died (In Feb '08).

Granny was from Slovenia. Met Granpy (Who had died a couple of years earlier)....and she told me wonderful stories of how they met during the World War 1. (M-e-n...those people were very romantic back in the day!) even amidst the bombs and bullets going off! What endeared me more to her was her passion for fashion! WOW!! And WOW again!!

My foster mum was clearing granny's room just last month (before she left for Europe)....she told me to come take granny's sewing things! Wow!! And I am talking about mannequins, sewing tools, etc....things that were used with love and passions, things she used to create master pieces! I just took them to my storage space, untouched! It really means so much to me to have Granny's sewing things! And the fabrics?!! WOW!! very expensive fabrics! Very delicate, well picked etc.... (I am too scared to even finish the cut fabrics she never had time to complete) I just finished up a Green dress yesterday (I tweaked the style from what granny had originally cut it), and WOW again! The dress is spectacular! And sure looks VERY expensive! I love it!!! Its green with gold silk dress and gold embroideries etc...cut into a short dress, I turned it into a ruffled balled hemline...and made it tighter and more sensual....and I GOT PLANS FOR IT!

Definitely what I WILL wear to my next Red carpet event! Cool!! I already got some cute green italian snake skin shoes to match.....Hmmm.... The Future Awards in 2009 is Green themed.....I guess I will wear it then...(both, I'ld be showing off too much legs sha...) hey! Am allowed to show it if I got it! [I](I got legs....I think......but,.....I used to be a hotlegs when I was in University of Jos.....)[/I]...Oh, Ok. I no send! I shall wear it! And the fashion reviews will let me know if I still got IT! Hee hee hee... Make nobody throw me rotten tomatoes sha O! :D

But, a fashion designer is allowed to wear 'crazy stuff' be so?

O jare....let me get outta here and go take care of things.....

Its another Thanksgiving Week. And I really have a lot to Thanks God for.

For the good times this 2008!
For the times I thought were bad, but were your 'Fix-her' times!
For tears I cried...(some were in frustrations, but more of happiness and joy!)
For being here!
For breathing!
For expectations I over-exceeded without even trying!
And most importantly, For loving me ANYHOWLY!

For being my God and keeping me in the hollow of your hands, away from the eyes of evil ones, away from things that could have killed me this year....away from set-ups you revealed and created escape routes for me!

THANK YOU. :worshippy

November 5, 2008


No! I wont write about Obama.....

all blogs and sites and papers and media and people are talking about this historic event. And WE WILL talk about it more for years and generations to come!

Tears came to my eyes watching his speech!! I lived to see this day!!

I did not see the slave period, I did not see Martin Luther King marching in DC, I did not witness the era of Rosa Parks, BUT, I SAW A BLACK MAN FROM KENYA, VOTED AS THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! I witnessed this!

God Bless America!!! Only in America would this happen!!!

YES, WE CAN!!!! Now, no one has any reason not to live their dream in America!!! Obama came out from no where less than two years ago and today he is the President!

I only wished his Grandma had lived to see today!

And I give kudos to McCain....his speech was great too! And I commend him too for having the American Soldier spirit and fighting to the end, even when he knew that George Bush's messed up 8 years was like a huge ball and chain on his neck!

Ok, now, some black faces in the White House!!

And more importantly, A BLACK FIRST LADY IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

Whoo hoooo!!!

BHF Magazine..........A new Fashion Concept!

Geoffery Olisa is a name known in Photography and Unique Graphics and Websites. And one guy I am ready to leave all scissors and threads at the studio to go have Geoffrey transform my designs into digital images!
His pictures are one in a Million! He is any Fashion Designer's friend!
My best picture that most of my friends now call my "Trade Mark Design" or "The Burgundy Dress" was taken by none other that Geoff!! I doubt you dont know this dress because most people know EC by this dress. In fact, I have it on display in my boutique now! lol. It has outlived its life on the runway....Maybe someday, I will redo it again!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing ......... "THE BURGUNDY DRESS", Photo by Geoffrey Olisa!

