March 26, 2009

'My Brand New Man'.

'My Brand New Man'..... you wanna hear about 'him'?  

Hol' up!!!! I didn't say this, a friend said it! She said she can ONLY marry a 'Brand New man'! And when I asked her what she meant, hear her: "Her Brand New Man has to have these qualities: 
  • Never been married 
  • Has no 'baby mama' drama 
  • No girl-friend or Ex still hanging on"  
Ok, every babe wants all those, but my take on this is that when a babe crosses age 30, come on, ya shopping list for a man got to drop some qualities! Haba! 

Given, as a teenager, Barbara Cartland and Mills & Boons told us that Mr Right was ALWAYS perfect! {Chiseled muscular body, tall, handsome, always clean shaven, smells musky all the time, dark, with hairy chest, gentlemanly with a baritone husky, sexy voice to match!} 

Ooops! Did I forget that he has to be able to fly you both to a romantic remote island for seafood diner? Or be able to take the yatch out on the weekend while you cruise and sip wine and look dreamily into each other's eyes ......awwwwwwww. BOING!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!! STOP DROOLING!!! Those were fictions!!! Ok, on rare occasion, such men may exist 1 out of 1,000,000! ? Right?  

  • When you meet a guy that is tall and handsome, [not necessarily dark], chances are, he is full of himself and believes he is all that and will have a nasty attitude and be a playa!! Hello!  
  • When you meet one that is gentlemanly and nice and smells husky, blah blah blah, he may just be gay! Or bi-sexual! Eeewww!  
  • When you meet one that is clean-shaven, well dressed, handsome blah blah blah, he may just be a lazy azz looking for a babe to leech unto!!  
  • And oh, you meet one that is not married, they just may have 6 kids from 4 different women!! Spread across 3 continents! And you wonder what ever happened to abstinence, or if you must, safe sex, like condom!!!!!! 
And oh! They are the ones that would take offense if they meet a responsible gurl that insists they take an AIDS test before dating them!  

Where was I? Oh! About the Brand New Man, right? Yeah! So, I just wondered why a gurl of over 30 years would be looking for a brand new man!! Chances are that if a babe is in her mid or late 30s, guys that are older than her would most likely have been married or been involved in a relationship before etc....and could have a child(ren)......and why would a man be up to say....40 years and NEVER been married?!!!! With all the single fine sisters out there? Was he living a playa life?! ?? ? ? something must be wrong somewhere!  

Sure, there are single, never-been-hooked guys out there, hey! I am looking for those too! But in the same vein, I will not sit put and say that a man has to be BRAND NEW! Nope! A lot of people made mistakes in their choices of relationships in their pasts and should not be made to die lonely cos of that. 

Everyone deserves a second chance! And its worse for people who live in the Diaspora who have had to marry who they just see or i some extreme cases, for what we call 'kpali' marriage, they are a myriad of, more especially, the number of immigrants of same nationality and race is limited in any particular geographic region. So, a married couple of today may not actually be married to their Mr/Ms Right!  Because lots of people have gotten married for the 'wrongest' reasons!

A friend of mine from back in Jos just called me this past weekend to say she is divorced! I was aghast! First off, she was the last person I expected to have married at 22 years!! Straight out of school!!!! They won the Visa lottery, came to USA, now five years later, and 2 kids later, they are divorced!!! Thus ended a 10-year marriage!!!  

Another friend is on the verge of filing a divorce, and just barely holding on, and I tell him to stay in it! At least for their children's sake! Makes me ask, what is it with marriages formed in Nigeria packing up here so fast?!  

Ok, so, now, why would there not be second-hand men and women out there in droves?! So, for the sister looking for a Brand New Man, isnt she just reducing her own list of potentials?! Hmmmmmmmm........................  

By the way, what qualifies a gurl to say she is "brand New"? Just because she has never been married? And has no kid? How about those that had abortions, if those kids had not been killed before they saw life, then such gurls would be single parents too!  

