August 19, 2008

Nigerian Men beating/Killing their wives!

Hmmm...Shocking indeed.
Its sad that men in Nigeria still beat their wives.

Returning home early this year, just two weeks into my being there, I saw a sight that sent jitters to my bone marrow!

We were driving past this store and saw people gathered, and as is customary with drivers, my driver slowed down and then I saw the sight! A MAN WAS POUNDING HIS WIFE THAT WAS ALREADY ON HER KNEES!!! And I am talking POUDING here because that had gone past the level of 'beating'! He was hitting her with anything his hand could pick!

And PEOPLE WERE WATCHING THEM!! Without trying to get the man away from the woman.

And I was soooooo angry and shouting at the top of my voice for them to arrest the man, and my Aunt who has lived about 18 years in London was yelling at the top of her voice as well.

My driver rushed across the road to go rescue the woman and just got there in the nick of time as he picked up this huge stone to throw on her! And people were watching!!!! Without even trying to pry him away! And that was when an old woman that was close to my car simply said that "ah, its a regular thing". And I asked her again why men and women were just watching, and she repeated that they see that 'always'! Story is that the wife (being beaten) used to be the house-girl, and got pregnant for the man and now is the second wife. They see him beating her everytime and had all gotten tired of seperating them. Moreso, when the girl stays put! Even the Police were tired of addressing their matter. And I wondered, WHY THE HEC WONT SHE JUST LEAVE THAT MAN!!??? A man that truly loves you would not hit you!! Would not hurt you!! haba!

Meanwhile, the first wife was sitting down at a corner watching!
And I asked myself, 'To marry na by force'? Wouldn't living single have been better for this pretty fair complexioned girl that has turned herself into a punching bag? Is that life?

I 'stupidly' pulled out my cell phone to call 911, and when it was making a funny sound, it dawned on me that I was IN NIGERIA! Not USA where 911 works!

Oh, next day, I saw same girl back at her shack, selling her provisions again. Back to life, 'business as usual', life continued for her......the beating/pounding? I guess its simply part of her existence. An acceptable thing to her.

And I shudder to think, what if the husband had missed her face or her back and hit her on the chest or a damaged a vital organ that would have killed her on the spot there? I guess he would be 'fined' by the villagers and continue life as usual, right?

Thank God that the law in USA and other advanced countries are different. YOU beat, YOU SERVE a term. Gbam!!

When some foolish naija men would carry their violent and wife battering habit to USA, they think its Nigeria?

And the recent spate of Nigerian men killing their wives is nauseating!Maybe when one wife kills her Nigerian husband, then, they would pipe low! (Bad Advice though)....

But enuff is freaking enuff!! If the marriage ain't working no more, waka!! Because chances are, the couple probably married for immigration papers and thus there was no love foundation to pull them through tough times.

Marriage is NOT a bed of roses, but people take fairy tales too serious!if you dedicate so much time to be the Employee of the Month or the best at your job and business, why don't you dedicate time too to making your marriage work!

E no easy, simple!
Less Violence please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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