December 31, 2010


It is that time of the year again. And this time, we are entering a very unique year - 01.01.11.

Happy New Year to you and yours and we at Estella Couture wish you all the best and pray your dreams come true in 2011.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to a more creative and successful year ahead.


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December 4, 2010

About Estella Couture

Design philosophy
Mass, generic dressing isn't very interesting and every woman really should be wearing dresses that flatter and complement their pluses and those that also help them hide their minuses.
Estella couture designs are rooted in timelessness, originality, not trend, and they exist in a world of their own, her designs and use of materials are things that have not been done before.
Estella couture uses fabrics that have not made it into the international fashion scene in forms that can be worn by all, irrespective of race or nationality and she is working tirelessly to get the world to see more of the exotic, ethnic and traditional fabrics that are locally made in developing countries.
The original vision for her clothing line was to create garments that combined great personal style with long lasting utility. Clean, modern shapes, a nod to the classics, and an element of surprise that most of the time nodded towards showing off the sensual curve of the feminine form, and these are the fundamental principles Estella Ogbonna's design philosophy. Major design considerations remain elegance, uniqueness, originality and enduring quality. And this same philosophy is being applied to the new lines Ms. Estella is launching: the jeans (Jeankara), the bridal/red carpet collection (Estella Alfá), and beauty products.

Mostly inspired by exotic, ethnic, cultural, native fabrics and accessories from all over the world. Especially the ones that are hand-woven and created by artisans or local people. Maintaining and sustaining local artistic and creative skills of weaving, painting and dyeing inspires Ms. Estella to create designs that would flatter a woman no matter the part of the world she lives in.

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Models in the Washington DC Metro area

by Estella Ogbonna (Article written for a newspaper)

When you think of the word 'model', what comes to the mind of so many people is stick thin girls running or rather, shall I say, strutting down the runway in dresses that rarely fit them. And even if the dresses do fit them, one wonders how many people in the audience are actually those models' sizes.
Dress size 0. How about that? How many people in the population, with high spending power are that dress size?

This is a major concern that the Council of Fashion Designers in America (CFDA) is presently addressing - the issue of models' sizes. And this is a welcome development. Models are being advised to eat healthy and stay healthy and these days, designers are gearing towards employing models that are not thin, almost to the tone of anorexic.

And who is to be blamed for this must-be-thin habit in models? The media some say. The overload of the thin images in the media affects the average woman. The idea of the media's (and consequently, everybody else's) "ideal" woman often makes "normal" woman self-conscious -- even if they have nothing to be self-conscious about. The use of PhotoShop to tweak images into almost like a 'Barbie-doll' state also does not help matters.

Also, the definite impact Hollywood role models have on younger viewers. For most teenagers, the ideal person they want to be usually is a famous model or actress - with emphasis on external appearance. Perhaps this is part of the reason that so many teenagers today are unhappy with their appearances, and going as far as starving themselves almost to death.

These are major concerns that everyone in the fashion industry should go out of their ways to address. And more reason seminars and workshops should be organized for models and aspiring models.

Designers should also be applauded and encouraged to hire models who are not thin, as that would make more room for others in the not-so-thin ranges to develop more confidence in themselves.

These trend is already tickling into the Washington DC metro areas. As we see more of curvy models on runways now and we hope this continues. These fusion of the thin, not so thin, curvy and very curvy models - on the runway. After all, the shops sell dresses and garments of diverse sizes, so, the runways should reflect that too.



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just out from church...

just out from church...
Estella,Adaeze, Madarocka

Fashion Teen Idol Show in DC

EC Fashion shows...

EC Fashion shows...
Estella backstage with models @ Couture Fashion Week NY.....

Models @ Zanzibar

Models @ Zanzibar
Backstage getting ready for the runway.......... photo by John Harman

Tradishionale... (Ms. Estella) in Aso-oke and raw silk dress..........

photo by John Harman

Estella & Madarocka in EC Designs...

EC Red Carpet Wear (African Damask, Silk and Lycra Mix)

photo by Andrew Bronfein

2009 Ad Campaign

2009 Ad Campaign




Back stage just before the runway strutting!... photo by Reward