What I am saying is this: Ladies, please reduce the restrictions you put on yourselves! Give a man with a child(ren) a chance! Sure, every woman would want to share their first child-birth experience with a man who has had no other child before, that would be a lovely shared process as first-timers, but consider the children of a man with a child already who also needs someone to nurture, love and make them feel happy and alive. 

We all know that the children are usually the more hurt victims from divorces or separation or even death of a parent! Thus, such a child(ren) would do better in life with a mother-figure as well.  

And look at it like you are getting a ready-made family.....husband and children! DONT see the man's children as a hindrance or 'baggage'!!!! Children are gifts from above!  

As for me, I have no qualms with being a Step mother! Dang! I was almost one a little while back, but it didnt work out! I had already started to feel like a mother with two lovely kids already! And would I still want to be a step mother? Yes!!! But I can do without a baby mama drama for real!!!! Am I crazy to want to do this? No! I love children and I will still adopt kids and set up a motherless babies home someday as God blesses me!.  

Wouldnt I want to have a Brand New Man as well? You bet! I would, but will not restrict myself either!  

By the way, did I mention that my friend who said she wanted a 'brand New man' happens to be 34, and looks like she is 45, and does that have that 'wow' figure or looks. I am sorry, I am not dissing her, just that she looks like Plain Jane, and she dares to say ONLY a 'Brand New Man' would be fit to take her to the altar....  
Ok, please correct me if I am wrong here: I believe in Asking God specifically and getting our wishes, but, are we supposed to restrict our 'asking' for a man to just a 'Single-never-been-married' man? How about if he is just the so-called, elusive 'Mr. Right' who God is reconnecting the lady to, because she truly asked? So, what if he is a widower, a divorcee, single parent, etc?  

Choose well ladies, at the end of the day, what matters is your happiness, and if the man is the only one assigned to make you happy in life, then, carve extra love for the kids as well and LIVE HAPPY!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeeeee!  

GOOD NEWS: There are exceptions to the rules though! A God-fearing man!! God fearing man I said!! One that TRULY and honestly fears God! Which explains why some girls have been accused of running to the church when they are too old and almost given up on hope looking for a born-again man. But to that I say, the babe better be born-again for real, and then we can all say Halleluyah that a man brought her to the Kingdom of God! 

Those that run to church pretending to be holy just to ensnare an unsuspecting brother end up being exposed anyway! Same applies to men as well who run to church to catch born-again wives (I will talk about that someday) getting back to the topic at hand, why do women think that because a brother is holy and born again means they have to turn Jezebels in the house and run their mouths like razor, and want to drag a holy brother down?! Why? (topic for another day too). But I will say "SHAME ON YOU" that go to church just to hook a man!  

Seek God for real and a man would be added to you if that is what you ask God for. And when God gives a woman a husband, everyone that looks at her would see a very happy woman!!! But when a woman ensnares, tricks, traps or seduces a man to herself without seeking God's face first, then you hear of woes and they make you see marriage like its hell, when it should actually be a happy union. 

And to all the babes looking for Brand New Man, with all the Mr. Right qualities, please can you you give me the 1 -800 number of the factory where such men are manufactured because I have a long list I want custom-made into a man, as my husband. Hee hee hee

March 20, 2009

What is LOVE?

The ONLY true love I know is Romeo and Juliet, and they died! So there fore, love is dangerous, foolish and stupid! {sue Me! :}

So, I rather follow my head than my heart o! Cos when you follow ya head, you can be rational and not be a 'Fool in love'. Romeo and Juliet are dead!

I prefer the love that grows, when the woman has developed extra skin for waist, wrinkles at the eyes, the man's waist has turned from 6-pack to Keg! And they can look at each other and see each other's souls and know that their hearts beat alike. They have gone through thick and thin and survived it all. They have reached the point of "Woman, who would marry you with all ya sagging breast?" and "Man, which other woman on this earth would have my kinda patience to manage you all these years?" - now, that is love! It has gone beyond she has good arse and he has muscles to, I just love her, wrinkles, menopause and all.......

