August 21, 2008


Article written by ICHEOKU.....Full of horrible Images!

Instances of Nigerian Men that have killed their wives in USA. And coincidentally, most of the wives are nurses!

What is going on?

Warning: some of the images here might be too graphic for your psyche; proceed with caution!
Have you ever seen the face of a wife killer?
Have you ever met anyone who took the life of the mother of his children?
Have you ever seen or met such a person who is a Nigerian?
How spooky it is indeed that such a person has the blood of another human being and a Nigerian for that matter, drooling over his hands!

Such a hallowing experience becomes much creepier, when that monster who took the life of a Nigerian is also a fellow Nigerian whom you may have interacted with somehow. somewhat!

Now buckle up your belt as Icheoku takes you on a harried excursion through the faces, names and somewhat biographies of some of these denigrate of society!

They are painting the average Joe-Nigerian man in American as a domestic violent person; a potential wife killer! A bad name indeed, really?
They are the worst of the Nigerian male society in America: the dregs of the society!
They are the fabled black-sheep who have defiled and violated the sanctity of the Nigerian family cohesiveness.
These men killed their WIVES! They made their children motherless! It is abominable! Brace yourself!
  1. Now, meet denigrate person wife-killer number one, Mr. Kelechi Charles Emeruwa:-
  2. In Tennessee, a Nigerian man after taking it for so long, lost his cool and shot his Registered Nurse wife as well as his hitherto mother in-law to death with a shot gun.
  3. Another lunatic fringed monster, Mr. Theophilus Ojukwu has equally entered the annals of Nigerian men wife-killers in the United States of America!
  4. In another family-related violent incident involving a Nigerian, it was reported that the husband, Benjamin Unachukwu from Nnewi, Anambra State, was taken to jail to face two criminal charges with the kitchen-knife weapon of choice as evidence exhibit!
  5. In Los Angeles California it was reported that a Nigerian RN wife was brutally murdered by her husband.
  6. Similarly, in Grand Prairie, Dallas, Texas, Mrs. Monireti Abeni Akeredolu, (pictured below in her wedding with her killer-husband) a 46-year old Registered Nurse from Ondo State Nigeria met her untimely death in the hands of her estranged husband, Mr. Ebenezer Akeredolu, Sr., 48.
  7. Not too long ago, also, on August 10, 2005 in Euless, a suburb of Dallas, another frustrated Nigerian husband, 45-year old Johnny Omorogieva from Edo State, Nigeria murdered his RN wife, Mrs. Isatu Omorogieva, 35, also of Edo State by savagely striking her on the head numerous times with a hammer in the full view of their 7-year old screaming daughter.
  8. In Tulsa, Oklahoma a yet to be fully authenticated report has it that another Nigerian man recently bludgeoned his RN wife to death while she was fast asleep; following a traumatic life which she has subjected him to since turning into the majority bread winner of the family following her graduating from a nursing program.
  9. Another Nigerian nut-case, Mr. John Onwuka 49, from Akwete community of Ohafia Bende Local Government Area of Abia State was charged with one count each of homicide and use of a knife in the commission of a felony. He stabbed his RN wife of twenty five years, Mrs Gloria Uchechi Anya Onwuka age 42, fourteen times in her bedroom while she was getting ready to go to work. She was a nurse manager.
  10. Fifty year old Mr. Michael Collins Iheme of Hennepin Minnesota placed a call few minutes after shooting his twenty eight year old wife, Mrs. Anthonia Eberechi iheme, the mother of his 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl, to death.

The Link to the full story here:


Anonymous said...

omg! This is horrible. Why are most of them Ibo? Is there something we need to say to our ibo brothers?

!!Estella!! said...

My dear, I am lost too. I feel this is horrible!

They rush to Nigeria to pick wives who they bring down here and make them read Nursing so as to bring lots of money home, The women start working long hours and bringing them money, yet they want to eat their cakes and have it.
Everyone knows that to make good money as a nurse, you have to works odd, long hours.
How can a woman spend all that time at work and still be a good 'Nigerian wife' -(submissive and very domestic!?)

Its sad.
I just feel for the children who lives gets messed up when adults act the fool.

Maybe this trend would make girls in Nigeria to also think twice before marrying total strangers all in the bid to come live in the USA.



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