"The Burgundy Dress"

If you think that is spectacular, see what Geoff did to a simple African cotton outfit, and the Model is none other than Karen Koukou (An African Queen by all Standard [Beauty, Brain and Braun] in one package).

BHF Magazine's Summer Promo with Estella Couture Design

You think you have seen enough? Nope! Hold on!! Wait till you see the pictures from a 'grueling' (to me!!) 5 hours photo shoot with one of the best female Nigerian Models in the USA. The few pics I have seen are awesome! And I guarantee you they would be awesome! Oh well, if you really wanna see the rest before I post them, then, subscribe to BHF Magazine and get your copy!!!

He didn't ask me to do this, I am sure he may not even see this post, I am writing and dedicating this to him because I just believe in giving respect to anyone that deserves it! Geoffrey is talented and I duff my scarf to him and I will blow his horn for him anytime, any day, any where! Because great talents like that are hard to come by! Kapish!

As a last line, let me leave you with this picture Geoff took of me unprepared..... I have been told that I look like a Regal African Queen in it! lol..... you think so? Oh Well, I am a Princess, so, maybe, I should blow up this picture and have my dad hang it in his palace ....hee hee hee

Enjoy the picture of Princess Estella, a Proud African Royalty!!!! dodging the rotten eggs and tomatoes coming my way!

Oops!! Ok, not the real TIME Magazine, but I am getting there by God's Grace (I inserted into the TIME Cover frame myself...).......Just look at the picture........and say a prayer for me to get past TIME Magazine too....AMEN.

Enjoy Geoff's work.... I will post more of his pictures as I get them.....
Give it up for Geoffrey Olisa! And don't forget to get your own copy of BHF Magazine because a lot of my designs would be showing up in there........

My First Post Card When I was still deciding between my clothing line being COUTURE D' ESTELLA or ESTELLA COUTURE......

October 21, 2008


I chanced on this site and decided to share it with you all.....

Shocking!!! Most of the pictures and things......brace yourselves!!

Just a snippet here....

Just a coincidence or a design for the long term?

1. Take a $20 bill and fold it in two through its length....

911 on $20 bill

2. Fold it again as shown below...
(Fold it exactly in this way)

911 on $20 bill

3. Fold the other side similarly to the previous step...
And... voilĂ ! see the PENTAGON in flames!! (red circle)

911 on $20 bill

4. Now... very simple... turn it around.....
And see the WTC smoking....

911 on $20 bill

What a coincidence... This incredible disaster, predicted on every $20 bill !!!!!!!

Actually, if you fold the $5, $10, $50, and $100 bills the same way as shown here for the $20, they all portray the 9/11 attack in the order that it happened, from the WTC towers standing correct in the $5, to smoke in the $100.

The horned god and his hand sign.
The horned god and his hand sign.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.

On a live TV show.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.
Bush makes the horned sign
Bush makes the horned sign.
Clinton makes the devil sign
Clinton makes the devil sign.
Princes Margaret makes the devil sign
Princes Margaret makes the devil sign.

For a bigger zoom in click here.
Prince William makes the devil sign.
Prince William makes the devil sign.
"I love you" sign.
Sign language for "I love you".
Deaf folks use the devil sign to say "I love you". How cynical...
Bush 3 fingers
Bush signing with three fingers.
Saddam 3 fingers.
Saddam signing with three fingers.
Sign of Excommunication
Sign of Excommunication

This sign is used by several people, including the pope. It signifies ex-communication, in other words cursing the people to whom the sign is made.


October 16, 2008

WASHINGTONIAN ARTICLE: DC Designers: Estella Ogbonna By Sonia Harmon

DC Designers: Estella Ogbonna

By Sonia Harmon

Check out our style feature, DC Designers, where we highlight a local designer who has caught our eye.

An Estella Couture design.

An Estella Couture design.