Ok, how do people get to that point? Listen: It is first and foremost, by not deceiving themselves that they are IN LOVE! (which is lust most times anyway).....and MOST IMPORTANTLY, simply by two people coming together and deciding that each brings something to the table and that they are going to try all their possible best to make their marriage work! They would both never stay angry at the same time! They both know that the contract says 'till death do us part'...and they will keep it because they both see SOMETHING IN THE OTHER they want to keep!

Maybe, the man is fine! Good character or has money or fame! And the woman may have good manners, has potential to make a good home, can cook, has a career, and maybe fine (so the guy can brag to his pals), no matter what, they both see ''something' in the other, and not claim 'love'..

what is love, by the way? 

And yes, I am still getting married in a Chapel in Las Vegas, doing tha thing before I change my mind - again! And yes again, marriage should be treated like a contract! Cos most people work a contract and adhere to the terms than they adhere to their marriage vows! So, one business marriage contract coming up! 
I have a Mega Crush on...

 YOU REALLY think I would say his name here?!!

 (as if I be mumu)

No worry, na part of my plan for ma next trip to naija! If I no drag this Nollywood handsome, cute dude down the Aisle, my name no be Estella! Damn!!! The bobo just dey!!! gentleman to the core! But.....I have not told him I am crazy about him like dat sha O! I have allowed him to be doing the toastings.....while I act like I no really care (you know how women do 

but the yawa now be say him get one babe wey just attach like superglue to MY bobo....shuo! na scandal I dey go rock for naija O!!! I WANT THAT GUY!!! He is just FINE!! 
Woh! I see a scandal coming up! get your popcorns out!
 Yes, I said it: I am going to scatter that their fake relationship and take over! nah! She ain't got nothing on me She is younger than me, so what? Real men prefer more matured women these days anyway. Abegi!

Make una cheer me up keh! Where my people eh! Estella is finally in 'Love', and will get her man BY FORCE! Scandal or no scandal, LOVE RULES!

PICTURE THIS: Estella Walking down the Aisle in her EC designed wedding gown with the much celebrated Nollywood, Handsome, muscular, fine, rich actor by her side......haba, the picture go fine keh! Wetin una think!?

All is fair in love and war abi? OK, na WAR I dey pursue now! Operation, Catch ma Celeb Hubby! 
 Dat way too, una no go get nothing to yab my wedding pictures about! hee hee hee

Where all ma prayer warriors at?

March 19, 2009

About time I take my blogging serious, huh?

How dy? Everyone.....

I will start blogging more seriously next week!

Stay tuned. ;-)

March 16, 2009

I want to be a household name –Estella Couture boss

By Ijeoma Ogwuegbu

Estella Ogbonna is creative director of Estella Couture LLC, a US-based fashion house with a Nigerian slant to its designs. Since 2005, when the company started officially sending out runway collections, it has been growing from strength to strength. The Nigerian slant to its designs is not far fetched, as the name behind the business suggests it is owned by a Nigerian. But it was a dream that almost did not happen.  

“I have been designing since I was about 6 years old,” Ogbonna, company’s CEO said recently in a chat with Daily Sun. “I still remember the tiny little skirt I made back then with needle and thread and subsequently, all the papers I doodled designs and styles on over the years.  

But it was a talent I never developed, because I was chasing the academic world and bagging degrees and diplomas all over the place because of the family expectation to be ‘educated’.” Eventually, the talent would not be ignored and she started ESTELLA Couture (EC) as a business in 2005.  

“That was actually when I started sewing with a sewing machine, and cutting styles. I have lost count of the number of runways shows I’ve been on since I started. I used to keep a record of it, but it became overwhelming, so, I stopped counting. But runways shows have taken me across continents.”  

