January 16, 2009

2009: My Year of Silence!

Oh Yes,......I said I was not going to make any New Year's Resolution, but the other day, while just asking God to help me in deciding on something, I know HE just told me to be Silent......

So, while having my evening devotion to end my fast that day (members of Jesus House DC are doing our yearly fasting and prayer session for the month of January,to start off the year. It is well, this is Day 16....15 more to go! 6am to 6pm daily. And I have not really lost weight, and dont even feel hungry in the day! Thank God o!) Anyway, I digress....

Thing is: I have decided to be SILENT all through this year! So, help me God! Silent sha, not stupid O! Dont mean I would not be wise in dealing with people!

And I have already practiced it and it definitely helped me and I found a sense of Peace and fulfilment! I know the person thought I was stupid, but there was this good feeling within me from knowing I could have taken it 'drama north' and made my point and be seen as 'wise and smart'.....but relaxing and just watching the person wallow in their 'false sense of bravado' - thinking I was out-smarted brought a smile to me! And I wondered, is this how people really feel? Does it mean so much to some people to be seen as 'right and smart'? Even when they obviously are dumb and stupid? It definitely pays to be silent MOST times, because people will reveal more foolishness around you!

So, I take my Silent vow this year.

I shall be silent in EVERYTHING!
I shall even be silent when people are lying to me and I know they are lying, I shall not confront them!

I shall be silent when anyone says anything evil/bad against me! I shall smile and walk away (perfect opportunity to flash my cute dimples!

I shall be silent when people I am dealing with in business get 'funny'.

I shall be silent as I make huge life-changing decisions this year.

I shall be silent as I implement and complete projects I started off in the past recent years that were aborted due to things beyond my control...this year, I shall silently complete them! By the Grace of God and no one really need to know about them....because it aint nobody's business! All destinies are different.

I shall be silent even as I simple browse my social-networking sites in Read-Mode only and just laugh at some people's wisdom and others foolishness. Afterall, isnt that what makes web browsing fun? Another way to cool the head down and take the mind off work a little bit?

Oh yes, I shall silently sketch and draw and do ma thang and ma thang shall be the noisy one, not moi anymore because this is my year of silence! .
It's gonna be tough and a hard decision to make, but I am going to grant zero interview this year!
In my business, let the artist in me speak through my medium.... It can be done....because God is on my side! And 2009 is a blessed year for me! In Jesus name! And I shall SILENTLY RECEIVE ALL THAT THE LOCUST AND CANKERWORMS TOOK Before now!

Shhhhh........it's quiet up in here!

Hmmmm...Can Estella really be Silent in 2009?! YES, SHE CAN! With God's Grace! Amen!

Final Noise from me! Hee hee Hee! Eat your heart out!! I can do it!

back to silent mode!


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