What: Custom-made ethnic and exotic couture clothing.

Who: Estella Ogbonna, a Silver Spring-based designer originally from Nigeria. She worked in computer network administration until 2006, when she decided to pursue a full-time career in fashion design.

Where to buy it: E-mail Estella at or call 301-915-5927. Online sales will be available by the end of the year on her Web site,

Back to basics: When she realized that fashion design was something she wanted to do full-time, Estella—who began sewing and designing when she was a child—took classes to hone her skills and tried to get her clothing into stores. Even now, she continues to look for opportunities to grow; she’s planning to take a short program in Milan in the near future. “It’s the home of fashion,” she says. “I’m going there to learn the ways of taking my business to the next level. Having a talent is not the same thing as making a business.”

An ethnic touch: Estella started her business because there was a local demand for culturally rich African designs. She takes traditional and ethnic themes and creates colorful clothes that she says are modern and trendy, so they’re seen as not just African but also stylish. The majority of her designs are for women, although she sometimes designs for men, too: “For women you get to work with the curves, complexion, the colors—and that’s what I love to do.”

Most memorable moment of her design career thus far: At a 2006 fashion-show fundraiser, Estella received a standing ovation when she took her designer’s walk down the runway. “It’s really something I’ll never forget,” she says. “It feels good to know that people from all nationalities and backgrounds appreciate what I do.”

On the local fashion scene: “It’s definitely something very upcoming, and right now it’s different,” she says. “Three years ago, DC wasn’t so into fashion as it is now. People are very conscious of what they wear now.” Different groups for fashion designers have also popped up in recent years, which Estella says has allowed local designers to be more united.

Estella’s faves:
Place to shop for clothes: The Limited, Cache, Georgetown.
Place to shop for shoes: “Wherever I see a good deal—because I’m crazy about shoes!”
Restaurant: Phillips Seafood on the Southwest DC waterfront.
Favorite place in DC: H2O Restaurant & Lounge.


Thanks Sonia, we greatly appreciate an excellent write up from you.

September 29, 2008

. : : Estella : : .: Ms Africa USA 2008

We were there at Ms Africa USA 2007......

Now Miss Africa USA 2008 is just around the corner!

Get your tickets!

And see you there!

September 20, 2008

All the fuzz about make-up!!

I love making up......NOT all the time though! I love my face to breathe!

Thank God I have never had problems with acne or break outs etc....Irony is: My younger brothers were the ones that battled with pimples and blackheads when we were growing up, and my face was always CLEAN and neat! With NO effort on my part! I loved fried foods, peanuts and everything that caused break-outs!

So, what's this craze about make-up!? Some people look prettier and more beautiful!! And some of us buy into the craze of looking prim and proper and well made-up 24/7!!

I know a girl that would NOT step out of her house without putting the whole layers of foundation, mascara, lipstick etc etc!! Just to step out of her hotel room to meet the rest of the group in the breakfast room, she 'layered' on!! We were shocked!

I saw on TV the other day the looks of celebrities without makeup. Wow!! Some had spots, break outs, squeezed skins etc! Guess this is where they would say, "Thank God for Make-up Artists!" Phew!!

Some pictures I saw.....hoping this would make every woman out there feel good about themselves!! make them know that its Ok to walk out without the Make-up MASK!! Be yourself once in a while! Our celebrities do it all the time! And dont even give a hoot what the media or paparrazzi write! Afterall, they are also ONLY human like every other human being on earth! ;-)


Other images....



Beauty Myths - Busted!
by Tracey Middlekauff

Don't be bamboozled by beauty myths. We've set the record straight on some common misconceptions concerning your face, body and hair. Read on to learn the real deal.

Myth: Chocolate, sweets and fried foods cause acne.

Fact: Don't blame that last slice of pizza for your pimple; blame your genes and pesky hormones instead. Hormonal fluctuations brought on by your period, menopause or even stress can spark increased sebum (oil) production, leading to bacterial growth that can cause a "plug" in your pores.