Like any new business, Estella says her business has faced many challenges. But she believes she has a special relationship that has helped her.  

“I did not plan to start EC, I quit my regular job on a cool Wednesday lunchtime because I knew I just had to, I knew it was time to channel a new course for my life, and with Total Faith in God, I stepped out and have not looked back since then. And God sees me through all my challenges.” Despite the challenges, she says she is very happy at having left the corporate world to go with her dreams.  

“Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I am doing a job I love, and I am simply having fun everyday. Apart from the satisfaction of making people look good in my designs, I am on track for my life’s goal, which is creating an avenue to be a blessing to widows through economic Empowerment, teaching them sewing skills and using the benefit to sustain their children.”  

The next step for her, she says, is to bring her brand to Nigeria. “I was in Nigeria for most of 2008, to survey the industry and how I can be part of it, seeing that I started my business in USA. It is quite different there. And I am now very ready to return back there and launch my designs at home. The future for me can be put in just one sentence. Become a household name.”  

There are many things, she says, which keep her going and one of them is the effect her clothes have on wearers.  

“To me, it is knowing that wearing my clothes can change the mood of a woman. Transforming a woman with low confidence into a very confident, elegant woman is very satisfying. And knowing and appreciating God for blessing me with the ability to convert a fabric into a gown, using my creativity gives a good feeling. And of course, the glamour that comes with it is not bad. 

I will definitely say my inspiration comes from God because I have had times I made dresses without even sketching a style. Just cutting and sewing straight from the heart and looking at the finished dress later and wondering where it came from. Nice patterns on fabrics get my creative juices flowing. I also look at my environment and create from it.” Link: Sun News

Facebook Chat 'Toasting'...

Some men actually wake up at very odd hours sometimes to 'toast' on facebook!

I have seen all kinds of toasting chats and at a point, I had started answering them rudely (which is bad sha), and almost lost a potential contact one day because she sent me a fb chat asking me 'are you going to be at ** fashion week? See you there', and I replied back? 'What for?'...... only for me to get there and this lady kept boning at me, and when I eventually went and said Hello, she reminded me that I had asked her 'what for?' rudely two days back! Wow! But, like I told her, she did not introduce herself or use her real name in her chat...

So, how can one avoid not being irritated and annoyed by some of these chats sometimes?

People think that just because you are Online in the Chat corner, they should say 'Hi' and expect a chat response! Even those that DONT know youm but for some reason have ended up on your 'Friend's list"...

See a chat that just popped up this morning, meanwhile its that time of the month for me, so, I am not in a good mood......but I am supposed to be 'social' and polite, huh?

7:59am Joseph :hello
7:59am Estella: .Hello.
7:59am Joseph :Goodmorning
7:59am Estella : U leave me texts/chat all the time. How are you? what can I do for you?
8:00am Joseph: pls can i know u?
8:00am Estella: how?
8:01am Joseph: ie , asl
8:01am Estella: ???
8:01am Joseph: age, location and etc
8:01am Estella: why?
8:02am Joseph: want s to be friend ie two of ue
8:03am Estella:  sorry, am not interested. am here on facebook for business.....not to make 'friends' like that.
8:03am Joseph: ok. what type of business are u looking 4
8:04am Estella: maybe, you should have read my profile first before chatting me up!
U just chatting a name you know nothing about?
8:06am Joseph: maybe from no were, to some were

And how can I be in facebok and be OFFLINE all the time,  when that is my easiest and fastest way of communicating with my contacts outside USA (saves on phone cards/bills).... ;)

There are people who just somehow end of up as my 'friends' and I have no idea who the heck they are, but because my facebook is set up for business, I confirm people a lot, as per any could be potential business....but when you have like 130 people Online and like 20 of them are sending you 'Hi's and 'Hello's at the same time, what do you do?! Some have graduated to sending emails, and my facebook emails are configured to pop up as texts on my cell phone (thank God I have Unlimited Texts plan).....u just see texts on my cell phone and half are from people just writing absolutely nothing!

