March 16, 2009

Facebook Chat 'Toasting'...

Some men actually wake up at very odd hours sometimes to 'toast' on facebook!

I have seen all kinds of toasting chats and at a point, I had started answering them rudely (which is bad sha), and almost lost a potential contact one day because she sent me a fb chat asking me 'are you going to be at ** fashion week? See you there', and I replied back? 'What for?'...... only for me to get there and this lady kept boning at me, and when I eventually went and said Hello, she reminded me that I had asked her 'what for?' rudely two days back! Wow! But, like I told her, she did not introduce herself or use her real name in her chat...

So, how can one avoid not being irritated and annoyed by some of these chats sometimes?

People think that just because you are Online in the Chat corner, they should say 'Hi' and expect a chat response! Even those that DONT know youm but for some reason have ended up on your 'Friend's list"...

See a chat that just popped up this morning, meanwhile its that time of the month for me, so, I am not in a good mood......but I am supposed to be 'social' and polite, huh?

7:59am Joseph :hello
7:59am Estella: .Hello.
7:59am Joseph :Goodmorning
7:59am Estella : U leave me texts/chat all the time. How are you? what can I do for you?
8:00am Joseph: pls can i know u?
8:00am Estella: how?
8:01am Joseph: ie , asl
8:01am Estella: ???
8:01am Joseph: age, location and etc
8:01am Estella: why?
8:02am Joseph: want s to be friend ie two of ue
8:03am Estella:  sorry, am not interested. am here on facebook for business.....not to make 'friends' like that.
8:03am Joseph: ok. what type of business are u looking 4
8:04am Estella: maybe, you should have read my profile first before chatting me up!
U just chatting a name you know nothing about?
8:06am Joseph: maybe from no were, to some were

And how can I be in facebok and be OFFLINE all the time,  when that is my easiest and fastest way of communicating with my contacts outside USA (saves on phone cards/bills).... ;)

There are people who just somehow end of up as my 'friends' and I have no idea who the heck they are, but because my facebook is set up for business, I confirm people a lot, as per any could be potential business....but when you have like 130 people Online and like 20 of them are sending you 'Hi's and 'Hello's at the same time, what do you do?! Some have graduated to sending emails, and my facebook emails are configured to pop up as texts on my cell phone (thank God I have Unlimited Texts plan).....u just see texts on my cell phone and half are from people just writing absolutely nothing!

One sends me a text one day, actually a female: 'I want to model for you'.....I was in a good mood that, I write her back...."maybe salutation could have started your email, followed by who you are and your size and stuff like that. Seeing you are just writing for just writing sake, I am sorry we have no room for you'....she writes back that she is sorry, blah blah blah....

M-e-n, I dey see things for facebook O! Especially the chat section! 

Someone HELP!!!

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