Result: a pimple. Those food cravings you get around your period or when you're stressed are probably what are behind this myth — eat greasy food, touch your face, plug your pores and presto! You've got a blemish. To fight acne, Diane Madfes, MD, a New York dermatologist and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, recommends cleansers with salicylic or glycolic acid and topical creams with vitamin A or retinol. Got sensitive skin? Look for products that contain lactic acid.

Myth: Drinking lots of water will "plump up" your fine lines and wrinkles.

Fact: Dr. Madfes calls this one a "partial myth." The skin on your face does need to get moisture, both internally, from the fluids you drink, and externally, from your moisturizer. But you don't have to gulp down H20 exclusively — it turns out, things like juice and tea will also get the job done. While drinking liquids won't eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, drinking enough to keep your skin well hydrated — about six to eight glasses per day — will allow it to regenerate and look its healthy best. And in a pinch, you can always apply a topical cream to temporarily plump up those fine lines.

Myth: The higher the SPF in your sunscreen, the better.

Fact: A higher SPF number is not necessarily better. The most important thing is that your sunscreen is broad-spectrum, meaning it protects against both the UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays of the sun. If you reapply often, a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen is just as effective as an SPF 50 one; the 50 might just buy you an extra 20 minutes in the sun.

Myth: You can repair a split end.

Fact: While certain products can temporarily "seal" split ends, the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off like a freeloading boyfriend. To prevent (or at least delay) them, try to cut back on the heat abuse from flat irons, curling irons and hair dryers.

Myth: For shiny hair, brush it 100 times each night.

Fact: It may have worked for Marcia Brady, but it's not going to work for you. Brushing can pull out hair that wasn't ready to fall out, and it can weaken or even break individual strands. For shiny hair, you're much better off using a good conditioner and shine serum. And never brush your hair when it's wet — always use a wide-tooth comb.

Myth: If you have cellulite, you must be overweight.

Fact: Anybody can get cellulite, regardless of weight. That dreaded dimpled look is actually caused by tiny fibrous bands under the skin, which pull down around pockets of fat. It can get worse as you age, because the collagen in your skin loosens, but the fibrous bands don't. Exercising to increase muscle and reduce fat can help, but there's no permanent, easy solution. According to Dr. Madfes, firming creams such as Clarins Total Body Lift can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by causing constriction in the skin — good to know if you really want to don that miniskirt and paint the town red!

Myth: Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks.

Fact: Actually, anything from baby oil to hand lotion will work. It's not the cocoa butter, it's the massaging and gentle stretching action when you smooth in the cream that preps your skin to stretch without leaving telltale "marks" behind. If you already have stretch marks, Dr. Madfes suggests prescription retinoid creams — but you can't use these while you're pregnant.

Myth: Green tea boosts your metabolism.

Fact: Despite all the hype over green tea — which does have many health benefits — there's still no magic weight-loss bullet. Recent studies have indicated that roughly six to 11 cups of green tea per day may increase the rate at which you burn calories after a meal, but that's not the same as raising your metabolism.

According to Suzanne Farrell, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, the only proven way to do that is to exercise, build muscle and eat throughout the day. As for green tea supplements? Farrell doesn't recommend them: "You're just being a guinea pig," she says.



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just out from church...

just out from church...
Estella,Adaeze, Madarocka

Fashion Teen Idol Show in DC

EC Fashion shows...

EC Fashion shows...
Estella backstage with models @ Couture Fashion Week NY.....

Models @ Zanzibar

Models @ Zanzibar
Backstage getting ready for the runway.......... photo by John Harman

Tradishionale... (Ms. Estella) in Aso-oke and raw silk dress..........

photo by John Harman

Estella & Madarocka in EC Designs...

EC Red Carpet Wear (African Damask, Silk and Lycra Mix)

photo by Andrew Bronfein

2009 Ad Campaign

2009 Ad Campaign




Back stage just before the runway strutting!... photo by Reward