One sends me a text one day, actually a female: 'I want to model for you'.....I was in a good mood that, I write her back...."maybe salutation could have started your email, followed by who you are and your size and stuff like that. Seeing you are just writing for just writing sake, I am sorry we have no room for you'....she writes back that she is sorry, blah blah blah....

M-e-n, I dey see things for facebook O! Especially the chat section! 

Someone HELP!!!

March 12, 2009

Princess hidden Title...

Someone called me 'Princess' the other day and I told him not to ever call me that again, but stick to my govt name - Estella.  

He didnt understand........and I was not in the mood to explain why I do not like being called 'Adaeze' or 'Princess'....  

Maybe I am wrong, but I see that title as one that would take away from who I am as E. I dont want anyone relating to me because of what my father is: (His Royal Highness (HRH) Eze ** Ogbonna)(equivalent to the KING of my place, though my tribe - (Igbos) do not officially use 'king' as title, but use 'Eze'

.....I am simply, Daddy's daughter. Besides, considering the crazy folks who are eying his throne there, I would rather have him simply as daddy, and not HRH! Ok, his role in the State govt level by virtue of his position does open doors I confess....but, I rather be Estella. because then, too much attention is put on me as 'Princess'.... And that is when I keep hearing from people stuff like...'Adaeze cannot do this!, Adaeze cannot do that! blah blah blah! 

I remember my ex-fiance sweating when I told him that the cost of my traditional marriage was not going to be the 'norm' per se :lol (Nah, that is not why we packed it up!:D) I deliberately scared him sha....cos he was all mouth....too much money shacking his Igbo big head! I told him how all the HRHs would be given invitation cards, how the govt house people would also be in attendance, and how even the women (Umu Ada or whatever they are called) from both my mum's village and my dad's place would expect BIG parties for Adaeze (Princess), how lots of dignitaries would attend not because of me, but because of my father's position...and coupled with the fact that I am the first child and only daughter, who has been running away from marriage all these while, that they would want to really celebrate! happy to send me away from home!! lol...As I know that the village would be agog for days!  

Those people look for any reason to come to the palace to sit and eat!!! Dang! My immediate younger brother's wedding was a festival! lasted for 3 days of eating, cooking, dancing, and of course, the youths getting drunk! When we calculated the estimate of what it would cost for my traditional wedding alone, he muttered silently...that he would beg my dad to intervene and allow us do something small and quiet. OK, daddy? Igbo man! His one and ONLY daughter getting married and in a quiet way? Hmmm...I told ex that he should not worry, daddy would spend his own money to meet up to the 'standard'...  

So, that is one of the reasons I dont say I am a Princess! And moreso, if I start using that title publicly, and mentioning it in interviews, then, I would have to say what my father's name is, and where I am from and all that.....- which would ultimately lead to exposing my family, my private life etc. NO! I dont want to do that to my family- Invade their privacy. Being the reason why no one would see me linking my parents, siblings picture anywhere near my name or business! 

Sure, sometimes, I want to show off my dad's picture to some of my friends and colleagues here in his full Royal Regalia, but I hold myself back! Daddy is a handsome man, I must say, and only place I got his picture is on my table, in private. Only place I got mum's is on my wall and on my hard drive. Only place I got my brother's pic with his wife and his cute daughter who everyone swore looked like me when she was born is on my hard drive! 

And dang! That little girl looks like me! I put her picture at 4 months side-by-side with mine when I was 4 months old too, and the only thing that differentiated us was that my picture paper is old and frayed at the edges! My brother told me that when they handed him the girl, he was like, 'hah, this is Ijeoma (my middle name) here!'....and I asked my mum if that was said with happiness or one told me! (I guess, I will never know rolleye:)...Like, is bro T happy he got a daughter that is fine :D like me, or sad that another 'trouble' (me) has entered his house?! LOL...who cares? That is his beeswax lol.

