August 10, 2010

My Inner most thoughts: Uncensored! Arrrgh!!!

Ok, they say blogs are where people say all their innermost thoughts, right? But, not really, and not these days. Because twitter and facebook has taught us to compress all our thoughts into 140 characters and we are doing pretty well.
But then, there are still a lot of things you want to write out in full,  or expatiate on or vent on etc, 140 words DON'T cut it!

For example. I was soooooooo angry today I could have bursted a vein! You know one of those days when things just happen to go all wrong!! And to make matters worse, my left eye was bugging me very much, and I went for my post-op follow up, and some idiot with a stethoscope around his neck and a 'Dr.' title on his badge thought, no rather had the audacity to assume he could tell me bullshit! Darn it!  Even a little kid of 5 knows the difference between a tissue membrane and a mucous membrane! Fool let himself be fooled by my Nigerian accent! Which comes of really thick when I am angry or in pains! Damn! I don't even try to mask it or talk 'American'! Shoot! If I can get away with the communication gap, I would speak pidgin English or hausa language (with lots of expletives) to a white hazel-eyed doctor! he should go find a dictionary!

The Chinese one was even more tolerable! Hiiiisssssssssss But she was still very annoying! And when she put the bandage over my eye again and I told her I needed it off as I had to go take pictures for my US passport, then her attitude changed! Wow! She started sounding more polite! Geez! She had bought into my thick naija accent and judged liek some do, she must be a Republican! I can bet! Hmph! Mugu! Liek her! I have equal rights with her in this US of A, and a yankee citizen! mtew!
Its amazing how pains and no make-up and no airs about one can make a diva look like a village belle and thus a target of shallow-minded people!

Anyhoo, I drove around and then got stuck in I-495 slow traffic, and that was soooooo not anymore funny!!!

I decided to divert to church for the midweek service and just to lay at the altar and say some prayers and just relax, but my dang Sprint GPS did that 'checking for traffic' announcement and told me straight up that 'congestion in 4.2 miles, press 0 to avoid" Ok, I pressed zero and it goes "no faster route found"! And that was it, I did a u-turn and came back home!
it is Monday, and .........heck, it is Tuesday! Shoot. NOT good.

Now, I lie me down in bed and less angry now, because I remember what happened at exactly 9:00am today. While I was stuck in the I-395 exit traffic on I-95, going into Downtown Baltimore. I was furiously angry then that I was running late for my doctor's appointment inspite of the fact that I gave myself extra 30minutes driving time to beat the morning traffic (that morning traffic was one of the major reason I opted for self-employment! The days I used to be stuck in McLean - Germantown traffic for 2+hours just to go home drove me nuts! I can handle any stress, but, PLEASE DO NOT keep me in a slow traffic! I do not do well in them! sorry, I digress)
As I was saying, at 9am, while I was about to curse out and roll open my roof and just vent off a shout, my BB alert went off! I looked at it, and it was the 9am prayer points I'd set for myself. My mum begged me to make sure I prayed some prayers daily and being the crackberry, oops, I mean Blackberry addict that i am, I set the Prayer Alert on my phone, and the alert just started beeping when I was at the most angry point of my day!

lol. I started praying and I was angry and I was like  'God, allow me finish with the anger first! hah! how can I pray when I am angry!!???" lol......need I say, I continued mumbling the prayer and the anger went down....and then I saw my fuel gauge slide down really low to 'E'! Ok, I meant to stop for gas, but figured diverting off my route would waste my time, and i figured a quarter tank would take me from potomac to Baltimore (and it would have, with no traffic!), after which I would fill my tank. yeah right! I forgot my anger and started praying for the gas to get me to the hospital first! Prayer Alert, totally forgotten! I used my GPS to search for closest gas stations, nope! All out of my way and you know baltimore downtown and 'one-way' roads! No way was I going off my route! And oh, yeah, my blackberry started blinking low battery (I forgot to charge it, and have not gotten around to changing my car charger into my BB 8530 pin, I still have the old BB 8330 car charger! What a day!

Finally I saw a BP gas station at the turn to the hospital. And Oil spill or no oil spill, BP saved my butt this morning!
Anyhoo, I made it to the clinic and then, that silly doctor added the final icing to my day! Arrrrghhhh!!!!

Ok, my phone is on silent, I don't even want any call to annoy me more now, i am gonna click 'submit' on this blog post before I change my mind! After all, this seems like TMI. its not that I care what anyone thinks about what I write, because I have more haters than REAL friends anyway and I can live with that! :-)

My haters would be glad to know too, that my fashion business 'Estella Couture' is going on hiatus for health reasons. I am taking a break, and will get back on it again when I've taken real good care of myself. True 'real' friends and my parents tell me to rest a bit, I've done my little bit, and its best to work stronger than to work tired, so, REJOICE HATERS (briefly), ESTELLA COUTURE takes a bow. for a little moment. Like my fashion mentor Coco Chanel, I leave the fashion scene, but when I come back, I shall return with a bang!

What I am going to be doing?....hmmmmmm....still figuring that out, maybe, now I get to use my IT degrees and all the other degrees I have in my academic basket ;-)

Phew! I sure can type long posts!!!! lolololol.....good night.

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