May 2, 2008

Am going for the bald look!

Ok, seems bald wins! TOMORROW!! I am shaving it all off!!! Will sorta rhyme with the breast cancer huge event I have tomorrow!

OK: FYI! Next time you color ya hair, no matter the event or appointment you got to make a statement at, just be patient and wait a week before relaxing! I retouched my color, and had to be at a meeting with important dignitaries in Abuja, so, I retouched my hair, even though it was freshly colored! And the yeye salon there charged me so much, I didnt mind, but what I forgot was that most nigerian hair dressers aint gone to no school of hair dressing and dont even know an ammonia acid from a lye!!!

So, am tired of deeply conditioning, avacadoing, steaming, anti-breakage creams, therapy etc etc that ama just go bald and bold!

Phew! That's it! Am doing it!

Will I post a picture here? NO WAY!!!! Not till I get used to it!

As for those that are happy say I am losing my blonde curly signature look, dont rejoice too much O! Wigs still dey market!

As from tomorrow, ama be the new bald girl on d block!

But seriously, why we fret about hair so much? When someone that is even our age mate, but has cancer wont have any choice about their hair being blonde or long or whatever, just because the sickness makes them lose all their hair!

There are more important things in life than hair! They are dead cells by the way!!

One bald chica coming up!

May 1, 2008

Sistahs Living it Up!: Man or no Man!

Since I returned back, I have noticed that lots of my female friends who are over 30 like me have changed.....gone are the "I dont want to buy that Porsche car so that men dont run away from me" crap! And I am so proud of them!

I am talking about VERY rich Naija chicks! Working in big Federal offices and taking home some very nice fat paychecks!! I see my girls telling me they dont even know what to do with money! being why they sometimes end up buying crazy stuff in Malls that I get them to return back! Too much money for hand dey make people buy rubbish sometimes I tell you! :D

These days, I only make friends with VERY rich gurls, and I am talking about girls that are making cool cash from their careers! And living it up! The ones DESTINY'S CHILD termed "Independent Women"! Gurls that bought their own flashy rides, their own houses, their own diamond bracelets etc! And they are here!

I have found out that financially challenged girls with no vision and girls who depend on a man to be 'something' are usually full of envy and jealousy! And i don't need such witches around me!!

Sure, some babes are going to get there too, and I do have a few that don't have all that money to throw around but I know they have good hearts, and have creative potentials in them! And I love them too because we talk, share ideas, thoughts. Not those that are all over the place doing one Million things at the same time! (Confused and directionless!)

Because being focused is a step to being successful! Having confidence in themselves and pursuing their dreams with tenacity, their creativity on its own is wealth!

One of my gurls just hit a jackpot of over 300 million Naira in Naija. She is just 30 years old! And no, she got the deal from her hardwork and from proposals and ideas she sold to this establishment! need i say, she has packed finally to naija now! And she already bought her house near Asokoro in Abuja!

And society expects her to just bank the money and not spend it?! haba! Why cant she drive to work in a limo if she wants to? Shebi she can afford it?!
I have girls in MD here that are millionaires and have gone past the "waiting for a man before buying a cool car, or before buying their own huge house etc" These chicks are living it up right now! Big rides, posh cribs and waiting for 'the Man" and hopefully not a gold digger or loser!

My friend just bought this $1.5 million home and i asked her about bobos wey go run when they see even the Italian Marble decor alone in her sitting room (babe just turned 34, and has a great job) and she told me that she hopes that only a man that wont 'run' would come, cos that would show confidence! And that her house and brand new Lexus should now help her trim off the losers and jelly livers and attract only successful and very confident men!

And I agree to this 100%! An aunt told me recently that i should lie low near home , get married first before the buzz and lights from the press turns on me as I would be too popular and men would 'run' from me! hah! (OK, leaving my personal life out of this gist) ....assuming I have no man, I will still do what I am born to do! - be successful! I'ld still be the household name that is long overdue, I'ld still live rich, drive that Sports car I always wanted to buy (and good thing there ain't no speed limit in naija!), and posh up in my posh crib! Man or no man!

Why is it Ok for a single man to work hard and enjoy his money in cribs, clothes, cars, accessories etc, but a single woman is expected to 'tone down' her lifestyle even if she makes her money working twice as hard as the man? Just so that men don't run away from her for marriage! Abegi!!

Ladies, there is a revolution now, single sassy, satisfied sisters from our culturally restrictive naija are now LIVING UP THEIR LIVES!!! Enjoying their monies!! yes O! Enjoy yaselfs! The right man will still come and even be proud that he has an achieving wife! Just let the losers and no-confident men to the side, cos they'd drag a successful sista down, and make her unhappy in marriage anyway!
Sue me!



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just out from church...

just out from church...
Estella,Adaeze, Madarocka

Fashion Teen Idol Show in DC

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EC Fashion shows...
Estella backstage with models @ Couture Fashion Week NY.....

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Models @ Zanzibar
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