But m-e-n, that little girl - K, started doing everything 4 months before she should...(that's ma girl!!) I took a pic with her and she looks like my daughter! (Awwww....made me so much want to have a daughter ASAP!!!) I told her mum that I will take her back to US with me as per the similarity is too much. Blood no dey lie! But why does she look like me, T (my brother) and I dont look alike! - Not to me sha O! I went to the hair salon with her and her mum in Lagos and the peeps there tot she is my daughter and that her mum is my friend 'escorting us' lol!  

Sometimes, I wanna blog and post pictures of my family, but i dont know why in as much as I love to talk about everything else, this is actually the first time I am talking about my family....About Ugo Eze, Lolo (My dear mommy), the Princes (T and C), and the little Princess - K, and the The King Himself - Daddy! Funny it is, when sometimes if I walked into a meeting in the Palace lounge, I had to greet my Dad as 'Eze', and not as daddy.... (especially if I was wearing one of my 'American garbs - like tank top and shorts! or dresses for heat...LOL)...before they say 'Eze pickin spoil from America! lol) not minding that it was dang hot there! Anyhoo.....I am Estella, and I dont like to be called Adaeze or Princess.....

I have worked for my own identity and will keep it that way. And in future too, I shall protect the one I marry from public view. because being in the public eyes, opens you up for lots of crap! And it shall remain that way. let me shoulder and handle the craps that comes with the terrain - alone! Thinking about it, I wonder if I would even post my wedding pictures in public.....I think not. I may post just pictures with just me, no groom, no family...nothing.  

My profession demands being social and in the public's eyes, but my personality demands cuddling up by the fireplace, watching a movie or simply resting or playing a computer game with a slow Christian song playing in the a simple, quiet life. Or out somewhere helping someone in need. In as little thing as helping with washing dishes, to cleaning, shopping, or just being a shoulder to lean on. That is really me - Estella....the one that no one knows. The one that is hidden behind my bravadoes and my 'tough chick' external demeanor, the one I thrive so hard not to let people see....just only a few people!....That is Estella....not a princess, just a regular Jane.

March 7, 2009

My facebook Fashion/Picture time line and mannequins and constructions and....

Just pictures of clothes I am making.....while under construction....from start to finish....

On mannequins, on the table, at the sewing machine...and on clients when they come to pick up....

For privacy reasons, I will show some of the dresses that clients are wearing without their identity showing, unless they give me permission to do so..... and sometimes, when they come to pick-up, they may not have make-up on ;), you gat to understand that!!! lol

before a cute model wears it on the runway or photo shoot and give it that final 'THE LOOK!' ;)

Location: Work Zones!

Just enjoy the pictures here. ;)

March 3, 2009

Just Sewing.....Part I

I get asked, "How can I sew?", "Would you teach me?", I have compiled (thanks to Youtube).

Sewing Machine Magic

Stitching the Sewing Patterns

Start Sewing- Marking and Cutting the Fabric

How to sew on a Button -- Basic Sewing Skills

more links here:

I will be posting more later......have a great sewing time! ;)




My YouTube





just out from church...

just out from church...
Estella,Adaeze, Madarocka

Fashion Teen Idol Show in DC

EC Fashion shows...

EC Fashion shows...
Estella backstage with models @ Couture Fashion Week NY.....

Models @ Zanzibar

Models @ Zanzibar
Backstage getting ready for the runway.......... photo by John Harman

Tradishionale... (Ms. Estella) in Aso-oke and raw silk dress..........

photo by John Harman

Estella & Madarocka in EC Designs...

EC Red Carpet Wear (African Damask, Silk and Lycra Mix)

photo by Andrew Bronfein

2009 Ad Campaign

2009 Ad Campaign




Back stage just before the runway strutting!... photo by Reward