November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving! 2008

I just got a text that my article was published. In the best and most glamorous Nigerian Magazine!


With all the bad things that happened last week, (my Uncle being assassinated, and losing a Fashion Designer friend) this sure changed things for me!

Unfortunately, I used my Pen name, so, nobody would know its me (for now), when the time is right, I would reveal myself as the Pen Name.

Lol...I was tempted to use [I]Angelsty [/I]or [I]Staresty [/I]as my pen name, but I know some people would just know I am the one! So, I used a name that would be used for my forthcoming book, and that is the name I would be known as in the Writing world!

Yeah! About time I out my writing skills to work too....make some money from it in some places and in others....just contribute and say my piece!

Would some of my writings be controversial? YOU KNOW the answer already!!! :roll ....wahala follows my writings...abi?

But No! I am writing to an elite and educated audience, so, the lady in me has to be in the fore front. And I have to consider my other passion (fashion), so I dont hurt it with what my writing passion puts out there..

I am soooo happy!

This is my NO FASHION week! Enuff of the travels already! Its Thanksgiving Week! I ain't traveling NO WHERE!!!

I am going to sit my cute butt at home!
Go to church and volunteer to share food at the shelter we are catering to this year! I have found out that it is a better and more fulfilling way to celebrate my Thanksgiving Day!! - I GIVE BACK TO OTHERS! I have learnt to turn down all Thanksgiving Invitations and just go feed the hungry!

Instead of stuffing myself with dead turkeys all day, I'ld rather be at a shelter to distribute food, and later in the day, spend the day making clothes I would give out!

[I]"Give, and it would come back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over!"[/I]- Luke 6:38...

Last year though, I went late for the Thanksgiving at[URL=""] my Foster Mom's house.[/URL] -(where I usually spend my Thanksgiving Day). I really didnt want to drive all the way to Potomac that day, but am glad I did. At least, I still met some food (I sure came after everyone had eaten)...but they understood cos I had spent my day dishing out food for the homeless, and she loves to help the less privileged too. Unfortunately, I met Granny (her Mother) for the last time that day! because when i left US, I got a phone call that Granny had died (In Feb '08).

Granny was from Slovenia. Met Granpy (Who had died a couple of years earlier)....and she told me wonderful stories of how they met during the World War 1. (M-e-n...those people were very romantic back in the day!) even amidst the bombs and bullets going off! What endeared me more to her was her passion for fashion! WOW!! And WOW again!!

My foster mum was clearing granny's room just last month (before she left for Europe)....she told me to come take granny's sewing things! Wow!! And I am talking about mannequins, sewing tools, etc....things that were used with love and passions, things she used to create master pieces! I just took them to my storage space, untouched! It really means so much to me to have Granny's sewing things! And the fabrics?!! WOW!! very expensive fabrics! Very delicate, well picked etc.... (I am too scared to even finish the cut fabrics she never had time to complete) I just finished up a Green dress yesterday (I tweaked the style from what granny had originally cut it), and WOW again! The dress is spectacular! And sure looks VERY expensive! I love it!!! Its green with gold silk dress and gold embroideries etc...cut into a short dress, I turned it into a ruffled balled hemline...and made it tighter and more sensual....and I GOT PLANS FOR IT!

Definitely what I WILL wear to my next Red carpet event! Cool!! I already got some cute green italian snake skin shoes to match.....Hmmm.... The Future Awards in 2009 is Green themed.....I guess I will wear it then...(both, I'ld be showing off too much legs sha...) hey! Am allowed to show it if I got it! [I](I got legs....I think......but,.....I used to be a hotlegs when I was in University of Jos.....)[/I]...Oh, Ok. I no send! I shall wear it! And the fashion reviews will let me know if I still got IT! Hee hee hee... Make nobody throw me rotten tomatoes sha O! :D

But, a fashion designer is allowed to wear 'crazy stuff' be so?

O jare....let me get outta here and go take care of things.....

Its another Thanksgiving Week. And I really have a lot to Thanks God for.

For the good times this 2008!
For the times I thought were bad, but were your 'Fix-her' times!
For tears I cried...(some were in frustrations, but more of happiness and joy!)
For being here!
For breathing!
For expectations I over-exceeded without even trying!
And most importantly, For loving me ANYHOWLY!

For being my God and keeping me in the hollow of your hands, away from the eyes of evil ones, away from things that could have killed me this year....away from set-ups you revealed and created escape routes for me!

THANK YOU. :worshippy


JideSalu's Diary said...

Congratulations on this blog. I like it. Very rich in content.

Jide Salu from

!!Estella!! said...

Thanks Jide. I appreciate. Though I havent been very active here lately...:)

Will pick up again in a few days.

happy New Year



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