July 26, 2009

So So Sewing Club - ..using our talents to bless others...

Phew! I spent my whole day working on my websites! (Yeah, my Techie part reared up this weekend, and its so much fun to fiddle with programs and codes again!....thank God for my IT degree)

Anyhoo, working on couple of my websites, I got one finished! Phew! www.sososewing.com is finally up!

So So Sewing Club is a group I set up to get people to channel their creative juices and energy into creating
garments and gift items that we would give away to sick children in hospitals and also kids in shelters.

We are also giving back to the community by teaching people who have passion for sewing how to sew at no cost to them.

So far, we have had classes and we are working on our creations now.

Support us, join us, even if you dont live in the MD/VA/DC area.
You can support us by praying for us for one, and donating fabrics (especially those that have cartoons and figures and characters children love e.g. Sponge bob square pants, Power puff girls, Dora the explorer, Superman etc).

Or if you are creative too, do something and send to us and we can give to the kids for you. Attach your name and information to your item.

You can join us on facebook
And on meetup.com

This is movement! We hope you come on board! :) Join Us! :)

Email: info@sososewing.com
Tel: 1 301 915 5927
website: www.sososewing.com

Sharman instructing a beginners' sewing class


JC said...

Hi Estella. I wish I had an IT degree because it seems like all of the creative bloggers, etc. have html experience (one blogger told me she taught herself).

Great website. Was your degree in web design, PC maintenance, --so many facets of IT! You have an awesome blog, too!!

Now I can bookmark the new site under my favorites.

Good Naija Girl said...

Wow! Props and my sincere congratulations to you. The site looks great and I love your group's mandate. How I wish I was in the area, however I will support you with prayers and if I have an opportunity to donate, I surely will.



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